First Toy

This is the first toy I took out for her to play. She was busy talking to her pink flower throughout the journey to the airport.

Little Beatrice trying to walk on Auntie Dawn's sofa.

Busy Girl

Busy Beatrice... drinking & talking to daddy at the same time.

Smiley Photos

More of Beatrice's smiley photos. Friends and relatives have commented that she is very smiley, she smile at everyone who talk to her.

Car Seat

Beatrice's smiley photos in her car seat.

Raenen hug & kiss 妹妹Beatrice... so SWEET!


2006 Oct 22... CG "Hero-ween" party at MacDonald. Beatrice is all dress up for the party as little angel. Thanks to aunty Angeline. She is too small to enjoy the fun.


In church nursery.

Holding Pacifier

"See... I know how to hold my pacifier."

One Month Celebration

Beatrice's little celebration with the family.

Sleeping Style

Look at the way she sleeps...

Daddy's Girl

She is daddy's girl. Daddy spending time talking to her & putting her to bed.


2006 August 22... Beatrice was born! See her first little smile. She looks just like her daddy but with my eyes.

A Long Wait

2006 Aug 18... Dr Henry Cheng said Beatrice is too comfortable in the womb. But he can still wait for another week before induce labour. EDD was 3 days ago.