Badminton Court

While waiting for DH, she was staring at the pole thinking what to do next...

OK, how about going round and round the pole?

Grocery Shopping

Helpful Trice with the shopping basket. Nowadays, she will insist to drag the basket around till we check-out.



I went to park the car while DH took his shower. Trice was left to play on her own. She took a pack of milo to drink without our knowledge. And we guess she probably had spill it on the floor and knew that we would scold her so she quickly threw the pack into the dustbin.

When I came back, she ask me for milo so I reply her, "OK, wait a moment, let mummy unpack the bag 1st." Shortly after DH found some stains on the floor & the pack of milo (almost full) in the dustbin. We asked her if she took a pack of milo to drink? She didn't reply. Hmmm.. is she too smart to ask for another milo & covered her early story?

She knew that she is not suppose to drink the packet milo as we had explained to her that those are meant for on the move. Normally when she ask for milo, I would made for her except once when she just had her dinner.

Qing Ming

The annual gathering of the year. This year is crowded, total of 17+7 family members, 4 cars went.

We bought this for her together with her Thomas bag as her Christmas present last year.

Happy :) ... at last she can use her umbrella.

Didi's hat.

Sharing the shade with Kayden.

Mummy.. Pain Pain

20 March 2009

She woke up complaining pain on her knees and I realised she fell the night before at the playground while playing together with the children.

Jelly Making

Let's backdate this to 30 Nov 2008.

Received these from Budi last week. Thanks. My camera battery was flat that day.

We met up for a jelly making session. Both of them were happy enjoying the process.

Newspapers & News

Is the man in your house like him? He spent the whole night on these except for weekends unless he wants me to scream at him. The good thing is he dislike playing games, to him it is a waste of time. So we don't have any xbox, playstation3, Wii or psp at home. :)

Daily news for DH.. the Straits Times, 联合早报, Today, 我报.. sometimes additonal 晚报. On top of all these, 10pm, 11pm chinese news on TV.. sometimes 9.30pm news on channel 5. Is there so many different news to read & watch? No wonder he is so busy. ;p

Just to add on a little.. DH hardly spent time surfing the internet too. If he needs any info, he opens his mouth to ask the 'information counter'... his wife, ME! :(

Trice's Snapshots

Princess Wishes

17 March 2009

A date with Raenen & Gabby, and my cousins to Disney on Ice.

We met up for lunch at Leisure Park Kallang before heading to SIS for the show. Mistake made: I did not take into account their nap time when purchasing the tickets. The children were tired before the show begin. I told Beatrice the ticket is expensive, she cannot sleep ;p The 2 older ones managed to finish the show before knock out.

Toilet Training in School

I agreed with Klessis & Sharine that school do help to get the children toilet trained.

Beatrice has been off the diaper not long after she started school. The school has a "fixed" schedule where the children will be ask to queue to go to the toilet. Previously, we had not put her off the diaper cos she refused to tell us when she wanted to poo. So in order not to have a smelly mess to clear, we keep her on diaper.

20-Feb-2009, this day she was very happy cos it was her first attempt to poo in the potty. She went round the house telling everyone!

So far, toilet training has been pretty smooth for us other than the numbers of time she runs for toilet when she needed to poo. Some of the members saw it the other day at our place, it is every few minutes!

Jigsaw Puzzle

DH spending time with Trice before bed while I get to cleared some chores in the kitchen.

Round The House..

NAKED!! She simply took out her clothes & diaper, playing with her toys and refused to wear her clothes.

I think it's not the room temperature that we are talking about, it's probably becomes a habit. Last night, both of us were tired so we decided to allow her to sleep in our room instead. This morning, she was having her action wanting to take out her pants in her sleep.. and I told her NO!

Crowded Sunday

The Living Courthouse

DH needed to clear some work in the morning. So I decided to bring Trice to Supreme Court Open House. The crowd was horrifying.. the queue was half the perimeter round the building with u-turns, it took us 30 min to get through the security check into the building.

Wanted to bring Trice to watch the enactment: "Who pushed Humpty?" But the queue was super long & each hearing takes 30min. Gave up! Told Trice, lets walk around the building to answer the quiz & get a souvenir instead.

IT Show 2009

DH picked us up from the Supreme Court & we head down to Suntec for the IT Show. He needed to get a new printer for his office use. HP booth is just right at the entrance but it took us a while just to step in. Trice busy entertaining herself while waiting for DH to settle the payment & freebies.

Later in the evening, we met up with DH's family for dinner. It's been quite a while since we last joined them for dinner. Nowadays, usually we bring Trice to my in-law place for an hour or so instead.

'Training' for Kidsrun

We had fellowship at our place after Saturday service. The children were playing on their own while the parents were busy with our dinner.

The kids training for the coming kidsrun?? Some of us, the parents had registered our children for the coming kidsrun.

Cold Storage is organising their annual kidsrun for the children this coming 24-May-2009. More info at

Fellowship After CG

This is what we had for fellowship last week. Yummy!

And we also celebrated Le Xuan & Kenneth errr.. belated birthday.

Mess Done

This is what I get on a Saturday morning.. clothing all over the floor.. created by my dear Trice.

Children First!

13 March 2009

Brought Trice to watch "In The Garden" organised by Act3 International & Prudential. Hesitated for a while before purchasing the tickets, wonder if she will enjoy it. Got a very good deal from sistic, the tickets was at half price.

Chosen this performance cos it's include theatre, video, shadows, and drawings. Tots would understand it easily. During the performance, Trice could identify the pictures, laugh, get excited with her many where & why.

On our way to the Art House, she was busy playing with her camera. Will show some of her shots at a later post.

The paper butterfly was given out to all the children that attended. She enjoyed the performance. She even commented.. mummy come again ok?

The children were also given a pack of milk after the show to fill up their stomach.

Beatrice's Camera

OK, many of you would probably say why buy such an expensive gadget for Beatrice. I thought for a month before deciding on this.

She has always request to play with my camera. It's my one & only camera, what if she spoilt it? If she spoilt it & DH pay me with a dSLR, haha.. I will be glad that she spoilt it. But I know it's impossible, DH will only say why let her play with it.

We gave her a VERY old camera, haha.. 1st generation digital camera. She say mummy it's not working. ;p

I was comparing between the children version of digital camera & the adult entry level cameras. The children version is heavy, bulky, 0.3 MP, 1.7" screen, $100+, with a little shock & waterproof. But the thing is I'm not going to carry this bulky thing for her when we go out.

So in the end, I decided to pay a little more for an adult entry level camera, pink in colour for a girl. Her name for a little personalisation.

Missing EzLink Card

Found my missing EzLink card in Trice's princess wallet. It has been missing for more than a month. Didn't expect Trice to take it. But somehow I remembered that I had placed it in my bag compartment.

Doll House

Took these out for the children to play last Saturday. This is actually Trice's 1 year old present from a friend.

Constance & Lauren's Birthday

The twin sisters are now 2 years old. Brought Beatrice to their place for a simple celebration.

Oh Gosh.. Not Again!

Yesterday morning, we found this at 5.30am. She was still wearing her PJ when I checked on her at 5am.

This is the second time she did this. And I wonder does it happen to all children? Is it a stage that they goes through?

Neighbour's Chair

Almost every other day while waiting for us to open the door to our house, she will sit on the neighbour's chair, not wanting to go home.

So sometimes, we simply close our door till she called for us. ;p

Legs Cross

Trice said this is the way they sit in school with their legs cross. :)


As promised, we will be back to visit Jaydon again over the weekend. The last round, I brought along a hippo bag for him. This round, we decided to buy a slice of cake for him to cheer him up. Dropped by Plaza Sing and managed to get a mcqueen mini cake for Jaydon & a princess mini cake for Beatrice.

Beatrice play alone while waiting for Jaydon to wakes up.

So this is the 2 of them singing birthday songs to themselves and enjoying the cake. :)

password: "see Iris @facebook"

Singapore Flyer

STB is having their second round of attractions promotion this March. Nope, no free tickets this time. They are giving away either 2 children or 2 senior citizen tickets free with purchase of 2 adult tickets. So at least don't have to camp there to get the tickets cos it is not totally FOC.

I think DH will scold me crazy if I did that in Feb. Anyway, that's what we did as a big family (camping overnight) for NDP tickets before the introduction of balloting system for NDP tickets.

Since the senior citizens tickets are free, decided to bring my parents there.

Beatrice is afraid of heights. She cling to us like a koala bear.

If you noticed, Warren has some crying shots.. ask my Dear. Ok, it's not his fault. Just that Warren will cry if he see anyone wearing spectacles!

Does He Knows?

Got DH to help put on clothes for Trice after shower. Before stepping out of the house, thought I should check on Trice to make sure everything is put on.. and this is what I saw!! whahahah