Food Deco

Trice decorating her bun with noodles! We didn't taught her this.

Before Service

Ethan & Beatrice quarreling over the keyboard.


While waiting for DH to finish work, went shopping @BHG. Saw these bottles that catches my eyes & decided to buy them home.. one for each family member.

I drink 2L of water a day. Dislike DH drinking my water every Sunday so decided we should all have our own bottles of water. :)

Nigel's Birthday 08

Attended a party last Saturday. I think she was used to CG's children party whereby she gets to stand on the chair and be part of the star. She insist to stand on the chair and even wanted to cut the cake! We told her she can do it during her birthday next month but she simply ignore us. ~sign~

DH's Dark Circle

I thought I wanted to blog this before I forgets. DH told me after service that his usher ministry friends said that he has darker circle around his eyes compare to 2 years back? OMG!! Hello... usher friends out there... are your sure, did you remember correctly?? Brian don't usually need to wakes up in the middle of the night to take care of her daughter.

Check with our CG members, probably they can give you a better story. hahaha... ;p

Sayang Sayang

Recently after discipline, Trice will take my hand and place it on her head and ask me to sayang her. :)

DE's Wedding

Boss' daughter's pre-wedding dinner. Liqun is getting marry in Oct in UK but leaving this week to settle down. So they had a pre-wedding dinner for the relatives and friends last evening. Since it was a Sunday evening, the dinner commence and ended early. As usual, brought stuff to keep Beatrice occupy. And she was good, she stay in her high chair throughout the dinner till she was tired during the last 2 courses.

Elin brought her twins along. I think it's her first time bringing them out to a function.

Oh and that's is my birthday present from DH, a dress from Warehouse. :)

Trice, Raenen & Ethan

The 3 of them had fun running and screaming when the rest of the children had left after service. Most of the time, it's Ethan & Bea having fun after service. I wonder how will Trice feel after Ethan leave for US.

An Expensive Lesson!

We have been using a part-time domestic cleaner since after CNY. She comes once every fortnight.

Not long after she started, I found a bottle of hand soup missing. But since its so cheap, I thought its was OK.

Beginning of June, I found 2 Kipling bags missing, 1 original & 1 fake. But I couldn't confirm whether if I had throw them away accidentally while packing my bags. But as I recall, I don't remember throwing away bags recently. So the more I suspect is the domestic cleaner.

Until yesterday while keeping the dong currency left from the recent trip, I found our S$, US$, RM and even Dong missing. Checked my jewelery, don't think anything was lost. But not sure about any other things. Can't possible finish checking everything & remember every single thing that we have.

So this morning, we went to lodge a police report. Called up the registered company & ask for immediate termination. We thought it was ok to leave a set of keys with the domestic helper like many other company practice since it is a registered company & we have got the particulars of the cleaner. The cash were actually lock with keys hidden within the clothing. ~sign~

DH's Birthday '08

CG celebrated DH's brithday together with Christal & Ashley.

For ourselves, we didn't had an expensive dinner. DH had a thai express voucher for his birthday so we just head down to Serangoon Garden branch to enjoy a meal. We also had a free red wine from them. Forgot to bring my camera out yesterday so no picture.

Didn't bought too fancy stuff for DH this year. Reason being I'd bought a Montblanc wallet during Valentine but he use it for display till I decided to throw away his old torn wallet last week! Anyway I think he need some home clothing and a belt pouch for work more than any other things.

JG L4 - Swimming

Forgot to bring my camera, this is the best pictures I can capture using my mobile phone. Told her in the morning that she will get to swim after the lesson. She was excited since she likes swimming and she has been talking about it the whole day at home.

Rained a little in the afternoon. Was hesitating whether to let her get into the water. But since some of the parents still went ahead to let their children play in water, I thought I should just let her enjoy also.

Little Helper

Beatrice has been a little helper at my mom's place since the arrival of my nephew, Warren. She will help to take the diaper, powder, comb & etc for my mom. And she knows exactly what she needs to pass to popo at each stage.

And I also manage to take a short video of Warren while he is awake. :)


My colleague, Lilie has this kind heart that she dislike the idea of killing creatures around her. Even at home when she wipe the table, she will avoid wiping the ants out.

So since she join our office, she has been keeping ants in her cubicle! The other day, another colleague went out for meeting without washing her mug and ants came for a great feast. So I pour water into the mug to kill them. Guess what Lilie say? "Are you going to hold a wake service for my ants?" ~faint~

Trice Trice

This is the name she call herself. She used to call herself Beatrice.

Brushing Teeth

When she sees me brushing my teeth, she would request to brush hers too.

Is she left-handed? Does children all start holding stuff with their left hand? For now, she is able to use both hands to do stuff but more often with the left. Sometimes, I will ask her to use her right hand instead.


It's waterplay this week! She is definitely enjoying herself. She even ask me "mommy swimming?"

Debbie & Jezelle 1st Birthday

We had a combined CG last night and a little celebration for the 2 young ones.

This time round, we try to take pictures of 11 children coming together. Not an easy task at all! The background was basically full of adults voices. So I decided to put together the process of getting one by one together to take a group photo. :)

Missing from the photos... Eunice, Joshua, LeEn

Dawn was suggesting years down the road when the children grow up, we should get them together to take another group photo. Hmmm.. I think if we can organise some special outing, maybe we can get some respone from them since by them they will probably be in their teens and have their own circle of friends. It's a great idea to give a try.

Debbie with her face sabo by uncle Mike.

Bea & Gabby playing together after CG.

Debbie & Jezelle


After a busy week, we took our naps and went out for dinner at J8 Mos Burger. Bea insist that she wanted to wear her sweater but it's so hot inside.. we were sitting below halogen lightings.

PlayClub L2

I went to the restroom, leaving Bea on her own during the music & movement. And she was good.


Visiting @Mt. A.

Went to visit my SIL on Friday. Gabby & Bea were too excited, screaming and laughing as they run. We couldn't stay for long cos there was another patient in the ward.

Soccer Fans

Another 24 hours kopitiam open at Buangkok. This one has an area dedicated for soccer fans, look at the ceiling.

Now we have the 24 hours NTUC and 2 kopitiams all located within our reach. Food & more food.. Yummy!!

Last Week

Dawn's dad went home with the Lord last Tuesday. During the memorial service on Friday, I recalled the trip we made to KL last December. We took the coach together to KL & we met again for dinner on the 3rd day. When he chat with his children/grandchildren, you could see his loving eyes expressing his love to them. Bea sat on his lap when he offer to give her carrot cake while I can go to the toilet. Dawn.. didn't meant to make you cried on Friday.

On Thursday morning, I received the news that my 大姑 passed away. I just saw her on Tuesday night, she was still able to walk down the stairs with the help of the maid, we even say hi & bye to her. It was quite a sudden death, none of us were mentally prepared for it. Though she has been sick since ending last year but the doctors says she can recover, it will take about a year to heal. So everyone of us were actually looking forward to her recovery.

On Friday morning, my sister-in-law give birth to a baby boy. With the wake to attend, we hardly made our way to the hospital to visit her. But thanks to my aunties & cousins (maternal side), knowing that the family was busy, they went to visit her in the hospital.

My Birthday (Part 2)

It's just the two of us! Bea was at my mom's place. We went to Marina Sq to do some shopping & a good meal @Azabu Sabo.