Everyday without fail, she will want to play with my SIL slipper. So my mum decided to buy a pair for her to wear at home. The picture is quite blur.. couldn't get her to stand still.

Waterplay Area

Brought Beatrice & my cousins to the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden again. Wanted to bring them to other parts of the garden but started raining when we arrived at 4pm. So they could only spent the time at the waterplay area again.

My mum manage to buy some small pails for the children to collect water. Bea didn't want to let go the pail in her hands until we gave her ice-cream.

Hmm.. got to get DH to bring Beatrice there again. I think the place is fun for children. They have A-Maze-ing play, Tree house, Pond & many more.

New Watch

This is her cousin's watch. She was so happy wearing it.

"Wait Wait"

Brought Bea to the room to nap. After lying down for a few seconds, she stood up and told her minnie mouse, bolster & blanket to "wait wait" and she walked out to play with her toys again. Yesterday, I kept the door closed so she couldn't get out. So after telling her "friends" to wait, she walked to the socket to play with the night light.

Saturday Service

I was super tired on Saturday due to my dear princess again. Anyway, I didn't want to take care of her in the nursery but I thought I might dose off during the word if I join the CG in the auditorium & DH take cares of her in the nursery. So I decided to ask for the help of the nursery worker to play with her instead.

I kept telling her that mommy is in the front watching the service, she can play at the back or sit with me. I was glad I make the choice. I get to enjoyed 70% of the service & I didn't dose off. The other 30% was of course used feeding my princess.

Before we go off for service, I kept reminding her that those children in the nursery are all her friends, she cannot go round hitting them or even try to bite them. Not sure if she had pick up this act when she was hit by a boy 3 weeks ago (this boy has history hitting or bitting others, Reagan was bitten by him the week before Beatrice). Anyway, I had a nightmare taking care of her 2 weeks ago. Took me an hour to get the message to her. Everytime I had to take her aside to tell her she cannot hit her friends or else I will force her to sit with me in the front.

Hougang NTUC Xtra

Got her to sit at the guard since its around her height while waiting for DH to cash out.

The parking at this place is not cheap. 1st hour cost $2.14! The place is smaller compare to the one at amk hub.


This is Beatrice's 3rd haircut. Daddy was in reservist, ah gong drove us there instead.

Push Coupe

Downloaded some photos from my mobile phone...

Took this before Ethan went to KL for visitation. Bea likes to push the coupe more than sitting in it now.

zzZZ... Why?

For 2 days, I have overslept in the bus! Thank God I took private bus and the driver remember where I normally alight.

On Tue, the driver walk to where I sat & woke me up, telling me I have reach the bus stop.

Today, the driver saw me went up the bus & he was wondering why he didn't saw me alighting (he couldn't see me from his rear view mirror) until I woke up to realise I had overslept. I ask the driver if he could turn left to Cross Street and drop me there. He is kind to drop me at Cross Street.

Why so tired? Ask my princess! Since DH came back from China, her timing is all upside down. She woke up almost every hour. And she insist that she wanted to drink MM before bed instead of her usual bottle milk. FL said probably its the transition cos DH went for reservist then follow by biz trip.

I can feel the puffiness on my eyes for past 2 days, that's how tired I am. Past 2 nights, whenever she woke up, I'll scold her so she bring herself back to sleep again. If she ask for "nan nan", I'll say "nan nan" not here yet!

Our Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was our 3rd year wedding anniversary. DH spare some time for lunch and we went to Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts for their buffet lunch, just the 2 of us. He continues with his work while I spent the afternoon at coffee bean.. Iris time again.

Nowadays I noticed that buffet include all the fresh seafood which we don't normally take. But in general the lunch was okie... quite a big spread of food to choose from.

We spent the evening together with Beatrice. Just a quick dinner as both of us are still full from the lunch.

Up & Down

Before she can walk, my mum already mentioned that she had good motor skills. She can push the tricycle, go up & down the tricycle without help. So this is my 1st time seeing it. If you noticed, she will push herself forward to get the tricycle move forward. This will happened when no one is available to give her a push around the house.

Old Photos

Got some old photos from my brother's camera. Bea was eating her old paci (new-born) cos she was teething and her gum was itcy. My mum gave her the paci for her to rub her gum.

Bea likes this swing thing that my SIL will do on her.

Bye Bye iRobot

A week has past, we have to return the iRobot Roomba to Eric Stephaine. While waiting in the car for them to get home, Beatrice had a chance to move around other than sitting in her car seat.

Coupe @NTUC Xtra

Planned to stop by AMK Hub for a quick snack & head home to do some home chores before fetching Beatrice. However, saw my brother with Beatrice so I have to change my plan instead. Difficult to explain to Bea that I will pick her later from popo house.

Have always wanted to let her try out this but there is only that few & its always unavailable. And today, so happen to have 1 available. Through-out the 30min shopping, she simply cannot sit still so we have to change her different positions so that she will enjoyed the ride in it.

Fun Sunday

We went to Jacob Ballas Children's Garden together with Jayden & my 2 younger cousins. The photos speaks a thousand words, she indeed enjoyed herself. She walked her way near the fountain, then into the fountain, splashing water. It was fun seeing her play.

After cleaning up, we had ice-cream at the visitor centre. This is the second time she had a taste of ice-cream, the 1st was when she had HFMD.

Ana suggested to let the kids play at the condo playground when we send them home. Beatrice was excited, climbing up & sliding down. She knock out in the car after that.

The other day she pulled herself up 3 steps at the playground near to our home when I was busy talking to DH.

Our last destination was Ikea, DH wanted to find a cheap table for his office pantry. She didn't had enough sleep so she was quite cranky during the dinner.

Can you see the mosi bite above her left eye-brown? It was only a split second & the mosi managed to sucks her blood. We didn't stay long in the playground when we saw mosi flying around.

Coffee Time

Friday afternoon, mommy's "tai tai" day. Coffee & chatting with Ana at Sticky Rice Raffles City. Quite a cosy place for a afternoon, away from the shopping traffic.

Missing Spoon

This toy has way pass the 1 month rental period, we actually have it for 2 months already! The guy didn't come to collect. We found this spoon missing from the kitchen set 2 weeks ago. Search through her toys, the drawers, everywhere but couldn't find.

Mommy: Beatrice, where is the spoon that you always play with?

Beatrice: (she point to "Mr Spoon")

Mommy: No, not "Mr Spoon", the little spoon that you play with.

Beatrice: (blur look)

Yesterday night, I saw her taking the spoon to play. I ask her where did she found it, she didn't replied.

Thank God I don't have to pay $200 (retail price) for the kitchen set. The guy actually called twice (last Thu & 2 days ago) when we were not at home so he couldn't pick up the toy. Thank God for His timing.

My Domain

After much thoughts and consideration, I have decided to move Beatrice's blog to my domain.

Beatrice sleeps with Daddy

Every since Beatrice sleeps on mattress on the floor, she doesn't allow Brian to sleep with her, she only wants mommy, she can cry & cry until I am avavilable. So Brian suggested to let her sleep on the bed with him instead which they used to do.

And it works! She was okie with Brian sleeping with her on the bed. Only thing is we need to transfer her to the floor after she falls asleep.


iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaning robot.

Eric & Stephanie lend this to us for a week to try out. This robot cut down on home chores, at least Brian don't have to vacuum the floor for this week. Pretty clean after vacuuming... reaches almost every corner.

And we didn't went home empty handed... there is always something to bring home. This time round, Stephanie gave Beatrice a bottle of Gerber finger food. Thanks

FL's Minnie

Fong Loo bought this for Beatrice when we went to KL last June. It says "I've finally met the person I truly love."

When I first read it, it was "I've finally met the person" & my first reaction was.. oh.. cos she only gets to meet Beatrice after almost 9 months?

I was already past my EDD when they "last" came to Singapore but Beatrice was too comfortable in my womb, not willing to come out. Then for the next 9 months, they couldn't find time to come to Singapore due to their work. Last May was the 1st time they get to see Beatrice in church.


Fellowship time together with Dawn+JX, KF+FL & Mike+Vina and our little ones. The children had fun at the playground, just that the 3 other older children were a little rough in their play.

And our group photo...

These were taken after the dinner, with multi-shots. Simply can't get Beatrice to stand still.


Family get together for my MIL's birthday on Sunday after Brian returned from his business trip. It was not a very pleasant tea. As usual, the men will be so busy talking about their business leaving the wives transparent. On & off, they will remember the children but not the wives. To be frank, I dislike this type of dining.

Sorry to Brian & my FIL when I have to tell them right at their face to stop their conversation for a few times cos I needed help with Bea. But I feel its family time, can't they just talk about some other things other than business, get the wives involved also. We wives are not their maids taking care of their children during dinning.

I hope they read the blog.

Going to Fetch DH

Mommy: Beatrice, mommy is going to change and fetch daddy from the airport. Can you play on your own 1st? (she was already tired, waiting to sleep)

She was good, playing with her toys. The moment we get into the car, she sucks her tumb & fell asleep.

Baby Dedication

Beatrice was dedicated together with 100 other babies last Saturday.

Brian was away on business trip. But praise God my mom went to support her.

Beatrice has started walking just last week, she was busy walking around while waiting for the P&W to be over. Its tiring to chase after her.

Thanks for Dawn who initial to take a photo. I was a little disappointed. The time is too tight, pastors do not have enough time to go round laying hands on all the babies. And I wonder if my uncle manage to capture any picture of Beatrice. But its ok. Pray that she will grow up loving God.

The 3 nursery rooms were overflowing with babies! Beatrice wanted to play with the toys but in the end I brought her out to the back to play with Nicole, Denise, Joshua & Janae. She has great fun walking round, holding hands with Nicole & Denise, hiding below the table with them. After service, she knock out before we even reach the carpark.

Mommy's Time

Since DH is away and I have the car to use, decided to take half day leave & enjoy my time without Beatrice instead. Drove out for lunch with colleagues. Then went shopping alone at Marina Sq & Vivocity. Bought some clothes for myself. Enjoyed a cup of coffee at coffee bean.

But time was a little short for my list of things to accomplish, will continue again this week if boss allow. Well, I need to start clearing my leave for the year or it will be forfeited.

Brian's Reservist & Out-Station

anyone: Beatrice, where is daddy?

Beatrice: no more! (with hand action)

Mummy Drive to CG

me: "Mommy is going to drive, can you be a good girl & sit in your car seat beside mommy?"

Beatrice: (blur look)

To CG:
She was good initially, hugging & kissing her minnie mouse. But as we drive into PIE, she started crying for attention. Since I'm already late for CG cos work was delayed, I simply let her cry & focus on my road. As we approached Jurong, I pass her a piece of tissue asking her to clean her tears. She was happily cleaning & smiling and then started tearing, thrwoing & put some into her mouth.

When she saw Eunice, she was happy. She can rememeber her friends huh. Then after worship, Denise brought her into the room to play. During offering time, she cried cos she wanted to come out but the door was closed.. she was hungry.

Way home:
She wanted to play with the wiper & signal but I need to feed her & get her in the car seat before I can drive peacefully. Everything was done by force. Make her drink & force her down in her car seat. She was crying badly but I simply ignored. As we step into PIE, she stops crying, sucks her tumb & fell asleep.

This morning I asked her where did she went last night, she said "dene". I think she was trying to say "Denise".

Daddy will be Away

DH is leaving for China tomorrow morning. Yeah.. we are not moving to my mum's place this time round cos it's just a few days. Asking my mum to come over at night instead so that she can help if Beatrice wakes up in the morning while I'm getting ready to go to work.

DH left the car for my use. Going to take leave to go "gai gai" with my girl.

Is She Walking Already?

Yesterday, Beatrice has walk more steps without holding on to us or any of her walking aids. She used to crawl towards a furniture & stand up. Yesterday, she can stand from sitting position. Before she slept last night, she was still practicing her standing skills. :-)

Gabby While Waiting

Last night, Mike & Vina came to fetch Gabby a little later than usual. Gabby is at the age where she knows that every evening her parents will come fetch her home. As she waited & waited, she was getting bored & impatient, she didn't wanna sit on the bamboo chair, she wants to be carry & wants attention. So I asked Beatrice to sayang mei mei to keep her entertained.

Beatrice gets jealous easily now. When Gabby sits on our lap, she also wants to sit on the other lap. Looking back, the same scenario happens on Beatrice & Raenen months ago also.


Took these photos while we were having CG. So many toys to keep Ethan & Beatrice entertained. She was very good last night, simply sit in front of us playing with these toys with only a little crawling here & there for a short while. After CG, she remembered Denise's room and her kitchen set again and went in to play on her own. :)

At 13 Months

Beatrice is learning fast, she can say quite a few words now..

When my dad comes home/she heard the sound of bowls.. she will say "mum mum lo"
After wearing shoe, yet to get out of the house.. she will say "走 lo"
She can pronounce "no more" & "妹妹" correctly now
She can call "婆婆"
She called my dad "ah ah", still dunno how to say "gong"
She called my SIL "阿母" instead of "舅母"
More words... "mickey" & "minnie"
"take" or "拿"
"wait", "throw", "oh oh", "shoe", "bag", "抱"

Everyday without fail, she will want people to hold her to walk around the house. Still scared of letting off her hands. If we let go, she will "run" towards us.


It's great to be home! No photo.. busy with unpacking. 10.45pm.. father & daughter were in their dream land leaving me to finish the unpacking.

Going Home

DH has officially completed his reservist. Today is their excursion day to Singapore Discovery Centre & The Army Museum. Last night, both of us went back to clean up the place so that we can shift back later.

However, DH suggested to shift back to my mum's place again next week if he is going to China. But I want to stay in SK. It's troublesome to pack & unpack, it's 4 of us (me, Beatrice & 2 chins). ~Sigh~

Waiting for Daddy

Many months back, DH wanted to buy this fisher-price piggy bank for Beatrice to teach her about saving. I told him it's not necessary.

Both of us were so bored in his office. DH needed 2 hour at work before we can go gai gai. So while waiting, I took down the piggy bank and teach her about saving.

Shots that we took while waiting...

Yummy Dinner

Friday after work, went shopping with a few colleagues at The Central. We got some handbag vouchers from office "lucky draw". It was actually vouchers given by client to promote their new shopping centres. The building is "triangular" in shape, probably only half the shops are ready.

Anyway, we couldn't use the voucher cos sales was going on so we decided to fill our stomach with Pepper Lunch instead. Can see that I'm very hungry huh... forgot to take the picture before eating. :p