Phuket 2012 (Day 5)

Our final day at Phuket.  Gonna play the last lap before checking out from the hotel and back to Singapore.

The pool water is pretty clear after their cleaning up.  Managed to get some underwater shots with the my compact camera & waterproof case.

Mervyn Goh's enjoyment.  According to him, we were there for 5 days, he had asked for 5 rounds of free pop-corn from the pool bar. :)

Where the food is, there the children will be.  Haha!

It's time for some jumping exercise.

Let's jump together.

It's FUN!

Let's try 4.

All ready!!

Let's add some style to it.

A human train.

Checked out from hotel, time for lunch at pizza place before our chartered van arrived to pick us to the outlet for some shopping.

Valerie bought a new set of dress & hat for Valora from the factory outlet & she had it changed immediately.

All mummies bought a pair of shoe from Geox.

It's then to the airport to take the flight back to Singapore... back to reality.

The entire trip revolve around food, pool/beach, massage & rest.  Quite a relaxing trip.  But still feels tired the next day at work. ;p

Phuket 2012 (Day 4)

Day 4, our day out islands hop.  I've no idea the name of the 2 islands that we went.

First island, the sand is very rough, full of broken shells & corals.  And as we step into the deeper sea, it is full of rocks.

This is where we get to feed the fishes with the bread we took from the cafe ;p

It's sitting around seeing the ocean and relax our mind.

A beauty snapping our photos with her nice posing.

The kids building their sand empire using bare hands.  We didn't bring their sand play accessories.

Between 1st & 2nd island, was open sea for us to snorker.  I don't have any pic of that, waiting for the rest to pass around the photos.

This is where the boat decided to left us in the open sea & drove to another part which is quite a distance for us to swim over.  And during the swim towards our boat, the 3 adults got stung by jellyfish.  It was huge jellyfish of about 30cm diameter size or so.  What a GREAT experience we had!

It's really thank God the 2 children were protected by Him from any jellyfish sting, only Elaine in the middle got stung. -.-||

It's back to sand play at 2nd island.

Valora took out her pacifer when I wanted to snap her photo.

My dearest Beatrice having "sand bath" at the beach.

Trying out the floating platform which is moving as the wave comes and go.

Found a yellow fish.

Back to the resort hotel pool after showering away the sand.

And not forgetting our massage before ending the day.

Today Beatrice has manicure.