Happenings in Shenzhen!

I believe prayers work wonders! Thanks to all who have kept us in prayer. Bea behave herself very well during the trip with a little grouchy on Monday cos she didn't have enough rest/nap.

With the confined space in plane, I was a little worry about Bea not cooperating well & screaming her way through. Dawn & Vina witnessed that with our trip to KL. But she was very good, she nap before the plane took off. After she woke up, she joined other children playing but settled down shortly with stuff that I brought to entertain her.

Already had 1 experience months ago when I was too engrossed on gadgets at Beskdenki J8.. while I was busy browsing the cameras, she wondered off with a older child. So I decided to put her on hardness when we were out shopping, I rather be cruel with passerby comments than get panicky when I lost her in sight. She resisted a little initially, I tried to explain to her. After a while, she was OK. She even say "mommy bangzu", "mommy hold".

However, I still lost her in sight at a cafe when I was busy checking the order at the cashier & the adults were busy chatting away. To my horror, the door was wide open so I went panicky calling her name at the walkway while the adults called out her name in the cafe. She was smart, she heard her name and answer back, they found her sitted on the steps at the 2nd floor.

And everyday without fail, she ask me "Denise?", "mei mei (Gabby)?" and "di di (I do not know who she is refering to)?"

Back from Shenzhen

Bea & myself are back from Shenzhen trip together with my parents & SIL. It was a last minute trip, we booked our tickets on Wednesday & fly off on Friday. My parents even suggested to bring Bea with them together with my SIL if my leave was not approved. 2 elderly + 1 preggy woman + 1 active girl.. omg.. cannot imagine 3 of them chasing after her in a shopping mall.

I told my boss I really need to go on leave, whether I will join them for the trip or stay home with Bea is another matter. Thank God for an understanding boss, he approved my leave via sms the night when they confirm going. My brother & DH couldn't make it for the last minute trip.

Will be posting/blogging some old events & photos for the trip soon. Let me get some rest 1st, just touch down this morning & I'm back to work this afternoon.

Walk & Arrh

Last Sunday we went to the airport to fetch Bea's gugu. While waiting for her to come out, Bea walked round the airport non-stop.


Bea asking for what her daddy is eating.


My mom asked her how does mommy exercise at home?

So Bea pull down my yoga mat & pose for her.

Auntie Iris

Last night, she started calling me Iris.. then auntie Iris repeatedly. I guess she pick it up from Denise.

Gabby's 1st Birthday

Today's is Gabby's 1st Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABBY!
Last wkn, we had a little celebration for her @Vien's house.

Children getting ready to sing the birthday song.

Beautiful picture of the family.

This is the best I have in my camera with all the children together.

And not forgetting, it is also Gabby's mommy and yiyi's birthdays.

She Ask for Money

This is the second time of the day that she ask daddy for 钱, 1st was for the computer in church. DH thinks that it's ok. My dad started showing her that she need to put a coin into the slot to make the ride move. MEN spoilt girl!

Diaper On

I think I took this last week while she was happy sitting on her potty with her diapers on.

Potty training came to a stall 2 weeks back when she is not willing to say that she need to "mm mm". Got to give her a little more time?

But sometimes, she will still insist to take out her diapers to sit on the potty... guess what she do??

She fart! Then she says "mm mm finish." haha...

Handy Girl

She watches while I set up the storage frame. And she figure her way to put the alan key into the screw head. Clever girl.. next time can be handy person like mommy. :)

Storage Frame

Saw this storage frame back in FL's room last Dec and when we went to Rae's new house. Decided to buy it for Bea for her easy access to her toys.

We bought the storage boxes months ago and we simply stack them up. Later I noticed that she will only access to those boxes on top.

The difference in price for white & pine is $50. So saving that $50, I decided to go for the white colour. And being the handy woman at home, I will need to set up the frame with some help from DH. To my horror, a total of 28+24 screws to tighten! 24 more than the pine colour! My fingers went crazy doing all the tightening! Took me 1 hr 30 min to set it up with Bea trying to play a part also. Took some photos with her little "help", will post it soon.


Few days back, DH was asking Bea something in the car... guess what was her reply?

Bea: NO, "Mai" aka no, 不要!

Ya, worried that her dad do not understand her language & trying to say all that she knows. :)


This TV has at last surface from the box. 2 days ago, we decided to open it up for use. We also manage to find the winners ad on the miotv.

FYI... DH forgot to tell miotv that he will not turn up for their ad shooting. So he politely ask me to join him. And guess what, when we were there he told me he has stage flight & urge me to say the words instead!! He still owe me a meal for that. :)

Peaceful Night

One of those peaceful nights that I get to enjoy while the 2 of them are in their dreamland. :)

Trial Class @Kindermusik

She just woke up from her nap when we arrived, sticky to me & didn't wanna participate. Took her alomst 30 min before she decide to join in. Not a good timing for a Sunday.

Kiddy rides after the class...

Went to starbucks for a coffee while she can roam around the area & DH taking a short nap.

March Artwork

Pretty, Young, Charming?

Lilie: U got take new photo for the pretty and young and charming beatrice or not??? i need energy!!

Iris: Oh.. like mother like daughter, you can see me instead. ;p

Lilie: No, she looks like her daddy.

Iris: Oh.. you want to see the charming daddy? :)

So to boost up Lilie's energy @work... took these last night while I was sending sms to the CG.

Easter @Playgroup

Nicole & Denise were in playgroup service. Great to see the children enjoying themselves. Denise was appointed to be the little teacher to teach the younger ones to sing with actions... "In the house and out of doors".