1-to-1 Music Class


One of those rare occasion where she gets 1-to-1 coaching as the other 2 sisters were away on holiday.

Qing Ming 2013


Today is the exact day of my grandma's death anniversary.

CG Prayer Meeting


It's our turn for 365 prayer.

Botanic Garden


Spending time doing her homework before meeting her friends at the Botanic Garden.

Everyone is feeding though this signboard is display.

Easter Weekend 2013

Filling up newcomers card?

Look at the way they stand on the chair.

Her own selfie

Group Monitor


Didn't know now even being chosen as group monitor requires signature from parent.

My Ride Home


Serangoon Garden South School


Taking a photo of my primary school building which LycĂ©e Francais de Singapour is using the compound now. 

ROM Anniversary


Celebrated our ROM anniversary with a stay cation at Studio-M.

One of the rare occasion that she don't have to squeeze in the same bed with us.

Going shopping at Liang Court


The scooter has been her transport as we walked around the area.  Heading to Grand Copthorne Waterfront for dinner.

All ready for a morning swim after a good night rest.