Weekend Weddings

It was one of my cousin's wedding on Saturday night. Bea wanted to sit with 姑婆 at another table cos 小舅舅 was there. She wanted to play with PS portable but the boys were busy playing. She got her chance to "play" with it when the boys were running outside.

Then on Sunday was my classmate, Leonard's wedding dinner. DH was not invited but I brought Bea along. As anticipated, she spent most of the time walking & running outside. Even found some big brothers playing & wanted to join in the fun.

Look Who's Cooking

Ethan & Bea enjoying each other's company while the parents were busy browsing for stuff.

Combined CG

We had a combined CG with JX's CG 2 weeks ago. Bea and Gabby waiting at the lift lobby for DH. Denise's room became the playground for the children.

Home Playground + IMM

We had a CG gathering at Eric+Stephanie's house on Vesak day. Our chef, Eric cooked pasta for us.. yummy. A great time spent together catching up with one another for both parents & children.

We then head down to IMM for waterplay.

Bea sitting next to daddy at a shop while mommy is helping ah gong & jiu jiu checking the pricing for the air-con system for their home.

Coupe Car

Ana was here for a medical appointment, Jayden is in Medan with Budi. So she offered Bea to play with JJ's coupe and indeed she loves it.

Family Portrait


She said these sentences last wkn.

"I want to take my bag."


Shenzhen Mobile

At last managed to upload the photos from my mobile phone. This one taken while she was trying to catch a butterfly. The butterfly had flew to her back and she was still searching for it. :)

Took this from the Shenzhen airport, while waiting to check-in. She was tired so placed her on the trolley.

Mother's Day 2008

I think this year I had a fruitful mother's day. We woke up at 7.30am & went for a morning jog at the stadium.

Bea : walk/jog 400m
DH: walk 1.6 km
Me: walk/jog 2.4 km

Then we had breakfast & went home to get ready for church. The headset reception was interrupted a few times so I didn't manage to catch the service, will have to listen to the archive service. Queue up for family portrait after service.

We then head down to Isetan Scotts for our late lunch. Since we were at Lido, we decided to go for a movie (Iron Man) with Bea for the first time. Had some shopping before the movie and bought some of my stuff. We didn't let her nap before the show so that she can nap while we can enjoy later.

While waiting for the show time, she wanted to take some photos.

This is us in the cinema. Bea wa a little scared initially, assure her that we will be with her. She knocked out shortly after that & we get to enjoy the full show. :)


Last week, Bea almost form the full sentence with a missing "to".

She said "I want drink water."

Early Mother's Day

My in-laws had an early celebration for mother's day last wkn. We went to Prego @Fairmont Singapore for their brunch buffet. They have a cozy corner for the children. Simple finger food (main + dessert) for the children also. Bea was comfortable drawing & refuse to go.

Grandma's BD

Oh.. I missed out this photo.. prove of singing. :)

A gathering at uncle's place for grandma's birthday. Slightly different this year, we had our buffet outside the karaoke room. No cake.. a norm practice.. we are not to mention to my grandma it's her birthday also. But the adults and the grandchildren will all give her hangbao instead. She will ask why.. so we told her it's mother's day.

Sat PG

We went for Sat JW svc. She had great fun with Raenen. The only problem was she kept hitting Belle's head.

After CG

It's May Day, we have an afternoon CG followed by long fellowship.

We then headed down to the Playground @Big Splash to take a look.

DH was tired and we also didn't want Bea to nap at 7pm. So we ask her to help daddy massage.

Photos from Shenzhen Trip

This is where we stayed.. my SIL sister's place. It's actually a condo. Bea definitely enjoyed herself at the playground. She even tried catching a butterfly. Let's see if I can remember to download the photo from my mobile phone.

Oh btw, does her new hair style looks like one of them from China? :)

We are 104 days away from the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

The family photo. We went to the Window of the World to see every corner of the world in one day.. miniatures of world's wonders, historical heritages and famous scenic sites.

Around the park.

Found this place outside the park and Bea found her friends.. giving them a hug.

Expensive mango juice that I bought.. RMB20 = SGD4. So I told myself I must sit down take a rest and not forgetting to take some photos.. making full use of my RMB20.

This is the cafe that we almost lost Bea.

Cheap kiddy ride... RMB1! And the thing is the ride is also super long. We took turns to go to the toilet and by time we are back, the ride was still running.

Bea said this is Hi5!

More photos uploaded...

Leaning Infiniti

When I saw this Leaning Tower of Pisa in SZ.. I remembered my existing project.. The Infiniti.

A problematic project.. started with piling issue; more piles added.. then wall tilted; thicken wall.. now household shelter; still KIV.

As the name of the condo explained.. it is endless!

Video from Shenzhen Trip

Relax and enjoy the paper windmill turn as the wind blows.

A free time for Bea to run without being tied up.

I think we can hardly find this type of swing in Singapore nowadays. It's also Bea's first time trying it out.

Photos... coming soon...

Keep Your Money

"Beatrice, where do you keep your money?"

No pocket so the nearest will be neck down. :)

ROM 4th Anniversary

We had it a week earlier, just a simple dinner together. Beatrice enjoying the ice-cream.

JG Trial Class

At last, I took leave and brought Bea to JG trial class. I think she did enjoyed it as compare to kindermusik.