Family Party Part 2

Photo-taking session.. snap SNAP.. just the 2 of them.

Aunty Adeline learnt to make balloon sculptures from her church friend.. for the children in Thailand during her last mission trip. So she was busy making them for the children during the family get-together.

And that's my first attempt doing a dog.. not too bad huh??

This is specially for uncle Ben. He always commented Beatrice doesn't allow him to carry her.

Thanks to all the uncles, aunties & friends for all the presents. Pardon her for not wanting to take your gifts as she was sick.

Fellowship @IMM

Another children & parents fellowship.

Why am I so free to blog at this wee hours? Somehow, I think I had caught the virus from both Bea & Brian. I had the same symptoms of feeling ingestion, diarrhea & fever yesterday. Came back home, took 2 panadols and slept from 8pm - 1am. So now I am wide awake to do my blogging.

Christmas Service @JW

Bea only managed to nap for 15 min in the car & woke up while we were walking towards the church building. So through-out the service, she was tired and grouchy.

Since her appetite has not pick up, it took her an hour just to eat about a tablespoon of her porridge. :(

A nice picture of the congregation with the candle lightings.

Family Party Part 1

This year we have an additional family gathering specially for Raenen cos they might not be able to make it for the extended family one on 25 Dec. We had the party at our place last Friday.

More photos in other cameras.. so while waiting to get a copy of it, this is what I have in mine.

Bea's Recovery

Thanks for all the prayers. She is better now with a little relapse last night, monitoring her again today.

Brian and my mum were down too over the weekend. I'm very tired with Bea clinging on like a koala bear, her grouchiness and the waking ups to give her fluid. :(

Bea enjoyed herself with Denise, Nicole & Kellyn yesterday at IMM. Photos.. give me a few more days to upload. What I need now is my beauty sleep.. zzZZ.

Viral Infection

Beatrice is down with viral infection since Wedesday night, vomited 3 times in <2hours. Since Brian has an appointment with client, brought her to see GP on my own. Went to 2 GP in Hougang before we settled down at 1 in AMK. Why so many? Cos it was almost 12mn, the 1st one in Hougang was charging super high consultation, the 2nd one was worse, the clinic staff simply ignored me & when I asked, her reply was "its up to the doctor to charge you!"

This morning my mum called up to say she started her cycle again so we brought her to see her PD. Today, she will be on fluid & hopefully she will recover by tomorrow or else we will need to send her to A&E to get her on drip to prevent her from dehydrated & to stop her vomiting. Pray for her.

Denise's 4th Birthday

Bea has never seen a balloon sculpture, she still prefer the round balloon that she knows and she was screaming with joy with the balloon before the children came in.

Bea fell & hit her head while walking around in the party room.. you can see the bump above her left eye. Its getting so much better now.

Shopping with Beatrice

Brought Beatrice for her MMR & chicken pox jabs on Saturday morning. Decided to bring her along to orchard to continue with my christmas shopping. She was so happy helping me with the gifts, even had fun with the staff at the wrapping counter.

Met up with Diana since she was also going to shop @orchard alone. I would say Bea has been good for the day, knocked out in the mrt on the way home.

I have completed all the necessary christmas shopping. I spent 2 full hours in toys 'r' us last Friday with a trolley full of gifts.

Yesterday Evening

When we were in pavilion, Bea spent probably close to an hour at pumpkin patch shop drawing while we mothers shopped. Last night, we went for Swensen and she gets to draw again. All she draw now is lines.

We went to the crocs outlet in KL to try out their sandals, Bea refused to take it out & cried. Bought a cheapo pair for her as she will outgrow it fast.

05~08 Dec '07

The children at the lounge area. Denise helps to take care of Bea as she goes "walk walk".

The kids all dress up to go gai gai.

This is Choong's office nursery. Debbie playing on her own.

We went to Mid Valley Megamall, Alamanda shopping centre & Pavilion KL, the new shopping mall.

In general, I think the children did enjoyed themselves. When I ask Bea if she wants to go jiejie Nicole's house again, she will knock her head.

Bea's achievement..
1) climb up to 2nd floor to look for the older children.
2) explore the house, lost in the back kitchen.
3) most noisy & active child.
4) bully Kellyn.

An adventurous trip for me. I managed to have my pedicure done there also. :)


Wednesday morning, Bea was still having fever of 37.6-38.0 in the morning as compare to 38.5-38.9 the day before. Fever yet yaogui, sitting patiently beside 舅舅 waiting for him to feed her some of his carrot cake.

This morning, Bea & I are going to KL to meet the Choong family together with Dawn+Denise+Debbie & Vina+Gabby. It's gonna be a fun trip for the children.


Our first service back in Jurong, it was super jam packed with both people and God's tangible presence. Even the nursery was packed with both parents and toddlers.

We went to Great World Food Junction for lunch together with Marcus and family. They'll be back for the next few years.

Went for a little shopping for the day, hoping to get some stuff for the children next week.

Chi Chi

As I am posting this blog, Chi Chi is at a corner struggling to survive. It's so sad to see her face. She is so skinny and weak now.

For the past few years, she has been having this skin problem on and off. This year the cycle seem to be non-stop. After 1 cycle, the next cycle starts shortly after. It is so bad you can actually see her skin bleeding.

Hope she can get through this cycle.