Office Roof Garden

The facia board from the tiled roof gave way & hit onto the beach umbrealla & table. This is where we have our fornightly breakfast. Thank God it didn't hit on the morning when we were all gathered here.

I am Hooked too!


Yes.. I'm hooked to iPhone game for now. Started playing with the lite version (free), then subsequently bought the full version for further enjoyment. This is the first game that I pay for it. ;p

It is relaxing, fun filled with excitment, addictive with popping bubbles, cute features and nice graphics.

Baby Caelan

Vina gave birth to baby Caelan on Monday. We went to visit them on Tuesday evening.

Met Dawn there too.. so the children had some fun time together at the balcony. The room looks so spacious. Mt.A had done some renovation? Class A doesn't come with a balcony previously? Would get DH to opt for Class A when we have #2.. hehe

A Series of Happy Time

Last Wednesday, we left Trice with my mom so both of us could spend some time together. A simple dinner at Bakerzin as I had a late lunch at 3pm.

Since its ROM Anniversary, DH bought me a bouquet of flowers. Forgotten to take a picture with me holding it...

So on Saturday, got Trice to hold the bouquet and snap a picture.

Monday evening, we had dinner at Bar & Billard Room, Raffles Hotel. It's another dining voucher from DH's brother, Sean.

For sure, Trice was not used to the dim lighting. We tried our best to keep her entertained so that she would not disturb others in the restaurant. My iPhone became the best entertainer.. 2 puzzle games to keep her happy for quite some time. :)

Before the dinner ends, she was happy singing.

DH bought this for me when we went shopping on Sunday.. at HALF price! I don't always buy sunglasses.. the last pair of 'G' sunglass that I have was bought 6 years ago. I really make the money worth it.. haha

Buds Mozzie Clear Lotion

Trice is super attracted to mozzie. First day of school, she came back with a few bites.

This Buds mozzie clear lotion was introduced by Stephanie. Quite a good product, it is certified organic too. A tube of this could only last us for a month.

So today at Robinsons 1-Day sale, I bought 4 tubes cos it was going for 25% less! I'm not a cardmember, I tagged along with my colleague during lunch for a quick shopping.

Ana's Refresher Course - Lesson 2

When I chatted with Trice on Saturday morning, she was still angry with Jaydon. She refused to speak to him over the phone or meet up with him. They had a 'bad dispute' during the kite flying @Marina Barrage.

Ok, Jaydon scolded nagged at her for a few times but it's b'cos she was not willing to share the kite with Jaydon. Long story.. DH was left in the field handling the 2 of them. I was busy having video call with RLE and Ana was hiding in the shade cos she slipped & fell a moment ago. To think of it, no wonder Trice didn't want to sit beside Jaydon during the break.

So we try to get them together again. We suggested to go out on Sunday morning with the 'new' driver, Ana. We went for McDonald breakfast at Commonwealth and Giant at Turf City.

Good try.. at least at the end of the whole session, Trice is more willing to talk to Jaydon & share things with him.


That's what she requested on Sunday morning during shower. We had long kept the tub since she was 1 year old. But back at my mom's place, she still gets to use it.

Standing on Table

Trice was bored at home after church service.. her new adventure!

Combined CG

Last Friday, we had a combined Zone CG at the Riverwalk. And that's Albert participating in the warm-up games.

Advise Please

I need some advise on this...

I understand that children of Trice's age likes to choose their prefered clothes to wear.. be it going out, to school, sleep or even at home. Should we allow them to choose or should we 'force' them to wear what we have selected?

It's war time in the morning between DH & Trice. Trice wants to choose her clothes to wear which I think it's ok as long as it belongs to the category of clothes for school. But DH feels that we should not let her choose, she needs to listen to us.. dress in what we have selected for her.

I'm not saying Trice or DH is wrong cos the war did happened between Trice & me too when I felt that what she had selected was not suitable for the occasion.

What is your view/approach towards your chidren choosing clothes to wear? Drop me a note at the comment/talk if you can. Thanks!

ROM Anniversary

5 years ago, we tie our knot legally at ROM. A simple ceremony with many of our family members & friends who make their time to join us on a weekday afternoon.

Our youngest guest.. Denise.. 4 months old. :)

Thanks Dear for spending the last 5 years and many more years ahead with me. I love you!

Grandma's Birthday

Went home to rest after kite flying to re-charge for the evening.

As usual, no cake, no mention to her it's her birthday. Grandma is 85 this year.. WOW! Oops.. grandma's birthday without any of her photo.

This year gathering is at 二舅 house since grandma has shifted here since after CNY.

Kite Flying cum Picnic

Sunday morning, the CG & friends came together at Marina Barrage for a fun filled morning. We had pot-luck and every children was given a kite to play with at the roof top. A total of 17 adults + 13 children went.

Jaydon had a quarrel with Trice cos she was not willing to share the kite with him. Right top.. that's Debbie posing for me at a distance.

Followed by bubble fun after the meal.

Both the children & adults had great fun that day. We had too much food, we actually gave away to another group. And not forgetting to mention that we had video call with RLE family. :)

Right bottom pic.. Debbie paying attention to the tour guide.

Expo Playground

Has always wanted to capture some photos of Trice at the playground. But you know, it is not easy to get a clear picture with their fast movement. So these are some of those clear ones taken last weekend. :)

Singing in the Car

What About Tattoos?

Pastor Kong wrote a great blog entry on tattoos... click to check it out!

Personally, my impression of people with tattoos was not very good. I have a cousin who has tattoos all around his body since young. He was kicked out of school, in & out of police station & jailed for a few times.

It was only few years back that I have a changed in my thoughts. Tattoos has become a beautiful art piece on human body. Also, this cousin of mine has change for the better. He now has a proper job & takes good care of his family.

Gabby turns 2

Happy Birthday Gabby!

Mike & Vina invited us to their place for Gabby's birthday party. And of course, it another fun time for the 3 cousins.

The 2 older ones basically "overturn" Gabby's room.

The ending part.. they were running around the house.. Trice was 'soak' in perspiration!

Easter Saturday Service

Drove to church with Trice. It was drizzling, dropped her at playgroup & went to park the car. She was tired & hungry, cried badly when I went back. So decided to accompany her in the playgroup for the day instead. Brought her & Gabby to watch the drama in the audi.

This is one of those rare occasion that I will accompany Trice in the playgroup. So took the opportunity to snap some photos.

Happy Meal

Mommy & daughter time. Brought her for a happy meal. This is the second time she actually finish the meal (nuggets & corn). But it took me an hour to coax her to eat. Her request for finishing the meal, she wanted ice-cream. And of course, mommy helped her with the ice-cream.

I was telling DH, her meal was even more expensive than mine. Mine was only $2 McChicken burger.

Greatest Story Ever Told

Brought Trice to the children church at Expo. This is the first time she attends children church production/drama, also my first time attending. I was VERY impressed at what the workers have put up for the children, including the children choir.

It was a busy day for us. Drove Trice to expo. Went home, have lunch with DH, send him to expo for ushering. Then home to cook for Trice & send her to Eric's place so that I could support & enjoy the service. I was basically the chauffeur for the day. But I really enjoy the driving, probably cos I hardly get to drive nowadays.

According to Eric, Trice was well-behaved at his place with Ethan. They did not snatch toys, took turns to play the game etc. Thanks Eric.

Wash Your Table!


Trice drew on her desk. As a punishment, I made her sponge her table with detergent & water.



Trice was delighted to show me her artwork today when I picked her from my mum's place. Her Chinese teacher teaches them about 五官 (5 senses: ears, tongue, eyes, nose & mouth) today.

But seems like the nose has been placed side-by-side with only one eye. hahaaha..

Ana's Motorcar Refresher Course

My adventure.. to guide someone driving on the road. Ana wanted to familiarise herself with Singapore roads and her car so that she could drive the children to places and not get 'stuck' at home. According to her, she has not drive for years.

We started with quiet lanes driving near her home & vertical parking. And somehow we end up driving up a multi-storey carpark & grocery shopping. :)

Video & photos of Beatrice having fun at her place. Oh.. that's Jaydon's sister, Charlize.

Self Entertained

Trice self entertaining herself on the go.

I guess its quite rare for a girl to like Thomas Train? She has a thomas train bag, umbrella, a few of those trains & a T we bought for her oat one of those market store.

April Fool Day Joke?

A whole series of advantage with Trice.

She started with cold last week with vomiting on Thu & Fri night (once each). Fever kick in on Sat evening then subsided by Sun morning. Fever started again on Mon after nap, then subsided again in the evening. The last round of fever was on Tue night & Wed morning. And it's all low grade fever (37.4-37.8 degree).

Decided to stay home with her on Wed. Really have no idea why all the symptoms are so short, so suspected her body probably fighting with some virus.

She was super active. She requested for this and that. School has activities line up one after another. She expected her mom to have everything planned nicely for her also. At the end of the day, I think I am more tired than her. Is this suppose to be her April Fool Day joke?

Ikea.. Here We Come Again!

Last Sunday, We had another round of Ikea breakfast together before Ginder delivers her baby on Monday. They were having $1.50 promo for french toast set. Nice & cheap!

Ikea has become our gathering place for us staying in the East.

Wanted to send the kids to the playground but it was full.. so they had their fun at the children section on the slide and swirl armchair.