Engineer? (OT)

I am getting real impatient with the new site engineer, he is really getting on my nerves. He called 1st thing in the morning, giving us a list of things that he need for the day casting. And the phone calls doesn't end there, he will continue calling every hour until the issues are cleared. Wrong Wrong Wrong!!! Any site issues should be cleared before he even issue the drawings to his sub-con.

Certain issues we tried to explain to him it's the wrong way to solve the problem etc, but he keep telling us it can be done. There are times when I got really piss off, I ask him if he is an engineer with proper cert, does he really know about engineering. He can tell me yes and continue asking me to follow his way.

Last Thursday night, I was rushing another project, trying to finish it so that I can rush off for CG. He called up at 6.02pm asking me to clear an issue on site so that casting can be done. I told him his proposal is not acceptable and he continue explaining for next 15 min that it can be done. I was so piss off I even apologise in advance that I'm going to hang up the phone & he can tell my/his boss that Iris don't allow them to do the casting.

Thank God for my boss and his understanding boss. I explained the issue to both of them and both agreed the casting for that small area to be put on hold until issue iron out. There was once my colleague told him "hello, Iris doesn't sit in the office just to solve your problems, she has other projects to do". That was when I was out for meeting and he kept calling non-stop. hahaha

I Don't Think She Is Naughty

How many times do I have to keep reminding DH not to scold Bea naughty but to explain things to her. We do not need to follow our parents method of scolding their children... us! I also need to tell him not to pick up the double words (钱钱.. money, work work etc) from our parents & repeat it to Bea, speak the proper sentence. Isn't this what we learn about parenting?

IMM Coffee Club

Has been very busy at work, preparing drawings for this week presentations, no time to blog. It's for our children, MOE is building indoor sports hall for most of the schools in Singapore. We are one of the consultant for phase 1, boss is trying out for next few phases also.

We met up with FL & family for lunch yesterday at IMM before they set off for home. While Beatrice was taking her nap, we decided to take a break & enjoy a cup of coffee. The manager was very kind and told us they have a corner couch that we can rest & park our stroller, the best part is we were the only customers for that section.

Last Night CG

Yesterday was a reunion for the children in the CG. Yes, we are a family friendly CG. Most of us are married with children. Was just making a quick calculation, we have 19 adults and 10 children... parent:children ratio 1.9:1. 1 more addition this coming July. Hmmm.. the adults.. we need to grow in numbers also.

Beatrice was quite cranky yesterday evening due to insufficient nap during the day. So decided to stay in the room with the rest of the children instead of disturbing the CG members. While in the room watching the children play... got Denise to snap a few photos of the children.

Oh... Eunice and Christal were not in the picture, they were with their parents during the CG.

Swim Wear

At last we decided to buy her a swim wear. Camera battery runs low yesterday, this is the only photo taken. She was excited the moment she sees the pool and the children, smiling all the way and wanting to go towards the direction of the pool.

But I was quite frus with some comments while feeding Bea after the swim. She was hungry and she was fussy that the food is taking a while to reach her stomach. And the voice behind was asking if the food is too hot for her... is it too dry... maybe she is thristy... see she is naughty blar blar blar...

I had already mentioned to DH that I just want a swim with just him & Bea but the message just didnt get into his ear.

Getting Ready to go Church

Dressed up for service. While waiting for uncle Mike to come & pick us to Motherhood fair, mummy decided to take a few quick snaps.

Happy Crawling

When Bea has not started crawling, I always talk about why she is not learning to crawl like other babies, is she too lazy etc. Now that she is crawling, DH ask if there is anyway to confine her in her play area, she is crawling all over the house... haha.


Bea's favourite purple gift box

"Koala" resting

Happy face

A Short Trip to KL

At last, I got my passport stamp again. The last time was our honeymoon 2 YEARS ago. Every trip that I have in mind with DH always got to drag for so long, including our honeymoon.

Anyway, we brought Beatrice to KL for a long weekend to visit some friends and to relax. Since it's the first time travelling with Beatrice, we decided to stay at Corus Hotel where Aeroline service centre is located.

YES, she can crawl! We make her crawl on the lounge table in the coach, on the hotel bed... haha... that's how she started her crawling. Slow but steadily, yesterday she crawled to disturb uncles & aunties during CG.

Brought Beatrice to the Aquaria, KLCC. She was happy watching the fishes swimming around. Why so little pictures? Ask Mr Chng! And meeting up with friends. Sorry FL, forgot to take picture of the children together.

She was totally knocked out after our meeting with FL & family. While waiting for the coach, a little enjoyment for the 2 of us. A good experience travelling with the little one.