Brian's Lego Collection

The moment he brings down all his cranes, Bea asked, "can I play?" She know that these are daddy's toys but she has been wanting to play with it for the longest time.

I have been bugging him to do a display cabinet for his cranes & most importantly for my collection too. At least he still have my piano top for display. My collection has been in boxes in the store room since the day I move to this house! I did make a remark that if this house is too small, then he needs to find a bigger house. ;-p

Father's Day 2010

Went to City Square Sweasens for our lunch & free Sundaes.

Leap School House was having story telling activity at Metro. Bea joined in. They were telling the story of 三子小猪.

And they made 猪头 with playdoh at the end of story telling.

Did a little shopping on Sunday to get gifts for the fathers. And this is what DH has chosen.

Too excited, the moment we reach home, he opened the box to assemble. Didn't give his wife some time for a break. And he make me assemble on the floor, causing backache.

What's Cooking?

Saturday night, we were home early so Bea enjoyed playing her new toy.

Just some snap shots.

She started with 1 plant and said mummy I'm going to cook the flowers.

In the end, all plants became botak.

Toilet Training (Big Biz)

It was a tough 1.5 years for me "mentally". Bea was almost toilet trained when she started school last year. "Amost" means she started doing her biz in the potty for a few times. But somehow I cannot remember what happened, everything just went back to step 1, she insisted doing her biz in the diaper. Worse, she always find the best timing (when no one is looking at her) to do her biz.

Letting the whole matter rest for 6 months, we started the cycle again. But the cycle doesn't reach last step, it keep going back to step 1. She struggled with us when we wanted to put her at the toilet bowl, doesn't allow her to wear diaper etc etc. We tried explaining to her many times but wonder if it gets to her brain. It was very very frustrating. She will give excuses that it's painful, it's dirty, it's everything that comes across her mind.

There were occasions where I really scold her like nobody biz or even used "Mr Spoon". But it didn't get any better. The whole cycle just start again & again & again. :(((

Then came ending last year when my friend was shifting back from US after her hubby finished his course. Bea has a dollhouse from friend during her 1st birthday but it has started giving way parts by parts, and we had also thrown away those broken parts. So I thought it's a good time for me to invest in a good dollhouse for her. It is not cheap to get a good dollhouse in Singapore. Did some research online and decided to fix on Playmobil. Compared prices from UK, US & SG. Decided to get friend to help shipped back with her stuff in container. Singapore is selling for $566 in total for the combination that I bought, I saved 30%. It's my personal gift for her (from my bonus), DH will not want to spend this sort of money on toys for sure.

The dollhouse arrived just before CNY. We have been placing the box within her visual sight & reminding her she needs to do her biz in the toilet bowl before she can open the box. Well, she can tell us what we said but she can't do what we wanted her to do. This whole thing was really getting on my nerve. I even told her since it's my money, I can throw away the dollhouse too.

As of 7-Jun-2010, you might have read my tweet/facebook, I've started to see light at the end of this valley. It was the first day she successfully did her biz in the toilet bowl without any struggle. Since then, she has been trying to remember that she need to do her biz there instead of diaper. So far only 2 occasions that she didn't inform us & did it in the diaper.

So as of 19-Jun-2010, she has completed 10 stars and she can open the main dollhouse.

Well, no furniture yet, she will need to earn another 40 stars in exchange for another 4 boxes of furnitures. Will share more photos later at different stages. :)

This picture is from the catalog, this dollhouse can be extended to the side & top. Well, I didn't purchase all the furniture available cos it's really not cheap. Only bought 4 basic rooms for her.

Thank God I'm out of this valley, please don't bring me back again.


This is a very outdated post.

Yes, I'm pregnant. I'm 16 weeks pregnant! You are not the last to know, we just told the CG last week. Reason for not sharing early cos bleeding is an issue.

During the last 2 days of Japan trip, I could felt sudden change in my body, very tired. Straight away I could tell DH that I'm pregnant, of course also the missed menses during the trip. And the very last day of trip, I experienced spotting.

We came back, confirmed with the test kit. Well, Dawn & FL was the first to knew about the news, we had coffee together that morning at Coffee Bean & they happened to ask me that question.

Visit to the gynea confirmed the pregnancy. Gynea gave me jab & pills for the spotting. Recently bleeding got worse again & was given 1 week rest. But work load is extremely heavy now with 2 projects tender next month & 5 other projects running at different phases, went back to work after 'resting' for 2 days.

According to the scan & my gynea explanation, I've clot blood which is causing the bleeding. And the pacenta is also too low, it has yet to move up. This also explain my cancelled trip to Taipei with my company.

Well, for those who would like to know the gender.. it's a girl! I'm open for either gender, most important is healthy baby.

Praying that baby will be healthy & I can have a smooth pregnancy. Really thank God for this pregnancy, some of you might know that it's kind of long since we had planned & at last we are here.

Kids Run on City News


Elaine wrote an article on her experience with Keon and a group photo was feature.

iPhone photos

Some photos from my iPhone.


Happy with the tattoo from her friend.


After dinner with my in-laws.. trying to follow the steps of line dancing with the folks. :)


Was having software training at HDB Hub, nice view of blk 79.


MS Care Auction Charity, Stephanie did this for her.

My iPhone Went "Swimming"

The act of wanting to wash my hands & pick up my ringing phone at the same time.

During Ps Phil night session in Asia Conference, my iPhone decided to go for a "swim" in the sink. YES! Dropped in. The phone went blackout. Spent some time standing in front of the hand dryer, trying to dry the inside until the hand dryer was heat up & sensor no longer respond. :((

Managed to see the screen back after a while, but cos it was not fully dry, the phone auto restart & blackout, restart & blackout.

After the session, went back home, used the hand dryer to dry the internal parts by leaving it on at low heat & turning to different angle everytime we walk by for about 30mins.

Praise God! My phone resurrected. Everything was back to normal again. Felt so alive again. :))

Asia Conference 2010

Didn't took much photos during the AC.

Dr Kim performing at the grand piano.

Dr Yonggi Cho. On Friday morning, I think his brother sat behind us. He look exactly like Dr Cho, younger version Dr Cho. But didn't managed to take a picture of him, wanted to take after the session but he went off early when Ps announced that Dr Cho wants to meet all CGI board members for lunch.

Managed to catch a picture of Daryl on stage. Daryl, he is Constance's brother, my youngest cousin.

Dr A R Bernard. One of my favourite speaker. He was sharing at the finale session.

What is finale without some form of celebration? :)

The few of us that sat together.

Cold Storage Kids Run 2010

23 May 2010

Our annual event is here once again. This year we have some new inclusion.. a bigger team.. 11 children running in total.

Need Bea to fill her stomach before the run. :)

Continue eating in the car, she is too slow in finishing her food.

The children getting ready for their run.

Iron-men in action.

Bea reserving her energy, asking daddy to carry her till the run starts. Smart her!

Charlize came to join in the fun too.

Part of the team ready for a group photo. :)

How about a game of scissor-paper-stone since we still have time. But Koen seem to be taking a long time to decide what he wants to show.

Finally a stone to hit the scissor. ;-p

Raemus came too.

Gabby didn't join in this year. :(

Wow! So many balloons!

Jenny went to queue for balloons for our kids who had completed the run. And many thought she is distributing the balloons to the kids in general, many ask her for balloon. She had to keep explaining that these are reserved for her friends' children when they completed the run.

Blue Sky Chase (2-3 yr old).. this girl came in first with her dad.

Jaydon & Ana.

Here come my girl with Seifer. I'm so proud of her. This year, she walked with Seifer (hand-in-hand?) throughout the 800m, didn't ask daddy to carry her.

Our 33 wks preggy mummy walking with her Jayden.

Beatrice with her finish medal.

Another group photo after the run. :)