New Display

Shared about "Reuse from Home Favourite" previously.

This is the finished art pieces hanged on the kitchen door.

The very last piece is done by me.

A Sunday Afternoon

We arrived at Cineleisure and wanted Bea to take a nap before getting out of the car. But both of us end up napping while she kept herself occupied.

Dressing her doll with her sweater.

Enjoyed reading her favourite book in the car.. the mouse and the frog.

We went to Old Town White Coffee for a drink to keep ourselves awake. Took them quite a while to serve the drinks. Bea busy practicing her writing.

A mirror image of my name :)

Finally my oreo coffee served.

New Generation Fellowship

This is new generation fellowship, where they will talk about the gadget and applications/games that are interesting. :)


One of those weekend where she gets to sleep with us in our room. While waiting patiently for her to fall asleep...

Robinsons Centrepoint

Went shopping for a gift for Mervyn & Jenny's new home. The daddy and daughter came down from the children's department carrying a Lego box asking me to buy. End up spending more $$ adding to Brian's Lego collection.

While the cashier was busy wrapping up the gifts, Beatrice wanted to touch the Bears on skyride.

Good Friends

Good friends sharing/enjoying snack in the kitchen together during CG.

Oops.. they saw me taking pictures of them.

Get to know about this website from Raenen's blog. So decided to let Beatrice try out. She took it like a game and she likes it. This is where she learn to navigate the arrow using her fingers. She could not do it previously when she had a try on other games.

The Daily Scoop

Like this quote on the wall.

Mervyn & Jenny brought us to the daily scoop at Holland Village after spending an afternoon at their place. The ice-cream is cheap & nice, considering the shop is located at district 10.

Will definitely go again when we are nearby. :)

Walda at 5 Weeks Old

Beatrice, do not move your hand after you press the button till you see the picture on the screen.

Not a bad output? Considered a 4 years old taking it with no flash setting?

This is one of those days where she was wide awake & decided to take out my compact camera to snap some photos.

BIG Beatrice small Tub

This is also my first time seeing this & quickly snap a photo. I asked my mum why don't allow her to use the bigger one? She replied she will spend more time enjoying her bath in the bigger tub.

Milk from Cup

Beatrice has started drinking milk from cup, except early mornings where it is so difficult to get a sleepy girl to sit up & drink from the cup.

Brought her to Takashimaya 2 weeks ago to get a new set of take & toss sippy cups from first years which she had finished chewing biting the set that we had at home.  She wanted to get this Disney Princess mug instead.  Asked her a few times if she really gonna drink from cup & she agreed.  In addition, bought the Munchkin reusable twist tight spill-proof cups for morning use.

The transition was not too difficult for us.  School started asking children to drink from cup beginning of this year (nursery).  She refused to use the cup at home.  However, we decided not to change the teat of her milk bottle.  After wear & tear, the bottle started leaking & she gets frustrated drinking from it.  We then introduce the take & toss sippy cup from safety first.


Thanks for dropping by. No post for today.  Didn't snap many photos this week.  Still trying to upload video, very slow traffic.

Drop by again tomorrow or so. :)

Hello Kitty Cushion

Aunty Stephanie, can we have paper to draw?

The 2 girls keeping themselves busy while Ethan was watching the TV.

CHCC Children Day Celebration (2010)

Brought Beatrice to Expo for Children Day service. These are some of the photos snapped while I was in the hall.