Cold Storage Kids Run 2009

Trice was excited about the run. She was happy walking from Raffles City to Padang. When the race starts, the children started running. After a while, Trice could not catch up with her friends and was being "left behind". She then want to be carried to finish the run. She didn't want to eat her breakfast plus mummy wants her to complete the last part of the run.. so she was crying and walking to the ending point.

Presenting... Beatrice, bib #70107

While waiting for Jaydon

Let's walk to Padang

Oh.. why was there a pause?

Raenen arrived

Mummy & Beatrice

The group of us at the start point. Gabby was a little late & couldn't join us at the front.

Beatrice, can you see mei mei Gabby?

The end point

Medal given to all children who have completed the run. And a certificate too.

The children & parents after the run.

Raenen & Gabby were at the big balloon. Jodyn was at the prize area. Denise went on holiday, couldn't make it for the run.

After the run, Ana wanted to drop by the expo crcos sales so I went again. This time round without Beatrice. No queue, a little crowded inside but not many designs & sizes left. Same as last Nov, some of the prices slash additional $5.

Ice Kacang

It's been a long time since the last time I tasted ice kacang. Trice is attracted to the colourings.

Crocs Sales

Brought Trice to the crocs sales at expo on Saturday. We took bus 27 & change to MRT at the airport. Reached there exactly at 10am, queue to go in. Managed to get in by 11am, grab the shoes and we were out by 12noon. We then headed to airport for lunch before going home for her nap.

This time crowd control was so much better than last Nov. Though there was a long queue to get in but it was moving smoothly. And there wasn't much crowd at the shoe counters too. Last Nov, it was people pushing to get to the counter table to grab the shoes. The number of cashers had also double. Last Nov, I had to queued for 2 hours just to pay for my purchase.

Trice at the airport..

Walking to the Carpark

Fun @Kitchen

Look at Jie Jie

Trice for Sale?

Headed down to Ikea for dinner, followed by Courts to see some electronics stuff. While we were browsing around, Trice sat on the children chair snacking.

Ladies Day Out

Yummy dim sum at Mouth Restaurat with mummies in the CG on a Sunday monring.


More food...

Not forgetting a photo of us.

Dawn paid for the meal.. she said it's belated mother's day for all of us. Thanks Dawn! Shopping at Raffles City after the meal. Amazingly, I didn't buy anything. ;p

Left early cos my mum has been taking care of Trice for the past few days so requested her to help me for another half a day. DH needs to finish some paperwork in the office.

Though only half a day but it's good to spend some time with friends without our husband & kids around. Wouldn't mind another outing like this again. Yeah!

"Daddy" & "Beatrice"

She has to stay home for a few days due to the rashes. Friday evening, DH left for CG while I stayed home with her. She was bored & thought of this pretend play. Why daddy.. cos daddy had punished her at naughty corner. :)


Trice has rashes all over her when we picked her up from school on Wednesday afternoon. GP says its heat rash. But it didn't get better, instead it was worse on thursday morning. Her rashes becomes warm & bumpy. PD confirms that it is not HFMD, not chickenpox, not measles, not rubella, not heat rash... it's viral infection. It should go away without medicaiton in 4-5 days. Don't know how she got it anyway.

Thank God, those rashes are not itchy and she doesn't have any fever. And as of this morning, it's no longer bumpy, the swell has subsided.

We need to keep her away from any children and public. So this week, you won't get to see her around in CG & church. She will be staying at home.

This is her driving me around the house last night. :)

Typical Day after School

Lego Crane

At last, I've decided to make time to assemble the Lego crane for DH. This is supposedly his present for our ROM anniversary. ;p

So here we go...

Tada... the finished work. :)

DH commented this is too easy. So I explained to him that this set is meant for children compared to the technic set that I bought for him few years back where we could actually buy add-ons motor to make it move.

Mother's Day 2009

Saturday evening, we wanted to have dinner together.. just the 3 of us. Then to visit my MIL since the latest we heard is the dinner on Sunday has been canceled. But it didn't turn out as planned.

We had a 'big bulb' at dinner place. Didn't get to take a pic of the family. Anyway we heard that Sunday dinner is still on.. need to change our plan again.

Sad to say Sunday dinner was not a pleasant one. Trice just woke up from her nap, refused to eat or even sit on her own. Then of course, there were some 'black' faces due to the unhappiness arrangement for the dinner. ~Sigh~

Sunday morning.. I woke up, bathed and ready to go, leaving Brian to do the rest for Trice. hahaha...

So this is DH bathing Trice. See how happy is my daughter. :)

We then went to Vivocity for some shopping. DH requirement for shopping, to rest every 2 hours for either coffee break or meal. So here we are, sipping our cappuccino at Gloria Jeans. They were having morning promotion $2.50 for a cup of cappuccino. They had another afternoon promotion $5 for any blended coffee or something.

Trice playing with my cappuccino...

"The floating bubbles looks interesting"

"May I have a sip?"

DH resting...

While I was shopping, Trice saw this giant Levi's shoe. She almost "tear down" the barricades.

I'm a Proud Runner!

Collected Trice's goodies bag for the kidsrun.

Forgotten to take a pic of the goodies, will do it later when I get home. The goodies...


This is the mess we saw when we came home after service. My mum was complaining she kept going to the bathroom to play with water wash her hands, clean the vanity top.

We left her to rest at home with my mum. She had fever on Friday.

Is this flower for Mummy?

Found this craft in her bag on Friday evening. Slipped my mind it's mother's day & didn't asked her much about the craft.

So she took it, moulded it, sticked the plasticine onto our framed photos etc.

Saturday after service, I remembered & asked her when we got home. She said no, the craft is not for me. And she pushed the blame to her daddy who has told her to throw away the destroyed craft that morning. :(

Fake Crocs

This is her pair of fake crocs which I bought for her during our last KL trip in Dec 2007.

And it still fit her. She now wear to school almost every other day. This is the amount of dirt she brings home at the end of the day. So mummy has to wash her sandals almost everyday.

Trice took the pic.. I found it in her camera. :)


Time for a hug...

Runaway for a break...

Back for another hug...