Ring ring Ring (OT)

3 weeks ago, I got the news that the irritating site engineer is leaving and his last day is end August. YES.. I am very happy. I look forward to some peace in my office phone. I shared the news with my colleague and we were wondering if it was due to our scoldings. haha...

Anyway, my office extension has been ringing non-stop since morning. It was really difficult to stay focus to prepare design for next week tender. Ultimately I let the phone ring till it die off. Just 5 min ago, I decided to pick up a call & it was him again asking for a list of things. UrgH... can't he just give me a break on his last day. I gave him a good scolding even on his last day. I guess I'm quite tired with beatrice's disturbed sleeps and next week dateline.

1st Step

Last Wednesday, Beatrice took a step while standing hands free. Today, my mom says she had took 3 steps. She will be walking soon...

Bea is Sick

Just reach office to work. Brought Beatrice to see her PD, Dr Lee this morning cos her cough is getting more chesty yesterday, worry that it will be bronchitis.

Low and behold, PD confirm she has slight bronchitis. She gave her medicine to open up her airway & cough mixture. If she doesn't gets better in 3 days, she will need to go back to see her and use the nebuliser to clear up her lungs.

Bea is still pretty active. We were facing a little problem with her and the rented toys since last Monday. She will want to play play play and only sleeps at 11.30pm every night. She is not resting well, probably why the cough didn't get better. For past 3 nights, I told Brian not to swtich on the light in the living room when we get home, bring her directly to the bedroom and keep her there till she sleeps.


We brought Bea for a Mcdonald breakfast last Sunday. Just now, we past by another outlet and she remembered the "M" man. I think she will be pronouncing the word soon... & asking us to bring her there on weekends.

Brian was with Beatrice in the room trying to get her to sleep. I went in and Brian happen to make a remark at me. And to our surprise, she repeat what he says. Too bad, I can't remember the word now.. only remember it is a 2 syllabus word. We got to watch our words now.

Walk 'N Ride

Beatrice can now push the walker without any help. She can manoeuvre the walker to where she wants to turn to.


Our first attempt to take a close shot family photo.

Singapore Bay Run

We went to Eric Stephanie's house to return them the yellow table and stools which we borrowed for Bea's party. This morning Eric and the gang (Rovis, Eric Goh, Walter, Matthew etc) went for the 6km Sheares Bridge Run. According to Eric, Angeline was there also. Wow.. fit woman in our CG.

Ah... today aunty Stephanie lend this Musical Poptivity Table to Beatrice. This place is really a free rental toy place huh?

This Take Along Hop N Pop is the first toy that she lent it to Bea.

Minnie's Company

Taken in one of those weekend gaigai.. enjoying the company of her minnie mouse.

Nowadays, I will try to ask her if she wanna bring a toy while we shop so as to keep her occupy while we can do a little shopping without her wanting us to carry & walk around the mall.

Prayer Meeting

This is Zoe from N3. Both of them were happy laughing and playing with one another in the playhouse.

Bea was trying to ride on the coupe again while other tot is using it. So I've to distract her with snacks.

Her Little Big Day

Met up with 2 other friends who couldn't make it for her celebration last Sunday.

Beatrice would like to thank all the granduncles, grandaunties, uncles & aunties for all the gifts that she had received and all the little friends who have come for her party. And also thank Uncle Eric for helping to take the shots.

Sunday Celebration

Added more photos...

Beatrice's party has been divided into friends.. day session & family.. night session. In general, she did enjoyed the company of all the little friends who had came for her party. The only thing is she was cranky during both cake cutting... cos she has missed her nap time.


Finally manage to get Bea to sleep at 11pm. Both of us are tired but we still need to complete this backdrop. So that we can relax, enjoy the morning and wait for the guests to arrive.

Could not find Mickey & Minnie Mouse backdrop, this is the closest we can get, the disney princess castle.

Btw, the backdrop is done by the maid with the finance manager being the helper. Ya, he was kind enough to step on the foot pump for the balloons and to hold the deco so that the maid can get it in position. It is just not his cup of tea to do this type of stuff.

Rent A Toy

These 2 toys are from rent-a-toy.com. Arrived this afternoon and Bea gets to play with it only after we came back from service. She was excited riding the tricycle and taking out the accessories from the kitchen set. We have difficulty getting her to bed. She keep wanting to get out of the bedroom to play.

Hope the children will enjoy playing with these toys also.

N3 Coupe

This is the 2nd week that Bea goes to N3. This coupe has been the 1st toy she eye at for the past 2 weeks. So far, she gets to sit in there for a few minutes and she was really excited.

Maybe I can consider renting the Dora coupe or the princess coupe for her the next time.

After CG

JX suggested to take a photo of the children sitting together. Let's try 2 first. This is what we have...

I think its consider quite well done with a mobile camera. This is the first time Bea taking photo with Gabby.

And now presenting the 5 in a group picture...

It's really not easy to get them to sit still and allow us to take the shots. With mommys hands trying to make them sit still... haha. Ok, we give it another try this Sunday... gonna be even more challenging with more children!

Jurong Point

2 weeks ago we went to Jurong Point after service to have our lunch and to visit Dawn during her confinement. We brought her to play with the toys at Toys "R" Us. She has great fun.

CG at Tiong Bahru

First CG at Uncle Wee Boon and Aunty Dorcas house. She feels that their sofa is more comfortable than hers at home. ahaha...


Last night, we did some groceries shopping. We have a few bags of stuff to carry so I past her the lightest bag and ask her to help. She was kind enough to carry it from the MSCP all the way back home. Thanks Beatrice!

Rent That Toy

As part of Bea's party, I planned to rent some toys for the children who will be coming to her party, to keep them entertained. Bea doesn't have a lot of toys. These are from rent-that-toy.com which arrived last night. I wanted the toys to arrived earlier before her party so that she can start playing with it first and not scream for it from other chidren later. She was super excited when she saw the toys. She crawl quickly towards the walker and started playing with it. It kept her entertained for the whole evening until bed time.

A Saturday Afternoon

While waiting for her nap time and Daddy to come back from work to go church together. She started exploring one of her favorite drawer again.. food!

She was standing hands free for that split second.. haha.. the food capture her attention. One thing I noticed about her.. if she is holding something she is interested in, she likes to go round and round while holding on to it.

National Day

She called me "me me" -> mommy when she woke up.. haha.. at last not during a cry. And she repeated a few times throughout the day.

What a lazy day for the family. DD took 3 naps, DH took 2 naps and I managed to catch a nap also. Meals with the family. We managed to do some groceries shopping at NTUC and watched the NDP on TV. The day ended with nothing much accomplished.

Except that I spent 3 hours doing her ecard the night before and sending them out to the little guests the following day.


Brian and myself have been discussing about this topic since May. We didnt do much for her baby shower so I thought we should do something for her 1st birthday. But on the other hand, to invite the relatives of both families... we are talking about 100 guests... plus friends... 150 guests. Our house is too small for so many guests and I'm not for the idea of having it at my in-law's place. And I think Bea will get super sticky with so many people around her.

So after many rounds of discussion, Mr Chng agreed 2 days ago to have a party for Bea with proposal cut & trim to fit into our home. Guests list approved... budget approved.

Mrs Chng... "the maid" got to start the preparation.
Mr Chng... the finance manager will of course control the money.
Ms little Chng... she will play, eat, sleep until the day arrives.

Busy Day

Last Sunday, we went shopping with a list of things to buy/see at 3 different shopping malls. We started at 3pm after Brian finish his work and we end the day at 9.30pm.

Marina Square: Marina Food Loft (lunch), Mothercare, Kiddy Palace, Home-Fix,
Killiney (kopi break), John-Little
United Square: Toys "R" Us, Nurture Craft
Dinner at popo's house
Junction 8: Aussino, NTUC

Every shop that we enter is almost like touch and go. Brian's slogan for shopping... "stay focus"... haha. Beatrice was very good... she sits in her stroller quietly with her mickey mouse. There was only a short period whereby she wanted us to carry.


A few more words that she says recently...
- bird
- work work
- "more more" -> no more
- "nei nei" -> mei mei (sounds like milk but softer tone for 妹妹)
- "ma ma ma" -> mommy
She calls "ma ma ma" only when she crys. Most of the time its the melting "daddy/dad dad".

Bad Morning

Thank God for His protection upon Beatrice. No swell, no bruise. She was active again after her morning shower at 婆婆 house.

02-08-07, 10am
OMG! Beatrice fell from our bed this morning while I was making the bed to get off to work. She was sleeping at the edge and my leg was holding her. But she lifted up her legs and squeeze through the gap and head down. Told my mum to help monitor her for any unusual signs like vomitting, sleeping for long hours, giddy etc.