3rd Pair of Spectacles


The red pair made her like old granny.  Decided to make a new pair for her.

I Can't Reach the Board!



Trial Music Lesson


Sent her for a free trial lesson at our neighborhood.

Disney Princess Wall Border


At the request of my girl, we added the princess border next to her bed.

She has left behind her princess castle & all the princesses wall stickers at our SK home.



Ice-cream time at Udders.

A Note from Beatrice


Gave her a note book so that she can drop down words which she wanna share with me during the day.  

Yes, we love you!

2nd Day of P1

Parents can only come in during the recess for today & tomorrow.

Her buddy teaching her to how to use the chopsticks.

In my mind, I was thinking already asked you to practice for past months but you were not interested at all.

Finally her buddy went to get a fork for her. ;p

OK, another episode of crying student.  I have always have a girl who resist new environment.  And this crying goes on for 2 weeks in school!  Until the school counselor was called in to have a talk with her.

1st Day in Primary School

She is all exciting for a new phase in life.

It drizzle a little when we were about to leave the house.  Can't drive there as there isn't much illegal space for parking.

Saw her K2 friends at the canteen.  Yu Xuan who is in the same class as her has not arrived.  A total of 4 girls from Masterpiece registered for this school.

The girl in front of her is Yu Xuan.

Her form teacher for this year.

I definitely do not have a girl who likes new environment after all.  She was happy & ok in class.  But the moment bell ring to go home & for her is student care, she was lost & as usual cried.  Her 1st time taking a school bus.

Countdown cum Brithdays

Valora & Mervyn Goh's birthday.

Mission in action.. reviving Koen's furby.

Last Day at Masterpiece


Time flies.. 4 years in Masterpiece

Today the parents organised a mini farewell party for the K2 friends.  Not all were able to come back on this day as some are still enjoying their holiday before P1 officially starts in a few days time.

The early birds that reaches the chhildcare before 8am.

Final hug of goodbye to the teachers.