Just Her

A Game after Meal

After Cold Storage Kids Run, we gathered together for brunch at Raffles City foodcourt.

Beatrice hiding and playing with her iPhone.

Typical Saturday

Waiting for Kids at Play to open.

Our CG kids running around the globe after dinner.


The missing part of Science Centre, where the kids enjoyed themselves at waterworks.

CBTL Contata

Introducing my personal coffee machine & the coffee girl. ;p

I always dream to have a coffee machine at home. I'm referring to those expresso machines but the price is too steep for personal weekend enjoyment. An average one can easily cost $600 & a good one can cost $1k plus! Dropped the idea until recent 2 years with the introduction of the single capsules coffee machines. Then my dream starts again. Haha!

Have been browsing around for something which I think I will like (I mean the coffee grade and the easy maintainenace of the machine) and recently Coffeebean introduce their own capsule coffee maker.  My first thought since I like the coffee from coffeebean, the coffee used for the machine can't be too far from that quality.

Saw it on at 20% less promotion at Metro & DH decided to get one for me.  The lady throw in 1 box of capcules and a small holder.  We asked for 2 boxes of coffee capsules and the presentation box & she gave us. :)

We opted for Contata since the functions are the same, it's only design wise the Kaldi looks more classy.  But well the price difference is $90 for outlook, that's not worth it at all.

Other than the initial cost of the machine, each capsule cost 90c, same price as coffeeshop but with better coffee grade.  And they sell tea capcules too.

Metro 54


Met up with my parents for dinner at City Square as my dad's birthday is round the corner.  We didn't drive, took the train, reach there early & decided to do some minor shopping and Beatrice wanna take picture with the big birthday cake.

Damaged to the pocket done by DH, he bought me a coffee machine for our ROM anniversary.

Lion King Musical


Left Beatrice at my mum's place & went for the musical with the Choong couple.

It's a nice musical you don't wanna miss.  OK, maybe I'm a big fan of disney cartoon.  Anyway, read about how they did the animals etc, it was very good.

2 is Fun, 3 is Even Better


We joined the Tans' to Toys R Us for shopping.
It's good to have 2 sharing the kiddy ride.

But even better if we can have 3. ;p

New Shoe


On our way to church, this is my sleeping beauty.

Took a shot of her new pair of shoes that we bought for her as she has outgrow the old pink butterfly one.  I was amazed she accepted my recommendation to take a navy blue shoe with pink flower instead of always pink shoes.

A Little Helper

23-04-2011 Came out from shower & saw her helping me to clean the cupboard. :)

I Can Read?


No she can't, not yet. I pray that it will come to pass soon.

It's a book with too many words at the moment.

Cherry & Her Gown

Beatrice's piece of art.

A Ride Together


Got these from the Chai's car. The kids in their car while we enjoy our ride to the dinner place.

Jerry? NO, Cherry!


Since Koen, Ethan & Christal has a Jerry in their collection, Beatrice doesn't want to feel leftout too & ask me to get one for her when we saw it at Thomson Plaza.

And a accessory and she name her Cherry.

So I have a mouse in the house.

Beatrice Goes to Work with Mummy


Beatrice woke up with a fever this morning & my mum was not available to help me. I've a meeting to attend with my boss and I'm holding some of the drawings for discussion.

Texted my boss, brought Beatrice to meeting place with the documents, past to him & he went up for meeting while I waited downstairs for a ride to office, enjoying my breakfast with Beatrice. Can't afford to take whole day leave as I was rushing some work so brought Beatrice to office instead. Left office at 3pm to let Beatrice rest at home.

Pretty Girls




Stretching exercise in the lift.

Free Ikea Food Voucher

03-04-2011 Went to Ikea for "free" meal as I've some food voucher & took a slow walk around the showroom.

Beatrice helping us to take some measurement. :)

Beatrice's new toy we bought for her. She has been asking me for this toy since ending last year as her plastic one has started to give way. Told her I will buy only if I get the bonus that I have in mind.

Mehndi Decoration


Beatrice's childcare brought them to Little India & Chinatown for a deeper understand of the cultures and races.

扫木 (2011)


Annual affair for the extended family. Took a few pictures of the children while waiting for the procedures to be over.

New Colours


With the help of Dawn's friend, we bought a few bottles of OPI nail lacquer.

Beatrice requested each colour for each nail.

And she ask for RED for her toes.

3 Little Princesses


A night where the princess choose to take our car to dinner place after church service.