Sushi Tei at Serangoon Garden

It was time for dinner when he finished his work. He decided to bring us to one of the nearest restaurant nearby.

Though it's so near to my in-law's place but we have never got a chance to eat there before. Opted for the upstairs table and it was those Singapore Japanese style table with low tables and hole for leg room.

The food was not too bad though compare to another recent one that we had at Paragon. I guess it all depends on the chef too.

Hop Scott


DH needed to spend a few hours at his "office" to clear some work. Beatrice spent it with the maid there while I went out to enjoy a cool hair wash.


This entry mark #1000 entry on my blog!

Was helping Dawn checked some stuff on my blog & saw 999 entries.

Cherry Picnic


"Mummy, come and see the girl having a picnic and cherry."

Don't ask me why the cherries were flying in the air. I have no idea too.

Morning at Botanic Garden


A last minute decision to join Ana and the kids at the Botanic Garden in the morning.  It was a morning of walking walking and more walking.

Before we leave the place, we took a break and the kids had a chance to feed the fishes.

A Cozy Home


Went to Elaine's house for fellowship after church service.  The kids were busy with Koen's toys while the parents were busy chatting and using Elaine's massage chair.

The adults had home made mee siam by her maid while the kids enjoy happy meals from Mcdonald.

They were watching power rangers and imitating all the actions they see each represent a character.  By this time, Beatrice was super tired and watching them "fight" from the side.

This picture clearly shows how good the massage chair is to help relax.