Captain Dazzle

We got his contact from RTC, compared his quote with some other entertainers recommended by friends and decided on him.

He is GOOD!!  He was able to capture the attention of the children I feel.  Some of the parents came to me and commended that he is good too.

The balloon became a weapon to bully Captain Dazzle.

The dance floor... the children's playground

Some of the mummies that were there

A real rabbit

Time for me to have my late high-tea

Lastly, my camera man for the event, Eric Chai.  Thanks Eric!

Before the Party

Our friends came early.. preparing the place for the party mood, setting up the decorations.

The tiny banner to big signbaord are DIY too :)

High-tea at RTC

The staff setting up the buffet line for the guests

A different approach that we choose compared to the many classmate parties that Beatrice had attended.  It's usually indoor kids playground revolving around the children.  They are so busy playing, they can't settle down for food most of the time.  And adults standing around most of the time with only basic finger food served.  So we decided to let the adults enjoy the party too & get an entertainer to keep the kids busy.  Anyway the guest list is also too long to fit into any of the party rooms in indoor playground.

We managed to book the bar for the party, not a perfect place for sure.  We like the spacious dance floor where the kids can run & jump though the lighting is dim.  And we get to use the place as private function rather than sharing with the members of the club.  And with so many kids running around, we do not want complains from the members too.  We have been praying for bright sunlight to help brighten the room since we have confirm this place.

Ending the post with the birthday girl & her good friend, Christal