Warren is Coming Back

My SIL & nephew had gone to China for a full 1 month. Thursday we went to the airport to welcome them back.

The flight was delayed again & again. First 2 hours plus delayed, we spent it at home getting home chores done. Bea was getting restless at the airport for that 30min of waiting.

Keeping herself occupied.

I want chocolate cake. Ok, only if you share with daddy.

Both were happy to see one another. Bea talked to Warren a few times over the phone when he was away. But due to his age, he got frustrated when he heard voice of people he knows yet don't see them around, still dunno how to express himself.

Bea wanted to give Warren a kiss.

Dinner at Suntec City

It's beeen 1 week plus since my parents left for China visitation & to meet up with my SIL. For the past 1 week plus, DH will pick up Bea from school & me from office, followed by dinner somewhere nearby.

Last Tuesday, we had dinner at Suntec foodcourt, followed by waffle+ice cream at Gelare Café for their Tuesday "half price waffle" promotion.

A Flower is Bloom

Sunday morning woke up to find a little flower bloom from Beatrice's last November's "Garden Project".

Have been watering it diligently daily since back then.

This small little flower only last for a day.

Milo Van

Last Saturday, there was a Milo Van outside Hall 2 for the cheerleader championship or something.

So the kids had milo before walking to Hall 1.

Fellowship at T2

Part of the CG went for fellowship at T2 after church service. We had Mac dinner & a BIG 'playground' for the kids.

Kids doing some doodling while waiting for food to be served.

The friends that went...

Kids went wild... at a corner with no table? We shifted the table to our side for extension actually.

Not sure what is Beatrice & Seifer doing there.

ONE!... She is alone, doesn't looks happy.

THREE!... Chrsital & Denise came along to talk to her.



SIX!... And they went running again.

The adults gathering around chatting.

Bea making some donation to ??

First it was the kids chasing after Mervyn.

Then they attacked Jenny, pushing her from all corners.

Koen & Bea.. what are they talking about?

Opps.. why did Ethan cry?

iPhone to the rescue!!

Christal & Bea sitting behind the donation box.

Bea joined in.

Christal joined in too. :)

Kids and their parents' gadgets.. iPhones/iPod touches.

Child Size by Act3


Brought the children to Child Size by Act3. It's bonding time for father-son & mother-daughter.

This is the books corner where books were display on the tables for the kids to read flip through.

Part 1: Puppet Performance.. The Little Mouse and The Moon. (No photography allowed.)

Part 2: Sing Workshop. No photography allowed. These were taken before the workshop.

Subsequently, they allowed us to take photos when the kids performed on stage.

Part 3: Dance Workshop... Indian Dance.:)

After the workshops, the girls saw a big bear outside & wanted to take some photos.

Part 4: Balloon Sculpture

Part 5: Journal of Figures. Making a figure out of newspaper and recycled material.

Part 6: Beautiful Garden. Making animals out of recycled cardboard, templates were provided.