Ice-Cream Energy Recharge


Enjoying ice-cream at daily scoop and a time of fellowship with the mummies.

A Beautiful Sky


On my way back to the office after meetings at the site.

A bright blue sky with nice patches of white cloud.

First Swim Class


Children nowadays are simply too smart.

They talked and shared about their life outside school.

With that Beatrice came home to say she want to join her friends for swimming class on Sunday.

With a classmate birthday party just few weeks ago, I managed to speak to the mother & get the contact of the coach.

Oh btw, we have been "anti-social" for the past 3 years where we didn't turn up with Beatrice for school Friday night events as we have CG on Fridays.  So I've limited resources of who is who's mother & contact etc.

And there is just 1 last slot available for the exact day & time.

So here we are at the pool seeing Beatrice conquer the fear of water.

She even told us to bring snacks to share after swimming as that is what the parents will prepare for the children.

And where they normally goes for dinner after swimming and the playground near our home after dinner.

That's how she finds her own coach for swimming lessons. :)

Walnut in Bikini


Beatrice walnut in her bikini.  Since walnut has a short body, the panty became a swim cap. Haha!!!

Children Fellowship After CG

The stairs is one of the designated area for children to consume food after CG. :)

A Picture CG


Today's CG is totally different.  Dawn came with a stack of pictures and wanted us to select one each.  With the picture we have selected, we are suppose to talk about why we choose that particular picture.

For me I chose this green field with many roads.

Firstly ...
My hubby has started a new job.  To us, he is stepping out of his comfort zone, leaving his dad's company to join another company to start his career afresh.  There are some plan & talks going on but nothing is concrete for year end or next year.

This picture tells of my physical journey to where I do not even know.  There are just fields and roads but no homes or buildings, we just have to keep going.

Secondly ...
I spotted a car on the road.  I always dream of a holiday where I can drive around with my own itinerary.  I missed the days with Vina & friends in Melbourne where I get to be the driver to drive to Great Ocean road.

Most of my holidays which is my company incentive trip are via tour group.  Even my honeymoon was via tour group as hubby doesn't want to drive.  With a tour group, you have to get up early morning and every place that you go, you are also restricted by the time you are allowed to spend there.

I want my dream to come to pass this year. :)

Thirdly ...
I can't recall.  Maybe my CGL can enlighten me if she remembers. ;p

But I know I shared a total of 3 points from this picture.

A picture speaks a thousand words.  Indeed a simple picture like this can make us think and analyse our thoughts.

Bingo Lotto

Spending some family time together over a board game.  I treasure time like this.

I am a working mum.  Every morning we rush to send Beatrice to childcare in the morning, pick her up from my mum place after dinner.  By the time we reach home it's around 8.30pm or even 9pm at times, we are left with an hour to do spelling/听写 with her.  By the time she finish her school work, we have to chase her to bed.

Our time is really limited.  Appreciate my in-laws & my parents for filling in the gap when we are still rushing work, ensuring Beatrice is picked up from school by my in-laws and dinner & shower is settled at my parents' place.

KRE-O Transformers

One of the toy we bought back from KL.  This is for DH.

The bricks are not as good as Lego.  But the price is cheaper than Lego?

A Letter from Evelyn

Beatrice's school was teaching them about writing letters for friend. They were assigned who to write to and the teacher brought them to the post office to post our their letters for their friends.

Happy to receive a letter from Evelyn.

Yeo's Seafood


Today is a working day but a trip to JB to inspect some precast elements together with the main & sub-contrctor.

After inspection, the sub-con brought us to this place for seafood lunch.  Tuas is just across the straits.  This is where I've Singtel connection while I am still in Malaysia.

The food there is nice also.  It's about 10-15 min drive from second link?

Ethan & Beatrice

Stephanie sent this to me? I can't remember. Only know that I was inside the auditorium helping to book seats.

McDonald's Open Door Tour


Signed up back in November. The response was overwhelming. I happened to go to their website to check if the booking is open & it is. Straight away asked the gang & sign up for 1 slot of 10 pax. PTL!

The following day I went in again after receiving the email from Mcdonald, the booking was full!!

And we were the last group for the year. It will open again somewhere end of the year for booking.

Didn't managed to capture much pictures as photography is not allowed.

The Ambassador explaining about their restaurant.

Denise on the blue gloves for raw food.

Staff demo hamburger cooking.

Each kid gets a little gift from Mcdonald.

And snacks after the tour.

They are happy, we will be happy too.

1st Lego Friends Coming Up


She did it all by herself except asking is this correct, is that correct?

Billy Expanded

All set up and ready for the new collection. :)

Lego Friends for Valentine


Since Metro was having 20% storewide, a great opportunity to add on to our Lego friends collection.

Bought this for Beatrice for Valentine.

Cooking Hamburger


With the Master chef junior set, decided to let her cook the ready made frozen patty.

Our dinner...

Sungei Serangoon


Our adventure to check out the park connector from Punggol Park to Hougang area.

A small boat found below the bridge.

This is Sungei Serangoon.
This is a stretch that we were almost, and manage to get connected back with DH.  All I see is this huge canal, and trees behind Beatrice, totally cannot see any building, like walking in some ulu place.

The sky is dark by the time we are done with the walking & dinner.  And by then Beatrice says her legs are too tired to walk.