Tonle Sap Lake

Biggest lake in Asia to experience local lifestyle... floating village.  Suppose to come here to see sunset but a heavy downpour an hour ago created a gloomy sky.

These boys are the boat drivers great helpers, very skillful.  They can fight play with other boys and at the same time get us out in the lake.

According to the tour guide, this little island will be filled with water when monsoon season change.

The land below the houses will be filled during monsoon season.

The girl from the boat hopped up to ours to sell drinks and hopped back when she is done with her business.

A church

A market

The girl on a big pail getting the tourists attention.

Most of us stood up when children with snake came near to us from both left & right.  US$1 to take a pic with the snake.

The toddler in orange was trying to bite the snake head.

A school

Basketball court

The newly wed in our office.  This trip was like their honeymoon so we planned a little surprise for them.

The night market

Siem Reap

Senteurs d'Angkor Workshop

This is where we see things made from different parts of plants, from edible to things we use for our body to small souvenirs.

The school of Chantiers Ecoles

A place where the young learn the art of stone craving, wood ornamental sculpture, the making of small furniture.

Miniature Angkor Wat... a must see tourist attraction at Cambodia.  Will be going there tomorrow.

Ice-cream for the hot weather is great.

Preah Ang Chom Buddhist Shrine

2 rows of huge trees... full of fruit bats.

Local old market

This is the one of the shopping place for tourist, something like Vietnam that we went few years back.