My Parents 40th Wedding Anniversary


Wanted to do a dinner & invite their friends but they just want something simple within the family. My dad wanted to eat suckling pig. Advanced booking made at a nearby restaurant & we had a not so delicious suckling pig for dinner.

Well as compare to those suckling pig that we ate when we were younger, though we saw them barbecuing outside, but it still taste like deep fried suckling pig, too oily.

Beatrice playing with her green tea.

Sleepover at Song's House


We sent her to Song's house for a night stay as my leave was not approve and her childcare is closed for the week.

Photos from Jenny via What's App.

We sent her there early morning before heading off to office.

Her round stomach ;p

Bedtime story before calling it day 1.

Woke up early and it's time for drawing.

Met up with Elaine & Koen but can't remember where and what they did. :)

Really thanks to the Songs' for helping us with Beatrice for 2 days.

Leader's Appreication Night 2010 continues...

Found quite a no. of photos on my mobile which I have yet to blog about... all the way from ending last year.

Just bear with me while we turn back the clock. :)

We left Beatrice's with Stephanie while we went to JW.  These were pictures send to me via What's App.

A Hanging Wall Socket

How dangerous can this be??  I have a hanging wall socket in Beatrice's room ever since my guests helped discovered this mystery.  This is a wall socket we don't use at all.

I opened up the wall socket to realise it is a problem created back during construction period.  There is a missing tiny piece which I supposed the contractor lost it & simply dig a hole to stuck that screw in.

I wrote in to HDB branch office with the photos and explained that it is a clear picture of construction problem 5 years ago. Please do not tell me it is no longer under warrenty of HDB and don't tell me it's my problem since I've finished paying my flat.

The HDB officer called back to arrange their term contractor to come check it out.  I told the term contractor to get the pictures I had sent to HDB so that he understand my problem.

Last Saturday they came, immediately changed a new wall socket & resolve the problem correctly.

Thanks to HDB. :)

Nicole The Chef

The Choong family normally stay at our place when they come over to Singapore for the weekend. Today the parents left for church leaving the kids for me to babysit? -.-||

Nicole baking her own cupcakes.

And Beatrice helping her with the sprinkles.

Smurfs Craze

OK, I think I'm getting crazy over smurfs collection from Mcdonalds.

Saw this online & thought it is cute & wanna share with you. :)

The Sea is Fun

The children slept from 12mn to 7am, all they want is play & fun. Tired night for us. :)

We had last night snack for breakfast with juice from the vending machine.

And it's fun again after breakfast.

She just change into a clean set of clothes & she wanted to get wet again.

We left the place at 9.30am as there were many activities planned for next 2 days, need time to prepare.