Christmas Tree At Changi City Point


Seeing this makes me recall their Christmas at Orchard 3 years ago. :)

How time has fly.  They are outgrowing their "cuteness" and developing to little man and women.

Sometimes.. how we wish we can stop the clock, they are growing up too fast.

Little Ones Club Meet & Greet with Hello Kitty & Friends


Ana asked for help to bring Charlize to the Meet & Greet with Hello Kitty.  This is probably the last time we go to their party.  Not gonna renew the membership when it expire.  Many rules have changed the past 2 years, making it inconvenient to participate in their activities so decided not to renew.

Charlize was telling Beatrice I was at second floor but my girl was busy with her things from her bag.

Hua Cheng Activities Show


Every 6 months, they will have a little show and activities where they will present to the parents what they had learnt in class.

Valena's 10th Birthday


Took too long to do blog entry, can't remember where we went before the dinner.

Dinner was at Ion Swensen's.

P1 Orientation


This is the first time Beatrice is stepping into her school for next 6 years.  She requested us to bring her for the registration etc but the chances of getting in is so slim I better not give her too much hope.

At the end of the orientation, she was given homework to do!  2 pages of english words to read and about 10 pages of chinese worksheet to complete!!

Anyway, the school has another pre-orientation just 2 weeks earlier.  Well, the nice phase is for the parents to buy the school books, uniform etc for the P1 children.  The not so nice phase, they actually carried out screening of the children to determine which class to place them to.

I asked Beatrice what did the teacher asked her.  She was given a list of words to read.  Well, my confident girl says she can read all but I do not know.  And the teacher asked question like is there any of your friends who are also coming to P1 next year.

Beatrice has another 3 classmates from Masterpiece who have also register for this primary school under the earlier phases.  Yu Xuan will be in the same class as Beatrice and Meagan and Evelyn will be in the same class.

CG Outing to Singapore Botanic Garden


A potluck picnic with CG friends.  It was a great day with not much sun, no rain.

Parents were busy chatting away while the children fill up the time with their own entertainment.

Our cell group

The girls busy feeding Ashrielle snacks & water.

A kind aunty sharing her loaf of bread with our children to feed the fishes.

A walk to the kids' mini forest...

Swimming with Float

One of the session she swim the laps with float.



Party gift from Aya.  

She was a little disappointed the seeds didn't grow.

And this is Children's Day gift from Masterpiece.

Aya's Birthday 2012


Last year, Aya's party was held at her condo with swim in the afternoon and magician at night.