Macau/HK - Day 4

There is nothing planned for today, own time own target. Woke up a little later than past few days & make our way to the Ocean Terminal. Ana gave us a tip to go Ocean Terminal to rent their stroller (FOC) & the tour guide has also given us a some coupons from HK tourism for some discounts at some places of interest, this include Ocean Terminal.

A big door for the adults and a small door for the children. :)

This is the FOC stroller we rented for Beatrice.

Spent the afternoon shopping around in the few malls link together, spent some money.

A relax mind for 4 days had past and we will be back to stress zone tomorrow morning. -.-||

Evening at Disneyland

Our usual problem even in church... Beatrice is afraid to stand beside any cartoon characters. She know that it is a human inside, it's a costume etc but when come to actual thing again, she will break down in tears. ~Sigh!~

Girls waiting patiently for the fireworks.

Till she becomes restless.

At last we watched the fireworks and made our way back to the entrance to catch the coach back to hotel for a good night rest.  We, the parents legs were dead tired while the kids were tired from the sun, rides and no nap.

Disneyland - Princesses

We asked the staff at the push cart what time do the princesses normally appear & where to locate them. She pointed to 2 locations. We went to the cafe, no one was there to queue, so we decided to be safe and choose the one with the queue.

Here come the princesses... 4 of them & 2 princes!!  Then we saw the group split to 2.  Got the fathers to follow/queue for the other group.  Haha!!

Beatrice with princess Cinderella & Snow White & 2 prince charming.

Beatrice with princess Belle & Aurora.

While Brian & my colleague, Elin went back to pick up the stroller, they saw another queue & started queueing & inform us to run over after we are done.  The funny part is both of them dunno her name, saw the queue & just started queueing.  Haha!!

So when we went over, I have to tell the girls she is Rapunzel.

A tip for parents going Disneyland HK with your girl & if she likes the princess characters. Dress your girl with a princess character top like Beatrice to get some personal attention from the princesses.

I noticed that the princesses pay special attention to Beatrice compare to others who wear normal clothing. So I suspect the princess top do help to get their attention. If you girl wear those princess party dress, they will pay special attention too.

For Beatrice, all the princesses actually squat down & carry out a little conversaton with her.  And of course princess Aurora give her a kiss cos she was wearing a Aurora top.

This whole running & queueing to have a photo with the princesses though tiring but Beatrice was very happy at the end of it.  It was something we couldn't do when we were in Japan.  At the end, she said she wants to take photo with Ariel, told her Ariel can only be found in Japan. ;p

Disneyland - Fantasyland

Believe it or not, we literally spent the whole afternoon in Fantasyland & no other place! The girls queue for almost every ride they can find and not to mention we spent time chasing after princesses (next post), that's the main aim of our this trip to Disneyland.

When we went to Japan, the weather was wet & cold plus the crowd, we couldn't find the princesses except Ariel at Seaworld.  Not forgetting to mention to take photo with Mickey & Minnie took us 2 hours to queue.

Cinderalla castle decorated for HK Disneyland 5 years anniversary.

The Chng & Tay family stick together throughout the Disneyland, more kids more fun. Some of the colleagues stayed & enjoyed the rides & some went out to Citygate for some shopping & food.

An advice for all... Bring your own stroller. Though the stroller rental is cheap (after conversion is SGD15) but the big giant stroller is like a big piece of rock, very difficult to manoeuver.

Disneyland - Flights of Fantasy Parade

At last, we arrived at Beatrice's most anticipated place... the HK Disneyland.

Last group photo for this trip. ;p

We hit Disneyland at lunch hour, every eating place was crowded.  Found some under the umbrella eating corner & settle for any food that they sell there.  The weather was HOT!  A quick lunch as we heard the announcement of the fantasy parade starting in 30 min.

Squeezing with her friend in front of the trash bin. -.-

Brian hiding under the shade.

Towards the end of the parade, they actually encourage the little children to join them.

And the special hand shake with Jessie... The start of her happy day.


I would say that this tour guide is good. He can start talking the moment we step up onto the coach till we arrived at the destination. Brian commented, he is second after the Singaporean who travel with us back during our honeymoon. He will share things about their government, the rich people in HK, the people from China, their lifestyle etc. Of course as we go to different places of interest, he will tell us the history and the present of the place.

This is 香港仔, this is where we can take the sampan out to see the 海上人家. These are the people who had refused to register as a citizen of HK when the government ask them to do so. This is where the floating jumbo restaurant is located too.

The many yachts that belong to the rich men staying around here, this include some of the celebrities.

These men just finished fishing business for the day, I supposed washing up to get home.

This is their repair yard.