Japan Day 7 - Asakusa & HSH

Today is our last day in Japan, flying home tonight. :)

Today's itinerary is to go to Asakusa where there is a Nakamise shopping street to get traditional local snacks & tourist souvenirs and to see a popular Buddhist temple, Sensoji. We set off early, thinking we could get some food there. This morning, we took subway from another train station that is near to the hotel. A total of 3 stations near the hotel we had used.

But the shops were not open till 9am. But thank God we saw Denny's across the street.

The picture menu at Denny's is very appetizing.

And they even has the calorie for each meal printed right below the price (you can click on the picture to see).

Saw a rickshaw on the road.

Our breakfast is here...

Headed back to the Nakamise shopping street after breakfast. Some photos of the shops at the shopping street.

Found some cherry blossom trees next to the main temple. But this area is closed to visitors. Took some photos.

The entrance to the Sensoji temple. The place was full of joystick smoke & smell so the kids & daddies stayed outside while we went in to take a look.

Bad-luck fortunes are tied to this rack and left at the shrine.

Area to clean hands & rinse mouth before praying to their deities.

More cherry blossom pictures. :)

Construction netting that has a dragon picture painted. The exterior of the main temple is going through some renovation when we were there.

Lanterns on both sides before the entrance to the temple.

Walking out of Nakamise shopping street.

We headed back to Ginza for lunch and to do some last minute packing before check-out & taking taxi to Tokyo station.

Wanted to try the vending machine eating corner but it was crowded. Found another place across the street.

Check-out from hotel. Due to some hip-cups here & there, we were running a little late to catch the train. The last 10mins, we were literally running with our luggages to the train platform and arriving just 3 mins before the train arrived. Thank God we made it on time!

At the airport, relaxing with some food & drinks.

On flight ready to take off. :)

Bea's kids meal.

This trip is basically revolving around the 2 girls, most of the itineries are planned in such a way that they will enjoy in one way or another. Since stuff in Japan is not cheap, our itinerary has the minimum shopping time. :)

Before I wrap up the Japan trip blogging, just some of those vending machines we found along the way, nothing special though.

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