Scissors Play

This is the first time we allow Trice to use the actual scissors to cut stuff.

Went to Lego shop to check out their 2009 collection. They have 2 new crane models that catches DH attention and I decided to buy it for DH. Now he is asking me almost everyday when would I have time to fix up for him.

We just wanted a drink but Trice insist that she is hungry and wanted to eat fries.

More Going for Ikea Breakfast

We had another fellowship breakfast at Ikea again. This time round, Stephanie brought along her sister & nephews and Albert & Ginder came to join us too.

We were very early and was not allow to go up to the cafe, so hang around at the taxi stand.

The children were busy playing with their handheld games while waiting for the food.

Sleepy Morning

Sunday morning, Beatrice woke up wanting to check out what is daddy doing & she walked right into the kitchen door frame! Ooouch!! A vertical line with bruise around it.

Dinner Together?

No, we didn't meet up with the Chai family for dinner after service.. just walked to the car park together. We went back to my in-laws place to try to fix up DH's printer (we had this printer since before wedding I think). Anyway I think it's time to say bye bye to it.

Made another trip again on Sunday with our home printer.


Attended a seminar this morning. After the tea break, this man was snoring even louder than the early morning. Its not once, the snore continues...

Activites Done

Trice brought these back last Friday.. her 2 weeks of activities done in school.

Praise God! Since yesterday, she stop crying at the door! First she will ask me to stand beside her while the teacher do the routine checks. Then she will ask for Raenen. "Kor kor Raenen will coming later, can you wait for him?" She will say bye to us and walk into the class with her teacher.

Had a little chat with her in the car on Sunday.

Mummy: Beatrice, you have friends in school? Do you think you can tell mummy their names? (In my mind I thought she will say Raenen)

Beatrice: Chloe my friend.

Mummy: Oh, your friend's name is Chloe. Mummy has not met her before. Tell me about her.

Beatrice: (She talked a lot but I don't understand)

This morning I heard the teacher told her Chloe is here. So there is a Chloe in her class. :)

"New" iPhone

Changed my iPhone casing & screen protector. Nice mirror effect! Handy for a lady like me who is lazy to carry to many stuff. :)

Renewing Our Vows

Every year during Valentine week, pastor will make a point to get the couples to renew our marriage vows. This year, pastor gave every couple a pair of rings, its nice. Something unexpected but really appreciate pastor little thoughts.

This year pastor share a series on relationship for married couples. It is great and I think it is very true too. :)

Cafe Cartel

We had our Valentine dinner with Beatrice. The food tasted lousy, chicken has frozen taste, fish not fresh.

The only thing that we "enjoy" is the waffle ice-cream. We need to compete with Trice to finish the ice-cream asap so that she don't get to eat that much. This is one of the rare time she uses her right hand to hold her spoon.


While waiting for Beatrice, Warren had a ride with me on the car.

CG Valentine

Yesterday, we met up with some of the CG friends for movie & lunch. An occasion planned without children. We parents need our time together too. Left Trice with my mum.

This is us walking from Harbour Front to Vivo City.

Eric, Stephanie couldn't make it for movie due to last minute changes. But they do make an effort to join us for lunch together with Ethan.

Before heading to fetch Beatrice, we walked around Vivo for a little while & decided to buy a book for Beatrice since it's a Sunday and she didn't get to go out with us.

Jezelle & Beatrice

Brought Beatrice to Jezanne's full month celebration. Didn't get to meet the rest of the CG friends, some of them left before us for church, some has yet to arrive. Anyway, Trice can't resist the delicious food presented before her. She eats non-stop though she just had her lunch before we left the house. She finish 1 piece of yam cake, 1 egg & half a slice of cake.

Presenting Jezelle & Beatrice before the buffet line. :)

Happy Fathers

This is Vera & Leonidas joining us for CG for the 1st time and their happy father.

Beatrice End of 2nd Week

For last week, Molly said she was good. She will show signs of missing her parents only when the other boy arrived with his parents. But she could be distracted easily. Also, she has become good friends with this boy (I need to find out the name of this boy). I guess somehow cos they started school on the same day. According to the teacher, they will play together, hug together! :)

She brought back her art & craft done in school. When I went through with her, she was proud to tell me she did those stuff. Thank God she is adjusting well to school.

Trice is more mentally prepared for school today. When we spoke to her about going to school yesterday, she was still OK. She can even joke with us, "I cry ok?" This morning, everything was alright till she need to sit down to do the routine checks. Pray that her morning cry will stop soon.

Beatrice Start of 2nd Week

Wanted to take some photos secretly, however she saw me at the window.

While waiting for DH, she was was playing with the gate.

Today is the start of the 2nd week in school. We have been trying to prepare her for the new week, reminding her about school when mummy & daddy goes to work. I think she is more mentally prepared.

As usual she ask, "mummy go where?" in the morning. I answered her, "you know where we are going". She smile & kept quiet. At the school gate, she ask again then she started whining. But she willing let the teacher carry her into the classroom after washing her hands & routine check and say bye to us.

Thank God for another step of improvement.

Good Morning Ikea!

Met up with Eric & Ethan for breakfast at Ikea, followed by some fun time for the children at the children section. DH says nice and cheap breakfast as compare to McDonald. Mee Rebus at $1.80 per plate; Scrambled Egg at $3 per set & drink is FOC cos we are ikea friends.

Is this $119 swivel armchair really that fun? Both of them were playing with it for a long time.

Went back to our place after ikea, to prepare lunch for the 2 children.

JX & Dawn dropped by our place before heading over to William & Emily's place (Vera's full month celebration) which is across the road. And I realised I did not take a single photo.. oh how forgetful!

Natalie's 9th Birthday

We left early during service to attend Brian's niece birthday. This year, they booked a room @Fairmont Hotel and we had a mini celebration together with the family members.

Today Beatrice refused to stay in playgroup alone. I guess it's due to her transition period in school. I missed the whole service as the headset was also faulty after a while, will catch the archive when it is up. Pray that next week will be back to normal.

Combined Zone Meeting

Last Friday, we had a combined meeting at Heart of God church. The children keeping themselves occupied at the "nursery area".

DH complained there were mosquitoes in the auditorium. He showed me his legs with the many bites when we reach home. hahaha
And Beatrice cut her lips while jumping at the keyboard area. So both of them lost some blood on the same night.

2009 CNY Uni Gathering

03 February 2009

This is my first time going for uni (grp2) gathering. Couldn't make it for the past few rounds.


Ok, due to the slow updating of my blog and Trice's starts of school, the entries have been very messy. Going to group them nicely soon and also adding photos.

Day 1 photo added

Day 5 photo added

If you have missed the CNY postings due to my re-arrangement, click here.

Beatrice 5th Day of School

This morning, I guess she is more mentally prepared for school. She woke up earlier than me actually, willing to change but a little sticky. Everything was fine until the gate of the school. She starts her whining. But while whining, she still hug me & say goodbye and the teacher carry her into the classroom. :)

End of 4th day..

Molly called up to informed about her day in school. Molly say that she cannot sit still, she moves around after a while. She say its ok, Trice will adjust after a while. Yesterday, Raenen was holding her hand to sleep. She woke up an hour later cos she loose her sense of security (Raenen's hand) ;p

Chatted with her last night. The moment we mentioned the word school or anything related to the things that she did in school, she will start her whining. But she did say she woke up, trying to tell me about the above I guess.

Pray that next week will be even better, especially Monday after the long weekend.

Went to fetch her yesterday and took this.

Beatrice 4th Day of School

She asked, "mummy, go where?" in the morning when I wanted to change her. "Going to school, mummy & daddy are working." and she start saying she don't want to go to school, she want to go to church etc. We tried to explain to her we'll go church on Sat.

She was still quite OK in the car until we reach the gate to the school. She starts crying and saying she want mummy. Dropped her with the teachers and left.

End of 3rd Day..

Had a conversation with the person-in-charge, Molly about Trice in school for the day. On & off, she will cry a little especially during change of classroom. But she said Trice has starts to show her cheeky face during tea break yesterday. She was happily playing with her bread making it into a dough instead of eating.

Yesterday the teacher had asked Raenen to sleep beside her, sit beside her during meals so that it is easier for her to adjust. Trice will probably takes much longer time to adjust if not for Raenen. Raenen is like her older sibling taking care of her in school. Thanks Raenen!

God I pray that this transition period will be over soon. And she will be wakes up every morning, excited to get to school to learn & have fun together with Raenen & her friends.

Beatrice 2nd & 3rd Day of School

2nd Day...

She was happy, ready to go to school. Saw Raenen at the door, both of them had their hands cleaned, temperature checked etc. Raenen headed into the class.. Beatrice followed.. paused at the door.. turn back & started crying. Teacher carried her into the class, she was crying & waving goodbye to me. :(

3rd Day...

She said she didn't want to go to school, she want to go home. Explained to her no one is at home, daddy & mummy are both working, no one is going to cook or make milk for her. But it simply didn't get into her. Anyway, she started crying when DH wanted to change her in the morning & she refused to change to go to school. Managed to convince her to change. When we reach the school, she starts again. ~sign~

God I prayed that she will adapt to the new environment soon. She will likes to go to school, enjoying the lessons and time with her friends.

Beatrice 1st Day of School

These are photos taken during the outdoor play.

Decided to let her have some playtime with Raenen & Gabby after school, brought her to my aunt's place for an hour for play.

02 February 2009

Brought her to school at 9am for her outdoor play as recommended by the teachers to get the day started. She saw Raenen and was happy following him to play. Raenen is very caring. He told his teacher & friends that Beatrice is his meimei.

The crying starts when I hold back in following her to class. I was hanging/hiding somewhere, busy with some phone calls. Peeped and saw that she has stopped crying & decided to leave the centre. She cried for about 30min before settling down to join her class. The centre supervisor called up during their nap time to inform that she was doing fine but has yet to nap, probably due to new environment.

When I went to fetch her at 4pm, the supervisor said the teacher managed to coax her to sleep at 2pm and she should be waking up soon. Waited for her to take her tea break before leaving the centre. Saw Raenen holding her hands, asking her to sit beside him. So sweet of him. Thanks Raenen for taking care of meimei Beatrice.

Photos coming soon.. After I have complete posting last week events. :)

Trice's Camera

For the past week, I was busy with visitation, eating, photos snapping. Trice was busy too.. she wanted to take photos like me. So I was using my camera while she was using my iPhone. She took about 60-70 number of photos last week on my phone. These are some of those clear ones selected.

2009 CNY Day 7

DH's brother gave us a Raffles Hotels & Resorts card together with a meal for 2 some time back. Decided to use it before it expire, had our dinner at Plaza Market Cafe. They have more asian dishes compare to others which we feel is more suitable for us since both of us does not like the fresh stuff.

Headed to the Singapore River Hangbao for a walk after the heavy dinner.

2009 CNY Day 6

This year we are back at Cindy's house as it's more convenient for her as she doesn't have a car. The group enjoying the home-make jelly. Trice was happy playing with uncle Jason.

Diana, why did Trice kiss your hubby huh?
Jason, Trice has pick up a bad thing from you. The other day she placed her snack into her clothes.

2009 CNY Day 5

Warren on Trice's stroller.

Has always been wanting to bring Trice to the zoo or was it me that want to go? Can't remember the last time I step inside the zoo, probably during my poly time together with my cousins? Anyway, at last I make it to the zoo.

A nice short trip. Since it was with my parents, didn't want to make them walk too much so we bought the tickets for the tram. We were actually busy catching show after show, didn't really walk around at all. Make our way to the rainforest kidzworld for the water play after lunch. And that conclude the trip; 6 hour in the zoo.

Went home for a rest and headed to my boss place for dinner. This year it was Megan's house. She cooked peng cai, lu ya, kong ba bao etc for us. DH didn't get to enjoy as he only eats white meat, all he has for dinner was broccoli & prawn.

2009 CNY Day 4

My office is closed for a week. Wanna spend some time with Trice before she starts school next week, wanna bring her out for some fun. Brought Trice to Hort Park.

FL, this is the dress that you bought for Trice for her 1 year old. It has now becomes a top. :)

2009 CNY Day 3

JX & Dawn invited the CGs to their place for CNY. The children had great fun playing while the adults had a good time catching up.

In the early afternoon, we went to J8 to get some stuff. While walking around Popular bookstore, Trice kept saying, "I am a princess!" ~faint~

2009 CNY Day 2

Day 2 is usually a visit to my uncle's place and for the rest of the day, we'll just hang around at my mum's place waiting for the relatives to come.

Took this when we were resting after the cleaning up.

2009 CNY Day 1

This year our theme is Mickey & Minnie Mouse! ;-p

Bought these from Disney online store few months back. Quite a good buy I think, each top cost us less than S$10. Same as last year, visitation were packed back-to-back.

We were a little worry that Trice might open the hangbao given to her in front of the relatives. We had been reminding her few days ago that she cannot open the hangbao and she need to hand it to mummy to keep it for her. And she has been good. She will even ask "mummy, where are you?" if mummy is not within her sight. :)

Early morning, while we were busy trying to get out of the house for visitation, Trice was busy getting herself ready too. We were surprised she was wearing socks together with her shoes and she managed to find a pair of new socks. The norm practice is just put on her shoes and off she goes.

2009 Reunion Dinner with my In-Laws

The usual reunion dinner on eve on CNY. This year we went back to Qiang Xi for the dinner. Trice has the stage to her own when the dinner ended. DH bought this silk dress from Shanghai airport during his last business trip, cost him S$50 and last Trice for just a dinner! See the way Trice had fun on the stage, the side of the dress was torn at the end of it. :(

I noticed Trice likes to eat prawn, just like mummy.

After dinner, we went to Goodwood Florist to get a small pot of flower to brighten up the living room.