Trice's Bedroom

Few months back, we started decorating Trice's bedroom with stickers. And at the same time, we told her that she will start sleeping in her room when she blow the candles & cut her birthday cake. As time goes back, we'll remind her again & again so that she gets the idea into her mind.

So the day had come, she started sleeping on her own when we had our part 1 celebration for her. And praise God! She was good. She woke up twice on the 1st day, once for next 2 days (12.30am) and another day at 5.30am ready to bring her doll for a stroll after DH's watch alarm rang.

We didn't bought new bedroom set for her. These were mine from my parents place, we've got the furniture shop to shift & fix up for us previously. Anyway, we didn't let her use the recline bed as it's not suitable for her age now.

But we made a mistake to change her pillow & bolster set 2 days ago. She was using the adult set which I later found it to be too big for her & change to a toddler set. That night she woke up every 2 hour!

Showed Trice the above photo last night, she said "Trice's room, where's trice trice?"

My Shoe

On our way home last night, I was carrying a few bags so got her to help me hold my shoe. :)

Her face shows that she has lost some weight. She was sick, she was OK with the old medicine (left with a little). We brought her to GP & she hates the new medicine so she choose to throw out everytime we gave her the medicine. So you can imagine the mess that I have every few hours. :(

SOT Graduation Svc

Congratulation to William, Mervyn, JX & my uncle graduating with Advanced Certificate of Theology. And to JX for being the Best Minister 2008 & runner-up for Best Student.

Raenen helping Trice to open her water bottle and enjoying their bun together. Mid-way through the service, Trice had fever. :(

Trice's Present

We bought a few small items for her birthday this year. This is one of it & I like it, cost me <$15 from Zara. I've been using ribbon to replace belt as majority of the belts for toddlers are those elastic type, you will understand what I meant if you have been shopping around. So at last she has a proper belt for her jeans.

Trice's Birthday (Part 3)

Took half day leave to spend some time with Trice. Brought her for a donut treat and some shopping at ToysRUs.

Just the 3 of us...

Oh... I forgot, I was the camera man. :)

Trice's Birthday (Part 2)

Trice had a simple celebration with her friends in CG. Ordered a Barney jelly for her this year. To make the children happy, homemade popcorn for everyone with added barney stickers. Some of the members tasted & commented not too bad, smell nice & not too sweet for the children. :)

When I told her I'd ordered a Barney jelly for her, her 1st respone... "I want to CUT barney!" Poor barney. She was eyeing on the knife way before we sang her the birthday song. LOL!

Beatrice is 2 Years Old!

Happy Birthday My Darling!

We didn't plan for any major celebration this year, basically cakes & pictures with the family & CG. So I decided to spend some time to do a video showing pictures of her from birth to now.

Hope you like it darling.

Gift for Me?

My colleague said, "tell your hubby your girl's birthday is your "suffering day", you deserve a gift too."

Dear, do I have a gift?

Trice's Birthday (Part 1)

Had an early celebration with my family last weekend. Bought a take & go "Bob the Builder" block cake for Trice. My mum said, "wow.. the mummy so stingy, bought such a small cake for her daughter!" But there are only 7 of us ma.

A video of Trice handling her baby doll.

High Tea @Marriott Hotel

Joyce is back for her short visitation. Met up with her & Vivien for a high tea last Friday afternoon. Well, I guess there are more tai tai nowadays, the place was pack pack pack. Initially we wanted to go to Royal Plaza on Scotts but it was fully booked.

Infant Car Seat

Last Thrusday, Dawn returned to us Trice's infant carseat. And Trice insists that she wanted to sit in it for the journey home.


She gets to watch 30min of Barney everyday while my parents sit down to enjoy their dinner.

Kiddy Ride

Found this 20c kiddy ride outside Serangoon Garden NTUC. I do not know what happened but recently Trice will scream with fear when the machine starts moving.

So to let her enjoy the ride, inserting the coin, I gave her a 20c coin for a $1 ride. So the coin just goes in & comes out and she likes it.

Hosoi Teppan-Yaki House

Went to Suntec to shop for a gift for Trice's coming birthday. Met up with my in-laws for a dinner at Suntec City. Been a while since I last have teppan-yaki. Took some pictures. Is the chief handsome? ;p

Star of the Day: Debbie

A gathering at Dawn's place.

Morning @Mt Alvernia

While waiting for Warren to be seen by the doctors and to take his blood test, we spent some time at the lobby area resting. And see what Trice is up to.. she rather sit beside someone young and handsome than to sit with us. Later part, she insist that she wanted to sit on the carpet to read the magazine.


Teachers parents meeting session at playclub. Trice was happy jumping around.

Warren 1 Month Celebration

My Nephew

Warren is 1 month old. The whole house was full of guests in every room and every corner.

Trice eating and talking with another nephew.

They are taking turns to sort out the shapes.

FOP 2008

Trice sharing her snack with Rae at the playgroup. Sad to say I didn't catch the service as Trice was sticky to me and she was wild with the big space.. running everywhere.. no one was able to stop her. I gave up in the end.

While waiting for DH to finish serving after service, we have a little kiddy ride at the Kallang entertainment centre.

Public Transport

At last I have some time to update the blog after 3 long weeks. But there are too many outdated posts, bear with me a little, it will probably take me another 2-3 days to finish blogging. So here we go...

As requested by my mum, she wanted me to apply for a day leave so that she can prepare food for the guests for my nephew's baby shower tomorrow.

So thinking that since she is preparing food, we should be able to get some free lunch from her place. Happily took a bus together with Trice to her place. When we arrived, she told us she didn't cook. :( So we end up eating instant noodles. Took a nap there before we make our way to Rae's school to take a look and to meet up with the person in-charge.

Planning to place her in childcare next year so I guess it's time to start searching.

Back Soon

Trice caught the cold virus from DH last week. Not been able to rest well last week. She is recovering well now. So I should be back to update the blog soon. :)