We are Going to the Zoo..

Last Friday, Bea's school was closed in the afternoon for spring cleaning. So decided to take a day off & bring her to the zoo together with Vina & Vivien. And I wanted to bring her to the zoo again before she turns 3. ;p

Took a lift from DH to my mum's place as it was still early to meet up with the cousins. Mum went to the market, SIL was still sleeping so it was us in the living room waiting for time pass by. Some snapshots while I was lying down on the floor...

Met up at Toastbox for breakfast.. no photo. We then took bus 138 direct to zoo. Spent a little time at the entrance as I forgot to bring the printed discount coupon. Seek help from the staff and they were helpful to get to the website and got it printed for me. :)

Err.. Bea was afraid to go near to the animals.

Splash safari show...

We had lunch at kidzworld KFC. And not forgetting Caelan went too.

After lunch, the mummies took turn to go to the toilet. When it was my turn looking after the children, I was carrying Caelan and the children decided to run to 3 different directions!! Argh! Who should I chase?

A flower bud that they found on the floor and kick it around as a ball.

We then walked towards the Kampung House and it was feeding time for the animals. The children get a chance to touch the small animals and fed them.

Well, Bea's hand is always hiding behind her, she was afraid to touch the animals.

Saw hippos, white tigers, kangeroos and that ends the day with the children knock out on the way home.

DH's Birthday '09

Over the weekend, we met up with my in-laws for a dinner for DH's birthday. On his actual day, we just had a simple dinner at Thai Express.

Shortly after seated, we were served with this plate of mango salad. We thought.. Wow, when did they started to serve salad for guests? Maybe it's a weekday promotion? Wahahaha! Few minutes later, a manager came over & took away the salad for another table. :(

Hungry? I'm Tired!

1.50am: Bea came to our room, asking me to sleep with her.
2.30am: Saw her sleeping, went back to my room to sleep.
2.40am: Bea woke up again crying, asking me to sleep with her.
2.50am: She pull a piece of tissue thinking I will prepare milk for her. Ask her if she was hungry, she say yes. Told her no milk but can give her biscuits if she wants to. So here we are in the kitchen at 2.50am!

3.50am: I could finally get some rest. ~yawn~

Naughty Corner

Beatrice went WiLd while we were dining with my in-laws. She crawl below the table, destroyed parts of plant etc. With grandparents around, we didn't punish her, just gave her some warnings. But DH was very angry, decided to punish her at naughty corner when we came back.

Waiting for Dinner

A picture taken by Bea at the shopping mall while we were resting.

Tired girl.

Happy girl.

Goodbye MioTV, Hello StarhubTV

StarhubTV is having their door-to-door service for 'old' customer at our estate. They offered me their starter pack but for a 12 months contract instead. After discussion with DH, we decided to go for it. This morning we went to Compasspoint to terminate our MioTV. Had Delifrance breakfast, did some shopping for a coming birthday party.

This is expensive half-boiled eggs. $3 for 2 eggs! Does all children love eggs?

Bea is a little stubborn recently. She insisted she wants the half-boiled eggs, here she is wanting to buy the hairband. It is not something expensive so DH decided to buy for her. She said her classmate has it so she wants it too.

Aston at SIA Sports Club

We had fellowship at Aston after church service. A nice, quiet, cozy place as compare to the branch at Serangoon Garden. It was supposedly meant for members only, that's what stated at the door. Anyway the service there was slow. But we did have a good time of fellowship. And the kids enjoyed themselves at the business class 'on board'. :)

The youngest member that evening.

And not forgetting a group photos of us (minus the children).


Bea was super grouchy when she woke up from her nap. Plus change of teacher for her colour group, she sticked to me like SUPER glue, refused to let me go. 2 teachers came out to talk to her but of no use. So I gave up & stayed with her in the playgroup.

Praying that next week will be better. :)

Sec Classmates Gathering

It's another anuual event when Joyce is back with her children for the summer break.

This time round we didn't bring any kids along, requested DH to help look after Bea when he is done with his work. Thanks Dear! This is his first time home alone with Beatrice, getting her to change to PJ, give her milk, get her to rest for the day etc. I reached home at 11.45pm & both of them were asleep, leaving some stuff for me to clear up. :)

Changi Aloha Chalet - Day 2

The staff & family came together again on the second day for BBQ.

The children having fun together.

It started pouring when we were packing up for the day. Thank God for that. It was not half-way during the event.