My Waterway@Punggol with Choong


Spent the morning at the waterway with the Choong family. The children were a little disappointed when the water play was not on. But at least they still have the sand play.

Merry Christmas to YOU!

Christmas is all about Jesus Christ, our Lord & Saviour.  Let us be reminded again the reason He was here on earth and remember our first love for Him, be soak in His beautiful presence.

And not forgetting the Christmas festive celebration we practice all around the world.  Come together & sharing our love with friends and love ones, enjoying each other company and gift giving.

And I am still dreaming of a beautiful white Christmas in NYC

Skin Doodling is Great


We are having CG and she wanted to draw on herself.  As long as she can behave and don't make noise, she can do anything.

It's Great to Relax

Beatrice requested to sit on the massage chair with the machine on & playing her iphone games at the same time.

Gloomy Halloween

As the title suggest, she doesn't have enough rest so that explain her morning mood.

My Waterway @Punggol (Part 2)

The fun for Beatrice continues with waterplay.

We had our mini picnic (dinner) right beside the waterplay.  We had actually packed our dinner from coffeeshop before going to waterway.

Walking back to the curve bridge and snapping photos.

The temporary stairs has been removed after the opening ceremony.  We climbed up a pretty steep slope.  And my dear husband wearing a pair of no friction slippers, holding Beatrice slide downwards with some minor cuts.  They managed to get up with the help of a passerby holding on to a stick from the top.  I was holding Beatrice skate scooter & climbing up, was a little scared after seeing my husband slide backwards but I don't have much problem, at least I didn't slide downwards.

I had bought a new pair of slippers for him long ago but he simply refuse to change.  ~Sigh~ My man!

My Waterway @Punggol (Part 1)

We are back to check out the other half of the punggol watereway and at the same time to let Beatrice play with the sand & water.

This time round, we took the MRT & LRT & alighted at the 1st LRT station so that we can start from the other half & walk towards the play area.

And she also gets to skate scoot all the way to the play area.

A giant has come to destroy the mini castles. :)