Jie Jie Wake Up!

Ask Welda to wake jie jie up. Instead jie jie pull her down to hug her instead. Haha!

Welda gives me that jie jie refused to wake up look. :)

Our Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree to warm up the house during this Christmas season. Spent a total of $30 for the tree. :)

And the many Christmas presents all ready to be given away to the children.

I've mummy's lip gloss

The thing she always hope to get on her lips and she always have a hundred and one excuses to get hold of my lip gloss.

Crayola iMarker

Beatrice's uncle bought this for her for Christmas.

However, the quality of this pen via a third party is not equivalent to the price paid for I feel.

Mr Moon at Centrepoint


We met with Elaine & Koen for dinner at Centrepoint. While Elaine is finishing her Christmas shopping, brought Beatrice to watch Mr Moon at the centre stage. No idea what this cartoon is all about but she still enjoy watching.

This is the one and only Christmas show that she saw this year.  Well, at least slightly better than last year zero. ;p

Am I a Reindeer?

A gift from aunty Stephanice from her recent trip from HK. And my dear daughter wanna take photo with the reindeer at the background.

CG Fellowship at Kallang Mcdonald


The CG gathered at kallang Mcdonald for a time fo fellowship.

The children queueing up to buy their own ice-cream, this include Beatrice.

Happy with her own order. :)

Building Blocks


Beatrice building blocks at my mum's place while waiting for us to pick her after work.

2011 Little Green Ambassdor

The certificate & a badge received from the dairy farm for the stamps collected earlier for BYOB.

Starbucks Party

The day has not ended, it continues with a starbucks party where starbucks shared about their Christmas coffee beans & games.

We called it a day after our dinner at Xing Wang, that was around 9.30pm I think. And the children has school the next day. ;P


The afternoon continues to West Coast Plaza for a coffee, followed by artwork for children while waiting for Christal to finish her make-up chinese lesson.

It's been years (>10 years!) that I last step into this place, it was called Ginza plaza back then. I remember I used to work as admin staff at West Coast CC and this is a place where I would spent walking around during lunch.

Daily Scoop (Jen's Birthday)

The day continues with Daily Scoop after lunch.

Beatrice walking up and down to dispense water for herself.  Its fun that she can reach it now.

A Surprise Birthday For Jenny


Mervyn called for a surprise mini party for Jenny. The arrangement was similar to JX's birthday, to reach their place before Jenny comes back with Christal from swimming.

This is us playing plants vs zombies while waiting for Mervyn to comes back.

Waited and waited, Mervyn didn't come back on time & we have to relocate to another staircase in order not to let Jenny see us. Time and time we have to remind the children to lower down their volume in case Jenny hears us. Jenny reached home but Mervyn is no where to be seen. -.-|||

15mins past 12noon, Mervyn text that we can enter the house.  By then Jenny already questioned why Mervyn bought so much chicken & duck rice. -.-|||

We took out the cake & candle but without lighter, knocked on the door for a surprise visit to their house. Happy Birthday Jenny!! :)

Spent the day together from lunch to dinner, a great time of fellowship.

Leapster While Mummy Massage

I was on massage chair and Beatrice was sitting on my lap enjoying her leapster game.



Brian is off to work, it's just Beatrice and me. Beatrice spent the morning playing with her ponies and watching the tv at the same time. While playing, she wanted me to take some photos & send to her friend's mummy. :)

I'm Giving to Building Fund too (2011)


She is all ready to give her piggy bank to God.

It's NOT 250g, it has way past the 2kg limit for this kitchen scale. I weighed it using add & subtract human scale but I've lost the record. :(

Using all her muscle to carry this piggy bank.

At the end of the service, the teacher came to me to tell that Beatrice want her piggy bank back like other children.  Forgot to tell her that there is no opening like her old one so teacher can't take out the $$ and return to her the piggy bank.  She was upset her friends can take back their piggy bank but she can't. :(