Home Packing

We spent the rest of Monday afternoon packing our dining table. The dining table has become a convenient place for us to put our things. And it has been piling up since a year ago.

As we pack, Trice found her rubber bands and hair clips and ask me to do her hair.

Morning Ikea

We had our breakfast, snack & lunch at Ikea on Monday. :)

Ana says its deepavali, only Indians will wake up early. And to our surprise, the cafe was pack, the queue was super long! We were among the last few who managed to grab their breakfast.

And I guess Trice also enjoyed herself trying out on every piece of furniture that she can find there.

At last, DH decided to get a new sofa as the one in our house is torn. Ya, our sofa is only 2 years old. So next time don't consider getting from Sea Horse, I think their leather is of much lower grade.

Palawan Beach

DH has a wedding dinner to attend on Sunday night so I decided to join Eric Stephanie and Dawn at the beach. Trice still find the sand dirty and refuse to walk, not willing to get into the children water play area also as the water looks dirty to her. ~sign~

But the rest of the children did enjoyed themselves at the beach. Great time fellowship with the mummys.

GE Women 5K

I've completed my first 5km run! Yeah!!

I think the last time I had a long run was back in school time where it was compulsory to run for cross-country, 3.6km.

I didn't make it for the shape run in July due to some unpleasant communication between the organizer and me. Took back my registration fee in the end.

But I'm glad I completed the race. Though not very short timing but I'm satisfied with it, finish it in 45 min compare to the usual 50 min when I run on my own.

DH usually doesn't have much patience when come to handling Trice. Before the race, I've to tell Trice to be good so that daddy won't get angry cos mummy is going for a run. And I reminded DH to be patience with Trice.

Both of them had a little run in the stadium with Trice's grandparents and breakfast together.

Dinner @Mos Burger

Went to collect Brian's spectacle at Compasspoint after service on Saturday. It was 9 plus before we could settle down for our dinner. Trice busy helping mummy to ensure the table is clean for her use. :)

Winnie's Wedding Dinner

This is one of those time where the 3 cousins get together. They had great fun from the moment they saw each other.

4th Wedding Anniversary

Last Thursday we had our dinner at the Central, Manhattan Fish Market. Nice view of the surroundings with the lightings. Took a stroll around after dinner. Oh man.. its been so long since we had a chance to enjoy a night like this.

Trice was at my mum's place.

Ethan Lee... Beatrice Missed You!

I took out my notebook wanting to do some net surfing in Trice's room while waiting for her to fall asleep.

Trice: Mummy, I want to see Ethan. (She is referring to Ethan Lee)

Mummy: Why? Did you miss Ethan?

Trice: Yes.

Mummy: OK. Only 1 photo, OK?

Trice: OK.

Chilli Sauce Adventure

I like this video, especially her cheeky face.

Fun @Ethan's House

We had a little fellowship after service with the Chai family. Packed dinner and went to their place so that the kids can play while we can enjoy our dinner.

Two of them snatching over the car.

Cousin Winnie's Customary

Brought Trice to my cousin's customary last Saturday.

MIL's Birthday

2 weeks ago, we celebrated my MIL's birthday with a simple dinner at the club. We were there early and thought we just bring Trice to the pool side to jalan jalan. She was super fast in her action, the moment we step out, she started taking off her shoes and wanted to head for the pool. Her eyes just couldn't get off from the pool even during photo taking. :)

We tried to explain to her that we didn't bring extra clothes & stuff for her to swim but it didn't registered in her mind, she simply wants to get into the water. So we have to drag her to the game room to distract her.

Why do folks have to lie to get her attention? Didn't I said not to mention the word "swim"?

BIG Hugs

After CG on Thursday, Ethan was going round hugging his friends to say bye. He is going to KL for 2 months.

Both Ethan & Trice were so sweet.. like little couple. They sat in the CG on Thursday & usually the mothers will bring snacks & small toys to keep them occupied. Both of them were sharing snacks and feeding each other. No chance to take any video.. just imagine.. ;-p

When they were at home, both of them will comment that they want to play with one another but the moment they come together, they start snatching for toys.

Chu Chu Gone to Raisin Land

Came back from CG, Chu Chu is lying dead at the corner of his cage. He is 11 years & 5 months old, Chu Chu has gone to raisin land to join his children, Bu Bu & Bi Bi. His appetite has been dropping since some time back & got very bad just 3 days ago. ~Sob Sob~ :(

Hair Cut

I remembered I had a little hard time persuading Trice to cut her hair 6 months ago. Subsequently, my mum brought her to the salon instead. Decided to bring her for her hair cut after dinner.

She was good, simply allow the lady to snap her hair. She even has her hair blow at the end. And all in all, it's only $4! Bear with the many videos as these were taken using my mobile phone & I still have not learn to edit 3GPP video.

After Service

Beatrice was having her nap at my in-laws place. So we decided to spend some time at coffee bean before she wakes up. But guess what, DH spent most of his time thinking & planning his work schedule instead!

Did my hair yesterday at Zizzors, recommeded by Dawn. They are from our chinese church. Majority of them are from China actually. They have special rates for CHC members.

Sun JW Svc

Couldn't make it for Sat expo service yesterday so we went to Jurong service today.

Today is the last service that Ethan is attending before he takes a short break in KL & later relocate to US in Dec. So the teachers wanted to take a photo with him. As for Trice, she has officially shifted back to expo but didn't managed to say goodbye to the teachers previously and we so happen to come back for Sun service.

Not wanting to miss the moments the two of them spent together while in Singapore. Took some photos after service.

Updated Blogskin

Has been wanting to do some changes to the blogskin. But since Trice started sleeping on her own, she only allow me to go to bed with her. But these 2 days, she is OK with DH. So here I am updating my blog & blogskin.

Forgot to keep a copy of my previous blogskins and thought I should do it this time before I forgets & update again.

For Jo

Hi Josphine, you bought this for Trice last year.


Took a ride home from William after CG, the girls kept us entertained with their singing.

Kellyn's 3rd Birthday

We attended Kellyn's birthday party on Wednesday. FL called to say the girls will be dress in formal wear so ask me to doll Trice up also.

After cake cutting, the children change to their PJs, ready to sleep. DH had not rest since 4am and Trice was good, she allowed me to drive while she sat beside me in her car seat.

Nice Sandals

Bought these from our Vietnam trip last June. Trice says, "mummy same same."

RLE Photos

This is the edited photo presented to RL.. 32 of us, both adults & children.

And this is the edited photo presented to Ethan. Denise went to JX's CG. And we have another 5 more adding to our CG by mid next year.

The rest of the photos can be found in the picasa link below.

RLE farewell

An Early Morning

We woke up at 4am yesterday to send Rovis off at the airport and had our breakfast at YaKun.


Attended another wedding dinner over the weekend. This one is DH's pre-u friends. Trice keeping herself entertained with DH's mobile.

This year, we have been receiving and attending wedding dinner almost every month. At least 3 more coming up till end of the year, they are all my cousins.

The groom being sabo by his colleagues.

W&E New House

William & Emily invited few of us to their place last Friday. It was a last minute plan cos Emily was on sick leave, William decided to cook.

A very cosy house indeed. And their flat is actually diagonally opposite ours. :)

Expo Playground

2 weeks ago, our CG has officially shifted back to expo for church service. Trice was super happy at the playground.

Last week, when I told her we are going to church, she said she wants to go to the playground. But cos DH was back from work late, we couldn't get to church earlier.