Junyong's Wedding Dinner

Another one of those occasion where the 3 little cousins get together. Trice only managed to take a 45min nap during lunch with Dr AR Bernard. By the night, she was tired and wants her way.

Most of the questions that you ask Gabby, she will reply "yes" except "Do you want to sleep?" So sweet & funny :)

Asia Conference 2008

Like many, I was on leave last week to attend the AC. It was a great & tired week. Sessions and electives were almost back to back with meals break in between. By 3rd day, I skipped the electives so that I can try to catch some rest before the evening session.

On Saturday, I was with Trice in the playgroup. Wanted to go to hall 10, however, the crowd was already half-filled before I could settle Trice in playgroup. So took some time to capture some fun time she have in playgroup.

When the teacher told them to hold hands to sing song, Ethan, Christal & Trice will come together holding hands together. The same song was sang twice at the beginning and towards the end after snack. And in both cases, the 3 of them will come together holding hands. They do remember who are their "CG members" huh? :)

This Asia Conference also mark a day in Trice's calender that she was able to stay at my mum's place overnight without the 2 of us around. She slept through the night, waking up in the morning wanting to call me. And she ask me, "mummy, where are you?" Hmmm.. so it's time to plan a trip just for the 2 of us.

Dinner with Brian's Sister & BIL

DH's sister & BIL treated us to a buffet, brought Trice along. Didn't get to really enjoyed the dinner as Trice was active walking around. This was one of the moment that we can keep her still with us. Oh.. and that's her new crocs shoes bought during the day, the one that she insisted to wear even before paying.

Jeslyn, Willie, Danny, Ivan & Daryl's Water Baptism

A little outdated blog. 2 weeks ago, our CG has 4 members who were water baptised. Congrats to Jeslyn, Willie,, Danny & Ivan. And also to my cousin, Daryl! We were able to get a good spot to take some nice angle photos for them.

Are We Crazy?

We joined the crowd at the expo crocs sales! After breakfast, we made our way to hall 4, <5min queued to get it, 30min of crazy grab & 2 FULL HOURS of queuing to pay.

Before we step in, DH say just buy the pair that I like and we'll get out of here. I don't come all the way here just to get a pair. In the end, we bought 5 pairs! He took a pair for himself too. But it was really cheap.

Trice was so tired and cranky, she insisted that she want to wear her new cayman. No matter how we tried to explain that we need to pay first before she can wear, it just didn't get into her. In the end, she took out the price tag herself and put on the shoe. ~sign~

And DH took her out to the car to rest with the new shoe on while I was still in the queue. When I passed the tag to the cashier, I explained to her that my girl already worn the shoe and went out.

By the time we came out, they have paused the crowd from getting in as they couldn't manage the queue at the cashier.

Marina Barrage

Sunday morning, DH said let's take a walk at Marina Barrage.

The Marina Barrage is a dam built between the reclaimed lands of Marina East and Marina South. The S$226 million project is a new downtown freshwater reservoir. It provides water supply, flood control and a new liftstyle attraction. It was officially opened on 1-Nov-2008.

08' A&B

Trice on her way to church carrying her piggy bank. This is her second time participating in the A&B.

I left the playgroup to join in the main hall just before preaching starts. She saw me walking out and cried through till Raenen was there. Then she was happy again, jumping around with Raenen. Teacher said she was carrying her piggy bank and running around.

Happy Face After Shower :)

We R Home

Shifted back home last night. Though Trice woke up twice last night but it's great to be able to sleep on our own bed again. :)

While having tele-conversation with my brother last night to help shift chichi's cage, Trice heard our conversation. After we hang up, Trice turn to my nephew and said to him, “弟弟, 我要回家了, bye bye!"

She missed her bed too. After washing up and changed, she laid on her bed for quite some time till DH came out from the shower. And the whole night, she was busy playing with her toys.

This Morning

Both of them woke me up from my beauty sleep. :)

From My Brother's Camera

Daiso X'mas

My brother wanted to bring Trice to waterplay @IMM but the sky was dark when they reached there. So they end up shopping at Daiso.

Last night after dinner, Trice asked, "mummy, can we go home?"

I would want to but we will end up waking up very early every morning to bring her to my mum's place. I missed my bed too. :)

Annual Event

It's the time of the year again, we have moved to my mom's place over the weekend for the next 10 days as DH has been recall for his reservist.

Time seem to be ticking fast for the second half of the year. My nephew is already 4 months old and we have 2 more months before counting down to 2009.

It's MacDonald Breakfast

Do you want some harsh brown?

OK, then I will finish it myself.

Lesson learnt... The next time when we have breakfast at Mac, will only order harsh brown for Trice, no toys cos she don't eat the pan cakes. We end up wasting food.

Puzzle Time

This time round, the Chai family came over to our place for fellowship after service. Fixing up puzzles in the room.

Ethan & uncle Eric did the small one, aunty Stephanie fixed up the big one.

And Trice shaking her legs at the corner.

Ethan put on the last piece. Tada... puzzle completed.