CNY Day 8 (2010)

Uni classmates came to out place on Sunday afternoon for our annual gathering.

Our first try getting the kids for a group picture before Cindy came.

Bea's favorite uncle.

Aidan's favorite aunty.

Daddy Jason feeding baby Sharmayne water. And they left Sharmayne bottle at my place.

Beatrice with baby Sharmayne

Kids group photo.. second try.

CNY Day 7 (2010)

Went for our usual Saturday service.

Followed by boss place after service. This is Jennifer, the banker and her family.. all have a seat on the gamble dining table.

Well, Beatrice wants her share on the table too. :)

And these are her cards! The host probably got it from some wedding.

CNY Day 6 (2010)

Another day where I walked from SK to Serangoon. Along the way, caught this photo of the bee looking for it's food. :)

Beatrice busy telling her story to her classmates before she saw me at the window.

We had our Fruits Lo Hei (prepared by my mum) for CG fellowship. Kids getting around table with their chopsticks.

Here come the adults.

Everyone getting ready into position for some photo shots.

Our CG! ... with a few absent.

CNY Day 5 (2010)

Day 5 started by sending Bea to the childcare & I went for a swim. Then meet up with the cousins @AMKHub for breakfast. Fetch the kids after their school and went for lunch together.

The Story...

Raenen was holding 4 kids menu & not wanting to share with the girls.

Gabby teared cos she was tired and Rae doesn't share with her.

The happy one.

Bea's sad face.

The 2 innocent ones.. Caelan

& Raemus

Got them to play with our iPhone/iPods instead.

Bea wants mummy's iPhone.

Raenen wants to see what Bea is playing.

Bea not willing to share.

Gabby enjoying her mummy's iPod.

Bea with her mummy's iPhone.

Raenen's sad face. He doesn't wants mummy's iPod cos he wants to try new games in other iPhone/iPod.

The End.

CNY Day 4 (2010)

Day 4 started at 6am. I went to the airport to send my brother, SIL & nephew. They are going back to China to visit my SIL's family. My parents will be joining them next month when my brother return back to work.

Warren at the airport, still in Pajamas.

CNY Day 3 (2010)

Day 3 starts with Dim Sum with the extended family.

We then went to visit my cousin who just had another miscarriage. It is really a very sad story, the baby boy was already 5 months old. This is her son, Cowin exchanging games with Bea on iPhone/iPod.

Dinner was with my in-laws and Brian's cousin at the club.

Well, they were busy talking so I went around looking for my own entertainment while Bea was with her cousin at the game room.

CNY Day 2 (2010)

Day 2 normally starts with visitation to my 大姨 & 二叔 house, followed by whole day at my parents' place as the relatives will be filling up the house for the whole day in batches.

This year however is a little different. We started late due to some unforeseen circumstances. Well, we still go to the 2 houses but was kind of rush cos my mum was eagle to rush home to make sure the relatives have food to eat. So we decided to leave Beatrice & hangbao with my mum and left to visit Baofen at the hospital instead of going to my parents place.

We went back to my parents place only in the evening.

This is Bea getting ready to throw the bowling ball.

Warren entertaining himself with the charger wire.

Constance usually takes over the photo taking "job" when she arrives. Posting this photo cos Bea usually is not willing to share her doll with others and was surprised that she wanted to give to Caelen. Okie, you don't see her face but I recognised her by her flower bracelet she was wearing. ;-p

Brian was Caelen's baby sitter for the night. He looks after Caelen while the rest were busy with other stuff.

Our annual Fruits Yu Sheng. :)