"Dad Dad"

Yesterday was my company's annual dinner at The Pine, knock off early to fetch Beatrice to the dinner. But the family was stuck in a jam along CTE. While waiting to get passed the accident point, I was teaching Beatrice how to pronouce "daddy" so I kept repeating "dad dad" to her. To my surprise, she call out loud "dad dad"!


The family shopping at NTUC Xtra. NTUC Xtra trolley now comes with an infant seat attach to it.

Rolling Over

2006 Jan 10... Day 2... 妹妹Beatrice rolling over on her stomach so is Raenen.

First Christmas

Beatrice first Christmas with the family. Look at uncle Duncan... strong MAN!

Beatrice received many presents for Christmas. She has enough new clothes to wear from 初一 to 初五 and enough toys to keep her entertain. Thanks to all the uncles & aunties, granduncles & grandaunties for the many presents.

Brother's Wedding

2006 Dec 02... my brother's wedding. Beatrice busy collecting hangbaos from 舅母.

December collections...