Japan Day 2 - Hakone

We checked out at the hotel at 7.30am & left to catch the Romancecar to Hakone. Why so early? Cos by time we know we can reserved via email, our ideal timings were all fully booked.

When I shared about our Japan trip with a Jap friend asking her for some opinion etc, she highlighted to me that our dates clashes with Jap school break. She told us that we need to anticipate the crowd everywhere we go especially Hakone & Disney Resort. So during our planning, we tried to reserve as many tickets as we can.

Bought some sandwiches along the way to eat on board.

Bea is busy doodling, not willing to take a photo with me.

Arrived at Hakone-Yumoto station 1hr 30min later.

This is the Romancecar that we took.

Took the Tozan train to Gora station & walked up the steep hill to Gora Park.

Is this True Religion Jeans?

12pm: The Crafthouse was crowded when we arrived. The earliest time slot available for glass blowing was at 1pm. We went ahead to make reservation & payment, and headed for lunch outside the park.

Our tempura udon. It was yummy, we couldn't find anything similar to this back in Tokyo.

Bea getting ready for her glass blowing.

The staff adding colour to the melted glass.

Bea using her force to blow!!

Rolling to form shape.

Continue blowing...

Flatten to form the base.

Expanding the mouth of cup.

Moving on to try the different transportation in Hakone. We bought the 2 days Hakone Freepass where we could hope & take the different transportations in Hakone.

Errr.. the 2 girls having some argument in the Tozan cablecar.

This is their ropeway i.e. something like our sentosa cablecar but 3 times the size.

Emitting steam and sulfur smoke from the mountain.

Changing to another ropeway.

Taking a break & enjoying ice-cream in the cold weather. I love this nice feeling of ice-cream only melts in your mouth.

This is the sightseeing cruise, crowded with tourists and the locals. We went to the open deck but it was freezing cold, simply too cold for us to take it. Thus Jenny & the girls stayed indoor while we stayed at the back of the ship where we could captured some photos of the surroundings, yet wind was blocked.

After the cruise, we took a express bus back to Hakone-Yumoto station and change to another direct bus to our hotel. Not sure what happened along the way, we missed our bus stop. By the time we realized, we were 8 stops after our destination. It was running late & cold, and our schedule dinner was at 6pm. Made a u-turn via opp direction bus & we reached the hotel exactly at 5mins to 6pm. Not able to have dinner at 6pm, the front desk people told us to go for the 7pm slot instead.

Shinanoki Ichinoyu was where we stayed. We stayed at their new extended wing.. Shinanoki Annex which was only 1 year old. So everything in the room still looks new & clean.

Our rooms come with a private onsen & toilet which I think it is good for us family with small kids. We couldn't get those hotels with family onsen, so private one is next in line. Enjoyed the onsen while doodling kept Bea busy.

In general, most ryokan works like a dormitory with common toilet & bath (onsen). If we want a toilet attached to the room, we need to either opt for western style or the more expensive ryokan. All the way to Hakone, we need to experience staying in their ryokan with tatami mats & futon. So we actually paid a lot for these rooms but at least cheaper than the 1st one that we found at S$900/night!!

Everywhere we go, DH loves their toilet bowl. Cos it comes with a warmer to keep you warm in the cold weather. And functions to keep you clean. :)

Waiting for dinner.

This is the kid's meal. It definitely looked & tasted more delicious than ours. I ate some of Bea's meal.

This is our appetizers.

Followed by our main dish.

Dessert was lime sorbet.

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