It's My Birthday?

16 August 2009

My mum cooked prawn noodles so we went back for lunch on a Sunday. Usually, we have dinner there on wkd so wkn we spend time on our own.

After lunch, we went to visit baby Raemus in the hospital. However, Bea fell asleep so DH accompany her in the car while she nap. Didn't managed to snap a picture of baby Raemus, he was push back to the nursery shortly after I arrived.

We then head down to Swensen for their NDP promo for firehouse ice-cream.

Beatrice asked, "Is it my birthday?"
Daddy: Err.. Beatrice's birthday falls in the same month as the nation's birthday.

We then went to check out the science exhibition in the plaza area. And Bea has a chance for hands on.

We went to United Sq for dinner at their foodcourt. Bea met 2 children at the seats area and they have fun time in their dry "swimming pool".

Fellowship At Our Place

Eric teaching Ethan how to play the baseball.

Christal posing for the camera. Can you see the ball in the air? :)

Constance SOT Graduation 2009

14 August 2009

Constance performing at the dance item. And amazingly, this year almost the whole graduation service was run by the SOT students. Woah!

This year the certificates were given out by both Ps Kong & Ps Tan, so it so much faster compared to last year.

The CG sat at the usual place which turns out to be the same side as where she is going on stage, so couldn't get a photo of her front view. :(

The family photo. :)

Little O'Zone

After the celebration in school, the cousins met up for fun time at Little O'Zone at Orchid Country Club.

The indoor playground only last them for 20min and they decided to ventured out to the playhouse.

While waiting for Duncan & Vivien to come back, decided to go for a cup of coffee at the bowling alley. But the children decided to watch the game instead.

Bea even wanted to take off her shoe for a game!

Met up with my PIL for dinner. Bea's new toy 'from' the grandparents. It's princess playdoh.

Beatrice's 3rd Birthday

13 August 2009

We celebrated Beatrice's birthday a week earlier in school as Brian supposed to be on reservist during her birthday.

The children waiting patiently while Beatrice gets change.

Her Ariel clothes. This year, the theme is Disney Princess, that's what she requested. ;p

Her Cinderella jelly in pink dress. She asked for pink & Cinderella do have a pink dress. :)

Excited to see her princess helium balloon.

The weight holding the balloon is actually princess sweets!

Raenen came back on time for her celebration.

The children and teachers singing the birthday song for her.

Family photo. Forgotten to switch on the flash.

On the same day was another classmate, Lucius' actual birthday. Lucius is the one standing next to the teacher.

OK, time for lunch before the children could have their dessert.

Oh and not forgetting to mentioned Ariel's tattoo. :)

Was having headache what to get for the boys for the party pack when the theme is Disney Princess.

Until I found these in KL. Its actually a sketch cum colouring book and comes with a set of colour pencils. And most importantly, it is within our budget.

So we bought back 20 of them. Only to realise that the princess ones were not enough cos there are more girls in her class. Thanks to KF & FL for helping us to get the additional ones.