Usher Team 2 Thanksgiving

17 January 2010

We joined DH and his usher team for their thanksgiving at Loyang Aloha Chalet.

Balloon game.

Bea helping to pick up the broken balloons so as not to litter the place.

Water bomb! Basically she helped to pass the water bomb to the team people.

SAJC Hostel Ground Breaking Ceremony

14 January 2010

This is my 'new' project.

Bishop giving a speech & prayer.

The piling rig.

Group photo of the VIPs.


10 January 2010

DH wanted to accompany her mum for the morning jog. I've done my jog on treadmill before meeting up with my in-laws so that I could have time to walk/jog with Bea.

Bea learning to do sit-ups. :)

T3 Fellowship

2 January 2010

Fellowship at T3 after service.

Playgroup - Semester 2

19 December 2009

Supposed to meet with the teachers a week ago but I need to work to rush out tender. Requested to meet Bea's teachers only a week later.

He Serve God.. We Serve him

DH helped out with Christmas service and setting up Expo Hall 1. Both days involved physical exercise, he was assigned to carry and lay the chairs. He came home complaining about arching body for the next few days and requested us to massage for him.

Bea doing her part with my totoro massage stick. Good job!

Countdown to 2010

Mervyn & Jenny invited us to their place for steamboat party on New Year Eve.

The children doing some drawing. Followed by nice brownie with vanilla ice-cream & some wine.

We brought the children to the playground for some funtime. Adults enjoying too. :)

We then headed back to M&J's place for countdown with a cake.

Ethan's Gift

We bought this online for Ethan.. sent direct to his address. :)

Vina's Place

29 December 2009

Bea's childcare centre was closed on the last few days of the year. The cousins came together at Vina's place for a time of chatting and playdate for the children.

Bea went a little "crazing" shaking her head to jungle bell song.

Bea & Christmas Tree

28 December 2009

Just another day where she wanted to take photos with the Christmas tree.

Christmas gift from uncle KW & aunty Sharon.

Leonidas 1 Year Old

27 December 2009

Leonidas celebrated his 1 year old at Dover Parkview.

Beatrice and her CREAM from the cake!

Everything That She Wants

Took this while walking to the carpark to expo service. This is the amount of stuff she usually bring when going out. Her bag which she need in playgroup, her toys, her doll.

Sometimes she even want to doll herself up like a christmas tree ;-p

Thanksgiving 2009

We had thanksgiving dinner at Eric & Stephanie's house after service. We were pretty surprised most of them made it there. Usual fellowship after service is 3-5 families only. Eric was shocked to see so many people in his house, the whole place was packed with people and toys everywhere!!

And not forgetting a group photo.. that's the size of our CG!!..

.. plus 1 family who couldn't join us & 3 additional adding next year (3 preggy mummies) & KL Choong family.

We had a great time chatting. Few of us actually chatted till 12.30AM! Cannot remember when was the last time I stay up till after 12 midnight.