Denise & High School Musical

After CG last night, Denise wanted to sing for us. She is into Disney High School Muscial, she sang "Start of Something New" for all of us. She has grow up to be a little lady.

System Down

This morning, I thought DE office will declare "off day". This is the second time in 2 days that the security system breaks down. The FP sensor refuse to read our fingers so we were locked outside the office.

Rescue came at 8.30am when a colleague came with the back door keys.


Our last service in Expo, took a picture with half the CG. Some of them are busy serving, some had left early. Spent a little more time there that evening. While waiting for DH usher breifing for Jurong service, Beatrice has the free time to run about.

Car Seat

This is one of those days that she will point to her car seat when we get into the car, asking me to put her there. I'm happy that these days are getting more often and I don't have to do it be force.


DH has a voucher for F&B at InterContinental. So we went for some sweet indulgence just now.

Beatrice's Piggy Bank

Since the last time I shared about teaching Beatrice how to save, decided to buy her this small minnie mouse piggy bank to start saving for the coming building fund. Saturday, the children church collected their piggy bank building fund. So I brought Beatrice to the playgroup to give.

Jurong Church PM

We are a week away from going back to Jurong for the new service. Went for the PM last night. I'm excited for the change. I want to play a part in building a good service with great presence of God in that place. And I'm praying hard that Bea allows me to leave her in the nursery or playgroup so that I can go back to ministry.

It's been almost a year (52 weeks to be exact) since I stepped into this magnificent building.

Disney Live

Brought Beatrice to the Mickey's magic show together with Vina & Gabby. Don't get it wrong, the show was actually for the mummies. But since both of them do not need a ticket, we decided to bring them along. Yes, we are disney's fans.

Beatrice do know who is mickey & minnie, she has the soft toys. She was excited to see mickey & minnie on the stage, clapping hands together, hugging tight to her new minnie mouse bought from there. But she fell alseep in the dark environment shortly after that, it's her nap time.

Bug Bite

Some bugs decided to visit Bea while she was napping in the dark room in the evening at my mum's place. Look at the swell & redness, the sole was swollen also.

Is this a better picture to see the difference? She had something similar last week also on the left leg but it was not as bad as this time. This time round, her right hand has got a bite too, also swollen.

Wonder if it's the bed bugs. Anyway my mum is looking into the issue.

The 3 Cousins

At last after so many months, manage to capture a picture of the 3 cousins together. Though not smiling but at least all looking at the same direction.

Rae's 婆婆 brought him to play with Bea. When we reach home, I ask Bea about her fun time with Rae, she will keep smiling, knocking her head and walking around.

Very soon, Gabby will be crawling fast enough to catch up with the 2 elder ones. It's gonna be more fun to see them playing together.

Dinner Gathering

My mum requested for a get together dinner with the family last evening. Vivien has to work late so Raenen follow 婆婆 to the dinner. It's been quite some time since Raenen and Beatrice get together also. They enjoyed themselves.

Whole Family Sick

Sunday afternoon, Beatrice is down with cold. Started with running nose, cough started yesterday. The cough was so irritating to her throat, she throw out her milk & medicine last night.. first time. DH caught a cold yesterday also.

I've been having this aching neck for the past week + bad tension headache hit last night. Now I'm sitting in the office wondering if I should go to the doctor to get some medicine. My company doctor... the lady doctor left & set up her clinic. The old man is always on his hp sms-ing, he spent more time on his hp than his patients. Don't understand why my boss likes him so much. Sigh


We went for buffet dinner with DH's family at the club last night. DH's SIL brought Bea to the arcade room so that we can have some peace to enjoy our dinner. She went press press here & press press there. She wants to try every machine found in that room.


We went to T3 open house yesterday. For the sake of the older generation, we bought the guided tour into the transit section. My dad said anyway it's for charity.

From the public area to the transit area, Bea was busy walking around non-stop. We can't even get her to sit in her stroller. Checking out the floor, trolley, chair, flower and the pond water to make sure it's save for the fishes later. :)

The whole place is generally nice, closer to nature.

We went to T1 for our lunch and we met baby Joey there.


Yesterday morning while I was packing to go out, realised that the freezer door was not closed properely. And I think it was left open over the night. Thank God I have finish using the frozen MM. Cannot imagine loosing my precious gold. We threw 2 tubs of ice-cream into the waste.

Vision Blocked

Bea was playing with the curtain yesterday morning, she hit herself into the sharp screw from the SCV point.

Thank God it didn't hit her eyes.

The Coris

We shifted in to our present flat a year ago. DH said the coris came out on newspaper for some form of award. So I went to check it out.. this precinct has got "HDB Design Award 2007", the contractor has got "HDB Construction Safety Award 2007" and connecting to us, the other contractor has got "HDB Quality Award 2007". Wow.. all 3 awards in 1 precinct. Anyway, it's just awards within HDB.

But I think this is a nice place. The exterior looks like a condo, it also has it's own name, no boundary walls though. There are 3 playgrounds within this precinct. Each floor consists of 4 units.. privacy. The interior layout is very similar to a typical condo, it has pretty regular shape for easy furniture arrangment. Premium flat with flooring, door, toilet done up & a service balcony too. Am I bias? ;p

A colleague who is in-charge of the private condo project (the Quartz) across the road commented that this precinct is even nicer than his project.

W30 CG

Got this photo from Dawn a month ago. 1st CG at Mervyn+Jenny's place. Thought I want to post something about this CG. I mentioned before that we are a family friendly CG.. full of parents & children.

So you can imagine while the CG is going on, sometimes the kids decided to walk across the room while we are singing or worse when Dawn is sharing the word or playing loudly at some part of the house. And Dawn on the other hand has to compete with the children and to keep the CG short, ignoring Debbie crying in the room. Every week, she will prepare sermon notes for us so that we can fill in the blanks and read through it at home if we are busy with the little ones. And she herself is a mother of 2 without any helper at home.

She is indeed a great CGL. Thanks Dawn!!


Photographer... :)
Ginder's maid


My colleague's daughter, a month plus younger than Beatrice. Gave her a piece of Bea's biscuit and she was happy sitting with us while her parents can enjoy their breakfast.

Camera is Back

Collected my camera last night. Guess what is Bea up to...?

... Playing with my cosmetic pouch. She took out every single thing.

Friends Gathering

Decided to bring Beatrice along for a little classmates gathering on Tuesday evening. Mum was tired looking after her. She behave pretty well. Finish her noodles.. looking around for handsome waiters.. smiling with them. And she even help to clean up the table.

Oh, that's her new bag that we bought for her. Her princess bag was torn. And of course, the monster school bus again at J8. She likes this one.

Photos.. courtesy of Diana.


We had a afternoon CG. Fellowship for quite a while before we left Mervyn+Jenny's place. Borrowed my brother's camera for the day. DH decided to bring us to Dempsey Hill to take a look. Its like a smaller version of Holland Village but with plenty of parking space.

We didn't stop there for dinner, proceeded further to Botanic Garden. Haven't been there for ages! DH said they have a new basement foodcourt cum parking. According to DH, the foodcourt sells delicious food, they even have chilli crab.. WOW!

Yes I really meant very long ago! Other than the new Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, the last time I step into the botanic garden was I think back in secondary years. The tree branch doesn't have the 2 timber supports the last time. ;p

We are going back there again. Its a great place for Beatrice to run around on the field. Now that she is walking, its non-stop walking everywhere. Hmmm... how about a little picnic for the CG? We can bring some light refreshment and the kids came roam around on the field.

Beatrice was helping with the unpacking at the washer area after a tired day.

My Boss

Just came down from boss office. Told him I'm not feeling well.. having diarrhea & vomiting, can he attend the meeting in the afternoon instead? He smilingly replied, "Congratulations!!"

I said, "No, I'm not pregnant! My lunch is the cause."


Recently Bea only called me "mommy" when we told her to do so. If she wants help, she call us "Dar" (Dear). She imitate exactly the way we address each other.

Last night I called for DH from the room, Bea with her eyes closed, sucking her tumb repeated "Dar" after me also.

Service Charge vs Spare Parts

Got DH's SIL to help send my camera for repair as she works with Canon. Last week she told me that the service charge is $60.. that is to open up the camera to check. On Saturday, she sms me camera cost $68. So I thought the total will cost $128.

But when I clarify with her yesterday, the total is $68. Praise God.. its lower than what I have expected, my cap was $140. The spare parts is only EIGHT dollars!


Saturday service...

First, Beatrice pinched Reagan on his cheeks.
Pull her aside to talk to her.

Then she finds Janae's pony tail interesting and pull a few times.
Explain to her that she cannot pull other's hair, it's painful.

Then she went to Raegan again and pull his hair.
Force her to sit with me at the front, not allowing her to play. In my mind, I was thinking should I just leave the church for home since she can't behave herself. After a while, she say she wants "mum mum".. she is HUNGRY! I guess she was to engross in the play area she didn't come to me to tell me she wants food.

Sorry Raegan & Janae.

After I fed her dinner, she was happily playing again. 1 thing I noticed about Bea for the past 3 weeks when I left her to roam around while I can enjoyed the service.. where the food is, there you will find her sitting beside the helper/mother waiting for them to offer her a piece also. Sounds like a yaogui huh?

Hepatitis A

At last at 14.75 months, she make it for her 1st Hep A jab. It is an optional jab to be taken at 13 months. She was down with HFMD back then. Then I was busy with work. Last week she had loose stools. So this week make another trip to the PD again.

More Songs

Dinner march-in song..

Champagne pouring song..

Food presentation..

Err.. But I can't recall what's my march-out song. Only can remember it's the chorus part.

Love Will Find A Way

No photos.. just wanted to find something to post. So I thought of posting some old memory. This is my wedding march-in song.. I like the lyrcis. Yes, I am disney fan.

In a perfect world
One we've never known
We would never need to face the world alone

They can have the world
We'll create our own
I may not be brave or strong or smart
But somewhere in my secret heart

I know
Love will find a way
Anywhere I go
I'm home
If you are there beside me

Like dark turning into day
Somehow we'll come through
Now that I've found you
Love will find a way

I was so afraid
Now I realize
Love is never wrong
And so it never dies

There's a perfect world
Shining in your eyes

And if only they could feel it too
The happiness I feel with you

They'd know
Love will find a way
Anywhere we go
We're home
If we are there together

Like dark turning into day
Somehow we'll come through
Now that I've found you
Love will find a way

I know love will find a way

Before Repair

Took these photos just before sending the camera for repair.

* Shine *

Sunday, DH started his series of annual RT again. It's also the day for him to clean up the floor.

We have this lousy tile from HDB. The stains cannot be cleaned with normal mopping and the stain was getting from bad to worse.. making the whole kitchen looks so dirty. So I decided to give it a hard scrub.. tile by tile. It does looks shine after wash.

We had complained to HDB regarding the tile & HDB personnel said we are not the only owner that complained. But HDB is not doing much about it. Sent the tile for stain test, result came back ok. Contractor suppose to look for a floor cleaner to remove the stain but then never come back to us again.

Dinosaur's Wedding

It's Brian & Eric's army friend's wedding dinner last Friday. Both Ethan & Beatrice already had their dinner from home were getting bored sitting on the high chair. Beatrice kept saying "walk walk". So we took turns to eat & look after the 2 of them, letting them run about at the ballroom reception.


For so many months, have been asking DH to take 1/2 day to go patol. Busy is always his excuse. At last, he agreed to take 1/2 day last Friday to spend time together.

Nothing much accomplished for the day, we spent the afternoon in amk hub. Signed up for the mio TV & broadband and spend time sitting at the coffee bean enjoying a cup of coffee.

To recall, the last time we went patol was >6 months ago when we left Beatrice with my mum & went for a Sunday movie.

Last Pack of MM

02 Nov 2007.. mark the last pack of frozen MM for Beatrice. She still launch on in the morning & night though.

0-6 mths ~ MM
6-12 mths ~ MM + 1 supplement + solids
12-14 mths ~ solids + 2 supplements + MM


Last week, make another trip to The Central to use up the voucher. Bought 2 handbags recently so didn't wanna get another one. So decided to buy a luggage instead.

Hmmm.. can be use for the upcoming company trip to ?? Still praying hard that the budget will be approved by the management and both DH & myself do not need to top up with any cash.

Technology Handicapped

Will be technology handicapped for the next 2 weeks or so.. less bloggings.

I'd terminated my starhub broadband at home. Ever since we have Beatrice, we use it only occasionally (<4x/mth). Most of the time, I will surf during lunch in the office.

I'd also sent my 3 years old camera for repair. Zoom and function selections getting retarded. Hopefully its not too expensive or beyond repair. For the past 1.5 year, have been bringing the camera everywhere I go including taking photos of project site.

It's only ONE day & I'm already feeling handicapped. Counting down to 2 weeks later..

Singnet broadband - Occasional use.. 1Mbps is enough.

Singtel mio TV - Think DH will like their video on demand.. equivalent to our weekly DVD rental?

Canon IXUS 900 series? - Wouldn't mind if its a gift from someone. :)

Took some photos last few days, long process to download & blog.. will do it if Bea is good to sleep early tonight.