Mummy, Look at Me

What is Bea up to this time?

She is in her peace time.. doing biz. Wahahaha!

I'm just bored at home. ;p

Mummy In Hospital

I was in hospital for a surgery. This is my little family members who came to visit. Vina came with Gabby & Caelan too but no pictures.

Every time Warren sees me, he will give me many flying kisses. :o

First night, beside me was a middle age lady who just had her eye surgery and staying for observation. Second night, beside me was a old lady, think she is having some infection or something. Anyway, she is a regular there, the nurses know her. She has many visitors, the visitors overflow to the corridor. She and her family are Christians, most that came were their church friends. She doesn't like 2-bed room so her family member upgrade her to single ward and I've the whole room to myself on the third night.

For those who have been asking, I'm doing fine. Thanks!

For Janelle (Whom Jesus Loves)

I guess the children church sang this song this morning. On our way home, Bea was singing the chorus so we play the CD for her. When I said worship God by lifting up both hands, she commented I need to lift up one hand and place the other hand on my heart.

It's A Small World

Met up with Mervyn & Jenny to bring our girls to children's day celebration service. The mummies supposed to accompany the girls while the daddies will go for their coffee chat. However, announcement said parents are not allowed at B4 as they are expecting the hall to be full with children.

So we explained to our girls that parents are not allowed to go down to the auditorium. We will pick them up after the service, collect their presents for them etc etc. Told both girls to hold hands and stay together. Bea gave that blur/shock look but since she didn't reject, just get the whole thing moving. Asked around if any teacher will be bringing the younger children down and we say goodbye to them at the lift.

I was a little worried how Bea will react when she reach the auditorium, if she will cry when she realise it's such a big place & mummy is not around etc. So we took the next lift to check out the girls. Saw a teacher attached to both of them sitting at the front rows. We are FREE for the next 1.5 hour. Met Albert at the lobby and ask if he wanna join us.

Drove to SSC for lunch since we have not been there before and it's easier for Vina to get home if we decide to leave at different time. We had Aston and walked around at Daiso.

Asked Bea if she enjoyed the children church, she said yes. Asked if she wanna go again next time, she said yes. So next big day, I can really consider putting her there alone if her friends are there too. ;p

CG Fellowship @Clearwater

Albert invited the whole CG to his place for a time of fellowship on Hari Raya day. We were one of those that were early and the first thing to do is to let the children enjoy their fellowship at the pool.

I think I managed to captured all the children. Eric is the only adult that was prepared to be wet.

We had the whole pool to our use. :)

The rest of us were either busy snapping away with our cameras or standing at the poolside watching the children. And the bosses were busy talking in the function room.

After playing in the pool, it's dinner time. The buffet managed to arrived just on time for the children, it was supposed to arrive at 5pm but only came at 6pm. And the adults had a great time catching up with one another. The children spent some time at the playground but no photos cos I didn't went with them. :)

I took these photos not wanting evidence against the older children on Bea but I thought it's funny seeing Bea wanting to be part of the game yet was not allowed to cos she was too young. OK, she looks quite pity here being rejected. In the end, the older kids gets to play their monopoly and the younger ones figuring out the Risk.

It's a great fellowship. Everyone make an effort to be there except for those who need to attend wedding dinner (20-09-2009).

National Day Artwork

Beatrice just took back her worksheets/artwork for the last 1 month. Found this flag which I think it's neatly done so wanna post it on blog. :)

Chili Crab

Met up with my family for chili crab.. yummy!

It's so cute to see Warren crying, can't stop snapping.

Combined CG

Last week, we had combined CG as Dawn lost her voice. The 3 girls enjoying themselves before the rest arrived.

The children enjoyed themselves in the room while the adults had our CG in the living area. Guess who is the children church teacher for the day?

That's none other than our CGL.. Dawn! Dawn prepared activities to keep the children occupied. Bea said she like aunty Dawn to be their teacher. :)

Drama Class

4 September 2009

The parents were invited to watch their last drama class for the term.

I was a little late. Saw her with the children whose parents could not make it. She was shocked to see me. She didn't talk to me at all, simply hold my hand. Managed to captured something when she was warm up.

Wii (Part 2)

27 July 2009

Found some photos from Bea's camera. This one was Bea playing table tennis with the help from my brother.

A Surprise Lunch

Just came back from a lunch date with DH. He called at 12.25pm asking me to meet him during my lunch.

We went to Swensens, wanting to try their lunch menu. But was a little disappointed on the variety that they have. We end up ordering from their normal menu.

Another round of salmon.. smoked salmon salad.

DH had baked fish rice.

And our sticky chewy chocolate sandae. ;D

No pictures as I was rushing to finish my lunch within that 1 hour.

After lunch, we saw that Delifrance has more appetizing set lunch. Hmm.. wait till he date me again la.

Raemus 1 Month Old

Again, no picture of Raemus, only 1 photo to share. It was a busy day keeping a close eye on Bea. Both Rae & Bea were fighting over toys. Understand that it is Rae's transition period.

DH.. busy talking with my cousin, no time to eat or even read my sms when I called for help.

Humid Day

DH brought us to a coffeeshop nearby for breakfast on a humid morning. Bea imitating her mummy cleaning her perspirations.

Sakae Sushi

DH brought us to Sakae Sushi for dinner so that I could eat my salmon sashimi. Something that I wanted to eat for the day which helps to build my iron level.

Haven't been to Sakae for a long time, at least not with Bea. So I was surprised to see their high chair hooked on to the table.

These 2 mentos that Bea is holding, she got it from the mentos machine at J8. This is the first time DH inserted $1 coin into it. She was trilled to see the 2 mini mentos coming out of the machine. She took the sweets, hoping & running around J8 and she attracted many staring at her. ;0

My yummy salmon sashimi. I missed the one at Miramar Hotel, Ikoi Japanese Restaurant.

Her aeroplane meal., looks delicious too. Mummy helped her eat part of it. :)

Bishan Library

06 September 2009

Brought Bea to the library. Bea busy going around, taking books to "read".

Happy :)

Changed for church service and ready to take a nap. This is her usual routine on a Saturday afternoon. In case, we need to carry her to church while she is still in her dreamland.

Hair Cut

One of those rare times that we brought Bea for her hair cut. Most of the time, my mum would help since the shop closes at 8pm.

Night Safari

Stephanie has some free tickets from her friend to the Night Safari so we tag along with her on Monday night.

MRT breakdown at Raffles Place, no North bound train back to my mum's place! I've to detour, took NEL to Serangoon & asked DH to pick me up from there. :(