Nowadays if you ask her to wear a dress, she will ask you if she is a princess. :)

Ok, this dress is suppose to be for 3-4 years old but I thought it can be a long dress for her and its only $8.


Nowadays, she will either request for her sunglasses or her cap whenever we are out under the sun. She will say things like 'mummy its hot'.

This is on our way to Eric's place to take a ride from them to expo service on Sat as DH was still working.

After Party

We still have another half of the gifts recevied under the christmas tree at home.

Thanks to all the uncles & aunties and the little friends for all the gifts.

Family Christmas

25 December 2008

As usual, the extended family has a gathering at my uncle's place.

Some random photos of the children... Oh that is Trice being jealous that I carried Gabby & Warren.

The children is the centre of attraction...

What is christmas without a little caroling to create the mood...

Part of the presents under the tree... mainly for the children.

Busy giving out gifts...

Let's open up the gifts...

Balloon entertainment...

And lastly, a group photo of those who stayed late...

Thanks grandaunties, aunties for all the presents.

Trice's A&C

This is our home main door. :)

We attended services on both Christmas eve & day so Trice gets to do & bring home 2 pieces of artwork. So we decided to stick it on our main door to create some Christmas mood.

New Toy

My iphone has become Trice's new toy in the car. I'd downloaded some children games for her to keep her entertained. It was a helpful gadget to keep her entertained from Boon Lay to Expo last week.

Christmas @DE

Christmas eve this year we have something quite different from other years. We had Japanese buffet ordered from the restaurant next door.

SOL Playground Cafe

The Choong family invited us & their friends to a Christmas dinner at SOL Playground Cafe. This is our first time there, it is a children friendly cafe at Turf City. They have both outdoor playground & indoor play area for the children.

Outdated Photo

Constance passed us some outdated photo last night. Found this in the list.. that's Trice hugged by Raenen. They are lying down perpendicular to each other.. cannot see her body. Hahaa!

Video Call

Today is our 3rd time doing video call with the Lee. I think the children are more excited to see each other than us. The 1st round was the best, though it takes a while to get things set up but we could see and hear each other. During the 1st round, the fathers even chatted for quite a while & Rovis ask Brian to plan a holiday there next year. ;p

Rovis, please get the mic up soon. Else, our keyboard will be destroy by the 2 children soon. They are so helpful in helping us type. :)

Step Home

Since the day we set up the christmas tree, everyday without fail, Trice will swtich on the lighting for the tree after she took her shoes.

When it comes to weekend, she switch it on the moment she wakes up. It doesn't matter to her whether is it day or night, as long as we are home, the christmas tree need to be lighted up!

Her daddy tried to switch it off but she will follow-up to get it up again. :)

My iPhone

Oh.. I forgot to blog all about this. Got this from DH as our wedding anniversary gift. I think it was quite a good buy, he paid $148 for an average plan with 2 year contract (8GB), I'd received a $200 less from Singtel as I had indicated that I was interested in the iphone previously.

2 photos taken using my iphone.

Trice taking her nap in the car.

Last Sat at our home void deck.

Warren & Beatrice

21 December 2008

It's 冬至, my mum ask us to drop by her place to eat 汤圆. Warren is so happy to see Beatrice.

Strawberry Shortcake

21 December 2008

Brought Trice to hougang mall to catch strawberry shortcake. Ok, I don't think she had watch any of the cartoon before. But I thought just wanna bring her there to check it out. Surprisingly, she enjoyed the "strawberry shake" moves & joined in.

I think this should be the last show for this festive season unless someone can tell me where I catch another one on christmas day. ;p

An Adventurous Saturday

20 December 2008

Invited my colleague cum friend, Lilie to our church candlelight service. As to match her time for her to get back home to JB in the evening, we went to jurong afternoon service. Brought Trice along as DH is working. When I spoke to her during the wkd, she didn't want to go to playgroup as her friends will not be there. So my plan was to tried her so that she can nap through the service. Indeed she was good, she slept after praise and only woke up after the candlelight towards the end of the service. :)

As usual, this is her on the computer at 4th level. Let me see if I can get hold of the photos from my colleague.

After service in Jurong, we took the mrt making our way to expo to join the rest of the CG. A good choice for that day cos Dawn does not have to meet Ps so we can all go out for dinner & fellowship. Was still hesitating to make our way home or to expo or to tampines mall to catch hello kitty. :) So this is the fellowship at SIA sports club.

The children having fun at the front desk of the restaurant and the photosnap station.

Bubble & Snow

18 December 2008

After work, brought Trice to AMK hub to enjoy the bubble & snow from the christmas tree. Look how excited she was in bursting the bubbles.

Here comes the 'snow'...