Boxing Day (Part 3)

The day ended with our gifts exchange. Look at the amount of presents we had prepared.

Parents busy giving out the gifts with the help of the little children.

Brian and mine


And smiling faces of the children

Everyone busy tearing apart the wrapper.

Boxing Day (Part 2)

The kids continue their play at home after swim while the adults went to Rochester Starbucks for our coffee break.  The beautiful interiors, a nice place to chill out.

My mug from my hubby

Dawn's starbucks coffee in coffee beam mug ;p

Husband & wife busy with their own phones ;p

And I got a free drink by doing their online survey :)

Micro Original

My Christmas gift from my hubby. ;p

Christmas Day (2011)

As a normal practice, we have family dinner gathering at uncle's place.  Something different is we called for buffet instead of each family in-charge of one dish/item.

The kids burning off their energy at the lobby area, for a good night rest later.

Welda inside my mummy's marketing trolley... going home.  So cute!!

Countdown to Christmas

Countdown to Christmas at Elaine's house.


The 2 girls busy playing with the ipad & simply ignored the fun outside.

Christmas Eve (2011)

Nicole and the children at my place drawn this.

A day we spent lazing around in the morning.

We went to Rochester House for lunch at Seb's Bristo.

They serve very nice brownie with ice-cream.

The children gets to play at The Play House after their lunch.

From here, we proceed to Elaine's house for dinner and countdown to Christmas.

Home for Christmas

CHC Christmas production...