Japan Day 4 - Disneyland

We had breakfast at Choco Cro, just a street away from our hotel before heading to Disneyland.

This morning, we were trying a new line which is directly link to our hotel but there were simply many stairs to go up & down. But this is supposedly the shorter route towards Disney Resort.

This is a map of their subway, Tokyo Metro network which runs around the central Tokyo. There are many other private private lines running across the central Tokyo & out of central Tokyo.

Disney resort line & Disney cruiser (next to the pillar).

The moment we step in, we were busy chasing after the characters who were out to say Hi to everyone.

Bea is at the age where she is afraid of everything. 1st photo with Daisy, she cried.

From 2nd character onwards, DH carried her chased after the characters while I was busy snapping away.

The grand entrance.

Pooh Bear who was "not very friendly".. walking back to his office, not willing to take photos with us, only say Hi.

Beatrice said she wanted to follow Piglet. But she only followed him from a distance. :)

World Bazar

The weather at Disneyland was freezing cold with the wind blowing. We had waffle for lunch but Bea was so cold she couldn't eat much. Our legs were numb too.

After lunch, we went to do some quick shopping for the children. Just want to find winter hat or cover to add some warm. Bea smile again when she was warm. :)

Wanted to watch "Oh Minnie" but it started to drizzle. So the cast only presented a simply song item for us with their special tailored raincoat.

We continued walking towards Cinderella castle.

At Toontown

Queuing to get into Minnie's house.

Bea was fascinated by Minnie's dish washer.

Pretending to have a cup of tea.

She saw 'FOOD'!

Had some hot crispy pizza roll or something.

Went to take some photos of the parade while the rest were queuing to take photo with Mickey. The waiting time/queue was 1hr 30min?

While everyone was busy watching the parade, the queue to the popcorn was empty. Quickly walked in to get 1 for the kids the moment the parade ended, cost ¥1300!

This is one of the "in thing" that Japanese do when they go Disneyland. Everywhere we go, we see the locals hanging 1 around their neck. And the queue to purchase this popcorn was super long. Bea requested for it earlier but we didn't want to queue for it.

Bea happy with her popcorn.

Inside Mickey's house.

Family photo with Mickey.. our long awaited 1hr 30min?

Took this outside the store where they sold princess & infant merchandise. Japan Disney resort had limited merchandise related to princess as compare to US or HK.

Bea holding princess clips. She wanted us to buy for her but it was simply too expensive. Told her we'll get other stuff for her later.

Easter theme.

Due to the cold weather, occasion rain & the crowd, we decided to leave the place earlier than planned. We were there late morning & wanted to stay to watch the fireworks.

Went to Ikspiari Rainforest restaurant for dinner. This is the dome roof of Ikspiari where we were trying to demo to the kids to speak & listen to our own echo.

Shortly after dinner, we heard the sound of fireworks from Disney resort and walk out to watch. The fireworks only last for 5min and its doesn't have special shapes like those in US. Glad we didn't stayed just for it.

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