The Big Playground

Some time back.. "mummy, can you bring me to the big playground?"

Since we didn't go anywhere on Sunday, we brought her to the playground after dinner.

A Great Start After 1 Month

Photos from my iPhone

It's been some time since I last exercise.

This morning, we wanted to jog at the SK's stadium but realise it's still under construction. So we headed to the Sengkang Riverside Park located next to it. Only managed to do a short jog as I had just been given green light to start exercise after the surgery, stopped when I felt a little stress on the wound. But managed to walk round the perimeter of the park, not very big actually as compared to Bishan Park, only about 1.5km with both sides added together.

We then walked towards the community club to check out the activities, the swimming complex and to have our breakfast at McDonalds. The furniture at the fastfood was spaciously space out, a friendly place for family with stroller as compare to those in the shopping malls. But the carpark was super tight, together with the fastfood drive-thru.

City Square Mall

We were heading near home for dinner after service. As usual, DH was not focus and he missed a turn so we end up going to city instead. He suggested dinner at City Square since we have not been there before.

A spacious mall, friendly for family, big strollers is not a problem even in the individual shops. Went to Metro after dinner, the disney princess collection is having 50% less, its different collection from those we see in other malls so I suppose it's old design. As long as it's princess, Bea will be happy. Bought a dress and a top for her which cost <$30 in total.

Let's Play Together

23 October 2009


22 October 2009

Went a little later so that she would be out for her second round of outdoor play. Managed to snap a picture of her on the bike.

Mummy, look at my flower.

Game Station After Dinner

Gave her some time for fun.. 2 tickets

4 tickets

Another try

Look at my winnings

I have so many tickets

Let's count them.. 1.. 2.. 3..

9.. 10!

Mummy said I had 12 tickets. Happy!

Let's Walk to the MRT Station

20 October 2009

It's my last week of HL, decided to pick Bea from school this whole week. Won't be able to do it once I get back to work.

Bea in the toilet when I arrived.

Waiting for green man at traffic light.

Walking to the station.

Mummy I'm thristy. Her bottle was empty. Stop by petrol station to get her a drink and we share along the way.

Let's continue walking.

90 Minutes

4.25pm - we arrive in expo, DH went to serve while I was in the car with Bea, letting her rest for a little longer.

4.35pm - ask her if she was hungry and if she would like to eat zaru soba noodles or drink milk. She said she wanted cold noodles & she wanted to eat in the car.

4.50pm - she was almost full, left with a quarter. Then she accidentally hit on the container and I guess you know what happen. The noodles & dipping sauce was EVERWHERE.. On the seat, her clothing, shoes, bags! Argghh! I do have a set of extra clothing for her, however I do not have another pair of shoe. I can't carry her from carpark to expo. I've to make a trip home. Cleaning up the mess in the car, I left my bag & sunglasses aside. Low & behold, I didn't realise I drop my sunglasses when I opened the door to get to the driver seat.

4.55pm - left cgl a message to inform her we will be back later & left for home.

5.15pm - reached loading/unloading bay, couldn't find my sunglasses. Called DH if he could help to check out the carpark.

5.35pm - DH message 'cannot find'

5.55pm - reached back in expo. Went to check out that parking lot again & saw my G.sunglasses smashed below the car. :(((

5th Wedding Anniversary

Today mark our 5th wedding anniversary. Nothing planned for the day, DH is working, we have CG tonight.

But last weekend, we had an early celebration for our wedding anniversary. Went for buffet lunch at Orchard Hotel, with a complimentary mango cake.

This is where we held our wedding banquet 5 years ago.

Check-in to the room after lunch. Didn't managed to get a king size bed, should have insisted, maybe could have a free upgrade.. Haha! Oh, I just found out that they had upgraded us from superior to deluxe room but king size bed was not available still.

While I was busy snapping pictures of the room, Bea saw the bath tub and was busy taking off her clothes for a bath!

Brian and Bea then took a nap before heading to Expo for church service. While Bea was still sleeping, we left her in the room and check out the hotel facilities.

We bought Subway for dinner and went back to the room. Together with the cake, it was a heavy dinner. We didn't finish the cake.

2am! I have to wake up to switch off the aircon. One was coughing non-stop, the other was dripping non-stop. Lousy immunity.. like father.

Early morning, we went for McDonald breakfast. Still too early for a swim, we brought Bea's to the kid's room to hang around. A hospilality room right beside the kids room, she saw the water dispenser and started getting busy dispensing water, drinking water. Swimming at 10.30am, check-out in the afternoon and walk around at Orchard Rd.

That ends our 2D+1N stay at Orchard Hotel. :)

Love you always, my Dear!

As of this year he could NOT remember which year he got married! So he couldn't tell how many years was he married.. maybe he has yet to get married? 2 weeks back when I checked with him his mum's birthday, he answered 23rd Oct!! ~faint~

Hmmm.. maybe he has been sleeping with the wrong woman? Or was it me?? Muahahaha!!

Time Flies, 30 Days Ago

Today is the last day of my hospital leave. Going back to work next Monday or I should say tomorrow to help with the store packing, which is compulsory.

After 30 days of rest at home, now I wish I don't have to go back to the stress environment at work place. How I wish I could be a SAHM or take up some part-time job instead. Dear, could we talk about it, how about after CNY? ;p

My gynea found a 5cm uterine fibroid when I went for my annual check-up in June. Looking back to my last year record, it was only 1cm back then. It has been growing since my last check-up. And due to heavy bleeding, gynea recommend to remove it asap. Seek second opinion with the same advice, by this time the scan shows 6.5cm; that was 1 month later.

After talking to my boss and settling some work in office, I was ready to go for the surgery. But my hemoglobin count of 7.7 was too low (9 is the min for surgery, norm is >12) and I would need 2 packs of blood transfusion. Postponed the surgery to boost up my iron level. Praise God, after 30 days of diligent eating, my hemoglobin level went up to 11.4. The norm is usually 9-10 after 1 month of rich iron food.

If you have anemia and want to increase your hemoglobin level, you could eat the following food. For us ladies, it is good that we eat at least 1 of the food every week in our diet.

1) spinach (dialet: red roots vegetables)
2) red meat.. beef or duck
3) fishes.. salmon or tuna
4) black bean soup
5) red leaf vegetable
6) liver (pork, chicken etc)
7) any dark green vegtables

Back then, I tried to eat one food item once everyday, together with a double dosage of iron pills. By 3rd week, I was having sore throat from the pills.

The surgery went ahead 1 month later and no need for blood transfusion. PTL! Based on both gynea's recommendation, I opted for laparotomy myomectomy (conventional open surgery) to shorten the recovery time and for better muscles repair. It's like going through another caesarean but delivery a fibroid instead. The doctors and nurses in the operating theatre were joking if it's gonna be female or male fibroid. ;p

Thank God for His peace and recovery during the whole process. I was able to manage my body better also. I was wide awake after the surgery at the waiting area, could even speak with the nurses there, asking for pain killer which has yet to kick in, ask to see the removed fibroid. :) By 3rd day, I could moved around without pain killer. The histopathology report came out a week later. The fibroid was measuring 9cm; it was growing fast within 3.5 months! Praise God.. it was a benign tumor.

God is in control of every situation. Praying for full recovery of my wound and our plan.

Why fibroid?
Fibroids are very common. Approximately 30% of women have fibroids large enough to cause symptoms. Some studies suggest that many more women have fibroids but most fibroids do not cause symptoms. Fibroids that remain small may never require treatment. Since the female hormone estrogen appears to encourage their growth, fibroids usually shrink at menopause and rarely cause problems after this time. We do not understand why fibroids occur. Women whose close female relatives have fibroids are more likely to develop symptoms, suggesting that the cause is partly genetic. The two most common symptoms of fibroids are heavy menstrual bleeding or a feeling of pressure in the pelvis.


Bought this yesterday evening for her to bring to school today. She is required to bring food made of flour for her class today.

New Game

These games machines found at the Kopitiam city has been a great attraction to the children. It is always crowded with kids and their parents especially in the evening and weekends. Each game on these machines cost 10c to 20c! Yes, it's that cheap!!

For this game, you get tickets when your ball goes through the path where is it lighted according to the number indicated. With a minimum of 5 tickets, you could actually exchange it for a memo pad.

Recently, we had started to let Bea join in the fun. These were taken on 04-10-09, her first attempt and the first 2 tickets that she got. With this, she was satisfied and happy. Not that hard to please a child.

This was taken yesterday evening, she got 10 tickets with 10 tries. Super happy, singing her way home.. "I got tickets.. I got tickets..."

Bea's Time of Fun

I was down with food poisoning on Saturday. Couldn't get too far from home. By yesterday evening, I was feeling so much better so thought we shall bring Bea to the playground.