Trice's make-up Story

On our way home...

Trice: Mummy, I eat "ropok" (keropok/ prawn crackers) and "al sai" (vomit)

Mummy: You ate too much keropok & vomitted today?

Then I called up my mum, she say, "No, She didn't eat any today."


I had shared previously that one of the goal in 2008 is to get back to shape. I didn't make it to my pre-wedding weight. 2008 has come to an end, I had lost 9kg in total. A yes & no disappointment. Yes, that I am 1 size down. No, that I didn't hit my goal, I was not diligent for the last 2 months.

Another round of trimming in 2009? Yes, will start after CNY. To trim to my healthy BMI unless you hear some news from me along the way.

DE 26th Anniversary

18th January 2009

My company had our annual dinner at Singapore Cricket Club this year. The day is always fix even if it falls on a Sunday. ;p

The speech given by the directors were pretty negative talking about recession, client cutting our professional fee, developer cutting wages etc. Since last year till now, there are already a few projects shelved. The director shared about keeping some profit for unexpected days, not wanting another 1998 situation whereby the company has to go on a pay cut and directors had to come out with cash to keep the company running. Hmmm.. not a very good sign. But it's not a bad thing to save for the worse, rather than cutting employees salary or even retrenchment.

Thank God that we still have bonus and increment this year.

This year western food was much better than what we had last year. Even Trice enjoyed the chocolate eclair and the vegetable soup.

Games time... The colleagues started building their tower from the table.. to the floor and even on the stage. ;p

This year we had prepared a game specially for the directors and 2 other colleagues who received their 5 years service award. My colleague was sharing with me just now that Dr Lim was saying take back my bonus if I sabo them on stage. :(

Next year would me my turn to receive my 5 years sevice award, provided I'm still with this company and praying hard that it would not be affected by the recession.

The children had the whole stage to themselves after the games.. time of fun, jump and dance. And the parents were standing at all sides making sure no one fall down.

After dinner, we took a walk along the riverside to let Trice enjoy the lightings. And a short break at the sofa of Fullerton Hotel.

2009 Reunion Lunch with My Family

Saturday was my brother's last off day before CNY. We had reunion lunch as I had my company dinner at night. Just a few photos cos Trice was tired. But we do have a big spread of food. Started with shark fin soup, follow by yusheng and an overflowing steamboat.

Bought this online for Trice for less than US$10.

Saturday Service

Recently, the playgroup teachers had requested that we feed our children dinner ourselves as there isn't enough workers. For the past few weeks, we sat outside the playgroup getting our children to finish their dinner so that we could join the rest in the auditorium asap.

This evening program was fellowship at Albert's house. Before the service, we had placed our 煮 炒 order so that Albert could head home to order after the service end. This is our fellowship...

Scrub & More Scrubing

I think I'm getting a bit crazy about the spring cleaning thingy after DH's comment. 1st he said why is there a need to spring clean, then he commented why is the kitchen floor so dirty. If you can remember I blog 2 years back about the lousy tiles and the scrubbing that we did.

So I decided to scrub again on Saturday. Then the crazy idea came to scrub the living/dining room too. OK, I know the job can be done with a steam cleaner but we do not have that gadget. So this is the living room pictures.

Motor Bike

We redeemed this with my in-law's petrol points. Just went to pick it up from Baby Hyperstore. It is bigger than we expected from the catalog.

She said it's her motor bike. As for now, she is fearful with the motor riding. We will need some time to build up her courage to step on it.


Just came back from a meeting for a new project at ACJC. Amazingly they have their own label bottled mineral with their school logo & verse John 7:37-38. Wah.. rich school huh!?

My Time

This evening I get to have my time as DH has started his series of annual RT. I walked from office to Raffles City. Along the way, I took out my camera & snap snap snap as if i am a tourist.

Raffles place area looks energetic.. joggers & line dancers. This is my first time seeing the healthy lifestyle of the people working here.

Victoria Concert Hall... Back in my secondary schools when I was with the band, we came here for performance or was it competition?

Singapore Cricket Club... We are coming here on Sunday for our company annual dinner.

Saw the wacky duck along the way...

This is cannonball tree... interesting name & flower.

The Cenotaph is the war memorial that commemorates the men who fell in both World War 1 & 2.

This fountain is for memorial of Tan Kim Seng. He donated a generous sum of money to support the construction of a system to provide piped water to the town.

Sleepy Warren?

Went to my parents' place after dinner with my in-laws. Warren was actually tired, supposedly his nap time but the moment he saw Trice, the zzZZ monster seem to have gone.

This is another video where he was enjoying our company while the parents & grandparents were having their dinner.


Sunday early morning, we make our way to SGH to visit Emily & her princess, Vera. Another adventurous trip for Beatrice & me, we took the mrt, follow the linkway with Trice on my shoulder all the way to SGH.

Trice on Treadmill

This treadmill was transferred to our place ever since my SIL shifted back to Taiwan. So the whole family have been 'diligently' using it to burn off excess calories accumulated during this holiday seasons.

For the past few days, when we stepped home, Trice will say "I run first." And quickly put on her shoe & ask us to switch on the machine for her. She is only allow to walk for 5 min per session now.

DE Spring Cleaning

For the past 2 months, majority of us have been busy with re-arranging the store, throwing, packing the documents & etc. Basically physical work.

Today is hopefully the last day of the whole series of thingy. Everyone is back to office (incl bosses) for spring cleaning. This is an annual event.. spring cleaning for the coming CNY.

Totally exhausted.. I'm in-charge to wash the roof garden this year. It was not an easy task as the aunty has not wash it for a year! It's full of stains & algae!!

Busybody Beatrice

Found this in my nephew's blog..


Trice has diarrhoea since Monday. This is the first time she had diarrhoea, I thought was second but my mum said first. Ok.. anyway, I'm doctor mummy with my own theory & own prescription with a little help from Leena & Stephanie. She is showing signs of recovery, at least no more fever, better appetite. Praise God!

Praying that she would recover in these 2 days else my mum has to work full day shift on Sat.

What's That; Because

Trice is into asking "mummy, what is that?"

And if you ask her "why...?", she will reply "because..."

Last night my mum say Trice hit her so in the car I asked her why she hit 婆婆. She replied, "because 婆婆 beat me!" :(

Countdown to 2009

31 December 2008

We had a little gathering at Vivien's place, we had steamboat. Basically, we were too busy eating & forgotten to take any pictures till we had our stomach filled. :)

And today is also uncle Ben & aunty Adeline's wedding anniversary.. 20 years?

The children...

I was not the photographer. Found these 2 interesting photos among the many. Beatrice picking up the fishes & placing them in the ice-cream cup.

The 2 older ones with their creative minds using the fishing rod to 'fish' the cars!

We left the place at 11.45pm and had our countdown in the car. :)

Constance's Kimono

My mum passed me a bag of stuff & say its from aunty Adeline. Opened up and found Constance's kimono.

I remembered.. my aunty bought this from Japan when she went for her some exchange program >15 years ago? Constance, do you wanna scan your photo with this kimono for me? :)

Ikea Breakfast

Went to Ikea for breakfast on Sunday morning and at the same time to get some stuff to tidy up the house.

This is one of the item bought home to tidy up Trice's artwork from church playgroup. It used to be everything dump in a box-up corner.

This is my first time doing spring cleaning after staying here for 2.5 years... and you can imagine the thickness of dust it has accumulate. DH asked, "why is there a need to spring clean?" Well and you can imagine the help he offers for the past few days while I was busy with all the cleaning. He offered to watch the TV, read his magazines and to make sure Beatrice is playing on her own! Ok, at least he cleaned up his own table, helped out as and when I need a pair of extra hands and throw away the unwanted stuff. Thanks Dear!

Anyway, I'm almost done with the cleaning, left with Trice's drawers and my table. Yeah!! And I am please with my own accomplishment.


03 January 2009

Upon Trice's request, brought her to the playground after breakfast for a time of bubbles.