Mummy, can you see I've draw a mermaid in the sea?

Truck Crane 2011 (Continue...)

Took me another 3 hours to finish the crane. A total of 6 hours spent. But it was really an amazing build. I was very impressed by how the lego team get the parts to move together etc. I'm thinking of getting the motor to add on to it.

This was where I left few days back.

This was where I was stuck for a long time, making the same mistake again & again, only to realise that I had used a wrong part where I can't find an extra one.

The final product.



Today we gathered at my uncle's place for a time of fellowship. They had sold this present place and will be moving to another place in 1 weeks time. Decided to come together for a last time at this home. :)

The kids had a time of fun in the pool before dinner at 6pm.  Their smiles showed that they intend enjoyed themselves in the pool.  Kids simple joy.

Beatrice teaching Caelan how to play with iPhone.

And Caelan sitting on a most comfortable sofa.. Brian's lap. ;p

All 4 kids playing with iPhone/iTouch!

This gugong sleep & sleep & didn't want to teach me.


Kids having fun with the chairs.. they had on board bus service.

We also celebrated my uncle & Daryl's birthdays.

Truck Crane 2011

DH's latest collection. :)

As usual, gift includes assembly.

This is all I have done in 3 hours.  I was very impressed by the way it is designed.  Compared to a previous Technic that he had, this one is more impressive in terms of design & technic in making it a beautiful crane.

Presents for my Love Ones

Few weeks ago while I was shopping for Mervyn & Jenny's housewarming gifts, both DH & DD went to the toys department to find toys for themselves. And ask me to buy for them. Seeing wedding anniversary round the corner, decided to buy the new crane for DH. DD wants a crane too. So got her the small one.

So when the day comes, both of them are excited to open their presents.

Gabby Came for Sleepover


Arranged for Gabby to our place for a sleepover.

By time everyone left, it was 11pm. Quickly got the two girls to change to pjs, ate some snack, brush their teeth and off to bed at 12am.

However it took them another hour to play, talk till I couldn't stand it anymore. Gabby doesn't want to sleep, she wanted to play through the night. So I target at Beatrice, scolded her for not listening to me. Yes, I was so tired I scolded her till she cried, she was super tired too. It was then that Gabby was sad that Beatrice was crying that both of them decide to sleep.

Both of them woke up at 7.45AM! Asked to go back to sleep but they were excited to start the day with toys. ~Yawn!~

Both of them had a great time showering and sharing a bath tub together until I heard scream. Scream is a confirmation of they have start a quarrel. ;p

Both of them taking turns to play with leapster.