Japan Day 1 - Sanrio Puroland

We arrived at Narita Airport at 7am, came out from custom at 8am with some delayed by DH... he didn't complete filling in the custom forms for his family.

Asked around for direction to get the N'EX tickets. Took N'EX to Tokyo station & taxi to the hotel. Cost us ¥800 but cost the Song family double the price plus roaming charge. The taxi driver doesn't know the way to the hotel & Jenny got to call me on my mobile to speak to the hotel people for direction.

Left the luggage at the hotel concierge, went for McD breakfast & then to Shinjuku station to picked up our reserved tickets to Hakone.

This is us & our tired faces to Sanrio Puroland.

The Hello Kitty stickers tell us that we took the correct train. :)

Here we are at Hello Kitty's Town.

Bea climbing the long flight of stairs.

First cherry blossom tree we came across... looks a bit botak.

Some pictures showing the inside. The whole place was pretty dim, the photos didn't turn out very well.

Queueing up for our boat ride.

Hello Kitty pancakes

Hello Kitty's house... almost every piece of furniture has some form of Hello Kitty's head.

Waiting for show to start.

When the show started, we saw this... Hahaha!... The best thing to do in a dim place is ZZzz.

Hello Kitty in the Magical Land of Oz

Female toilet

Hello Kitty's car right outside her house.

At one of the shop...

Evening, we took the train to Harajuku, wanting to try the Hello Kitty pancake that Ps Kong tweet about the other time. But to our disappointment, the store people told us that it was out of stock since a month ago.

So we had pizza for dinner at the restaurant next door. Bought some totoro stuff from Kiddy Land & called it a day. It started drizzling when we walked back to the train station.

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