Christmas Church Service

Just a little comment which might be overlook during the design stage.  How can a lift be not in line. ;p

A Visit to Fire Station


Have been wanting to bring Beatrice to the fire station open house for the longest time. 

Going up...

Ambulance about to leave the station after a call.

Demo of their fire fighting uniform

The older version of drinks vending machine.  Think only available in hospitals now.

How the firemen slide down the pole during emergency.

And that's our house right behind.

Ready to go out

Branch control station/room.



Went back to my parents' place for some traditional 汤圆.

Durian Feast at Roof Garden


Another round of durian feast sponsored by boss, all the way from JB.

CCH Christmas Service


Christmas Cupcakes from Jenny


And my girl is so eager to finish all without keeping any for us. ;p

Free Train Ride

 Expo was running some activities and we took their free train ride from hall 6 to hall 3. :)

Beatrice's New Bed

We have just shifted to my in-laws place due to changes to DH's work.

This is Beatrice's new bed.  She has been using my reclined bed previously at SK house.  We just moved in for the 3rd day, many things are not up yet.  Now it's all full & messy.  Haha!

Dinner at Swensens


Candlelight Service 2013


It's always one of the highlight service during this season.  The beautiful candlelight that warm everyone's heart.  And the love from Jesus that is in the atmosphere.

Just 2 of us.  DH was out-station.

Adventure Cove


An afternoon with friends from K2 at Adventure Cove.

This is Daryl, her friend from day 1.  They started childcare on the same day.  And they have been close friends since then.

Don't expect full day adventure like USS.  It's a small place with just a few rides and with height restriction of 115 cm, most of them can't take the rides.  But with the company of friends, they just play and laugh together, doesn't matter if they are tall enough for the rides.  With friends around, I am not restricted by her and I tried out all the rides. ;p  Like the swim in the salt water to see the beautiful fishes.  Tiredness comes from carrying the float to climb the steps to take the rides.