Mommy Enjoyed CG

Before the CG, I told Beatrice... "daddy is in camp, please behave in CG later."

God is good! I get to enjoy the P&W and the Word last night. Beatrice sat in for P&W, she enjoyed herself.. jumping and smiling. She then crawled to Denise's room to play on her own during the Word. I anticipated that she will cry when she couldn't find me. But to my surprise, she just play on her own in the room, crawling out to look for me when the CG ended.

I think generally last night was a good CG for all the mommys. We have a chance to enjoy the CG. The children were sitting beside their parents, they didn't make noise or run around.

Family @Bishan Park

A time for the children at the park. Everywhere was filled with family and friends gathering together with paper lanterns lighted up on the tree branches.

We have mini lanterns with mooncakes and chinese tea prepared for the night also.

More photos...

Bishan Park

Gabby & Beatrice

Took this last evening when I reach my mum's place.

Beatrice Brings Mickey Go "Gai Gai"

She wants fun but I want my beauty sleep.

"New" Environment

DH has been scheduled for reservist this morning for the next 9 days. Beatrice, myself together with my 2 chins shifted to my mum's place since DH is going to use the car to drive to camp. Massive move.. 15 packs of item in total. Busy packing yesterday morning, no time to cook for Beatrice, she has to eat outside food with us for the day.

The study room where Bea usually takes her nap has become a bedroom for all of us. Her mattress moved to the corner of the room, the sofabed converted. Over night, the curtain, the wall, the chest of drawers, the sofabed has become new to her. She spent the whole night checking out the "new" place. Took me 2 hours to get her to sleep. And she keep asking for "nen nen" almost every hour before she sleeps. Her record...

6.30pm - dinner
8pm - mum's milk
9pm - 110ml bottle milk
10pm - 60ml bottle milk
11.30pm - 90ml bottle milk
11.45pm - finally fall asleep in mummy hands

She wakes up so many times in the middle of the night until I have to hug her to get her to sleep through till this morning. I heard the birds singing when I was about to fall alseep this morning. Then 5am, DH woke up and the noise starts again with DH, my dad & bro getting ready to get out of the house. What a tired night for me.

CG Mid-Autumn Festival

We had a SUPER short CG last night. Well, we are talking 20min CG, one praise song & 2 point sermon. WOW! We then went to the park opposite for fellowship with mooncakes and healthy drinks. And not forgetting the paper lanterns to create the mood for the coming festival.

The children had GREAT fun at the playgrounds. And the adults enjoyed the food and fellowship.

For those who wants the photos taken, click below.


Nowadays Beatrice will want to hold her soiled diaper after changed and she will say "throw". So I will bring her to the dustbin. But before I could even step on the pedal, she had already thrown next to the dustbin.


It's my FIL and BIL's birthdays. Their usual practice is to get together for a dinner. This time round, it's almost the same except we went for high tea instead at Equinox, Swissotel The Stamford. This is our first time there. Genereally the food and service is only so so. I've to stack my plates to highlight to the waiter that I had finish eating and the plates are piling up actually. But they do have a huge and nice toilet. :)

Beatrice was a happy girl that day. Gave her some small bite size food to keep her entertained while we ate ours. And after the tea, she gets to move around the viewing area, climbing up and down the stairs.

And of course not forgetting the nice view of CBD and the surrounding buildings. This photo is the view from a panel of glass stitched together.

Sleeping on Mattress

Past few days, we started letting Beatrice sleeps on the mattress on the floor instead of the baby cot.

She seems to dislike the cot now. She didn't want to sleep for more than 2 hours in the cot. Guess she got used to sleeping between us. We noramlly put her between us whenever she fell sick, so that it is easier for us to monitor her. But this time round, she gets to sleep conitnuously for 2 weeks cos she was down with bronchitis and HFMD.

We are still getting her to adjust to the mattress. And as you can see, the mattress has become a slide for her. She is so happy... giggling, wanting to climb up again and again.

Mac Supper

Last Friday, Brian was working late & I went for my facial. Fetch Beatrice only at 10pm. By then, both of us have not had our dinner. Decided to get a quick bite from Macdonald. It was near to her bedtime, she was super tired... she scream for fries.


My in-laws' place... one of those old traditional swing.

When I was young, I always look forward to going to classmate house to play on the swing.

Happy Gabby

Gabby when she was confined in my mum's room.

Active Again

So glad to see her regaining her strength and being active again. Appetite picking up. Sleeping better during the night. She still have her little round face but smaller in diameter now. :p

Letter from the GP has been issue for Friday cos she still have a few spots drying up on her legs. Normally younger ones have lesser resistance than the older toddlers which explain why she has so many more spots as compare to Raenen and take slightly longer time to be healed. But thank God most of her spots are found in the legs, she can still be pretty wearing long pants.

We can go to church this weekend. Yeah!


Last night for the first time, she call me MOMMY! Previously it was "mama" or "mimi". Haha.. I kept asking her to repeat calling me. My heart melts.

Sick Sick Sick

Has been super busy at work, no time for blog, no time for sleep. At last, whatever we can rush out for tomorrow is more or less in order, can relax a bit and do a short post. 2 weeks ago, Beatrice was having slight bronchitis and was on medication. She was still recovering so we didn't joined Raenen & Gabby for the swim. Last week she caught the HFMD from Raenen who got it from his schoolmate.

First 3 days were bad for us. She cried almost every hour cos she was feeling uncomfortable & hungry and she cannot eat or drink much. She kept asking for "mum mum" but nothing goes into her mouth & she'll throw her tantrum. She woke up every hour, crying for comfort. Fever was going up & down. She was feeling uncomforatble with the ulcers in the throat and tongue. Heart broken to see her sick face. Putting her cough aside, I gave her ice-cream and chilled soy drink to smooth her throat.

But praise God, she is recovering. She started eating & drinking a little yesterday evening. She has not gone to church for the past 2 weeks and I've to missed last week service also. Praying that she will be given green light at the clinic tomorrow when we go back for review. Also prayed that she will be totally healed from the irritating cough that has been with her for a while already.

Poor little Gabby, she is not the one that has HFMD but yet she is the one being confine within the 4 walls of her room and my mum's room. But thank God she didn't caught the virus from Rae or Bea.

Adeline's BD

Had a little family gathering to celebrate aunty Adeline's BD 2 weeks ago. We had our dinner at a coffeeshop along Balestier Road. We ask for high chairs for the children. Their high chairs has been kept along the stairs for ages. You cannot believe how dirty it was, we used a huge amount of wipes to clean it up, the first few wipes were black in colour!