Fellowship on a Wkd Afternoon

Another tai tai afternoon. KF is here to settle some work while FL decided to follow to give herself a break from the 2 older ones. We had a good time catching up without any disturbance from our children. This is my first time taking urgent leave for tea. :)

Toilet Trained (Part 1)

I'm glad to share that Bea is "wee wee" trained. Her language of saying "wee wee" is "mm mm" (poo poo)... haha!

Started somewhere in CNY, she will tell me "mummy mm mm" so I always thought she wanted to pass motion, sat her down on the toilet bowl. But it's always no poo. After going through the same thing for 2 weeks, I told my mum that I think her "mm mm" means "wee wee". So my mum got her language and bring her to her potty everytime she says "mm mm". So yesterday, she had successfully stay dry for a day at my mum's place.

For my mum's convenient, we bought pull-up diaper for her last night. Why not training pants cos she is not poo poo trained yet.

Very good Bea, keep it up! Your daddy will say "help me save more money". ;p

Airshow or Swim

Was still deciding whether to bring Bea to the singapore airshow or for a swim. In the end decided to bring her for a swim as I recall that her sense of direction in the sky is still not that good, she will miss the show.

We drove to SK's new swimming complex but realised that it was still not ready. I thought it was done ending last year. Our first time to a public pool with Bea. The bigger children were friendly enough to share their toys with her. When she lost her cup (her bottle cap as I forgot to bring her toys), they even helped to search for it.

Food vs Kiddy Ride

There are 2 kiddy rides at the coffeeshop near our home. Recently Bea wants to play instead of eating her food. Yesterday morning, she wants the ride again and didn't want to eat her breakfast. We hold her back and told her she can play if she finish her food first. She struggle for a while and ultimately decided to sit down to feed herself.

Praise God, she finished her food. So to reward and to keep our promise, we let her have the ride for a few mins.

PM cum Service

We went for the 3.30pm PM at Expo. Dawn said we can stay for the service if we want to so that we don't have to make another trip to JW the following day. So we decided to attend the service also.. followed by a fellowship with the Chai family at Compasspoint.

Photos taken while walking to the carpark from Expo.

CG Refreshment

Last day of CNY, we have yu sheng for CG refreshment.

Chinese Valentine Day

On the last day of the CNY, it is also the chinese valentine day. This year Hokkien Huey Kuan together with MCYS and Braddell Heights CC organise a mass "wedding" ceremony next to my office. Took some photos while waiting for DH.

Understand from my colleague that majority are mature couples making use of this event to renew their vows.


PTL! We won a LG 42" LCD from mioTV and it has just arrvied in our home 2 days ago. We didn't even knew that there was a lucky draw going on. After searching through their terms and conditions, we actually won this cos we subscribe to Bea's channel... Luli-the channel for babies.

This is our 3rd blessed TV since we moved to our new place. We still have not decide what to do with this new TV. So its still wrap in the box sitting at the corner of our house.

Oh yes, they got his surname spelt wrongly if you have noticed. :)

CNY Gathering

Annual event.. this year we have it at Cindy's place. She has this rocking couch that Bea likes, she ask Brian to rock her while she sits comfortably on it, eating her raisins.

Fever Day

Having her fun playing with my things while I was trying to pack.

Early Valentine

We had our early Valentine dinner on Tuesday, the day before the 2 of them fell sick. :)

Just a simple dinner at Ajisen Ramen.


Supposed to be back at work but DH woke up complaining back pain & he couldn't get up or walk. Called up his brother for help to send him to the hospital. Couldn't make it to work on time, called in for urgent leave.

Bea was having fever also, probably due to teething. So I spent the day at home with super glue sticked to me. Nothing much that I can do, she don't even want to go downstairs for lunch & I have to cook instant noodle.

3pm.. decided to send Bea to my mum's place so that I can take a break. Enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with a cup of coffee plus light reading.


Since majority of the colleagues were on leave these 2 days, I had also decided to take leave & enjoy my time.

Went for exercise this morning to burn off those extra calories that I had put on due to the CNY goodies. Came back home, busy updating my blog & msn. So now, I'm going out to get something for my Dear for Valentine and to enjoy the rest of my "tai tai" day.

Will be back to work tomorrow.


My dad was home shortly after I arrived at my parents' place. So he decided to bring us to Sentosa to the underwater world.

Went to another colleague gathering yesterday evening. Didn't manage to get a nice photo of the people as Bea was tired & grouchy.


Annual practice, the bosses will take turns to open up their house for the staff during CNY. This year is Mr Tan's house. Missed it 3 years ago as DH has a family gathering, heard that Mrs Tan do the cooking for the gathering.

I told DH I do not want to miss it again this year. Wow.. yummy delicious.. Mrs Tan cooked laksa, grilled chicken wings, satay, "hong rou bao", cheese cake and desert.

And my colleagues having money session after food.

We continued our visitation to Budi+Ana's place. Have not get to meet them since they arrived and they are leaving the following day.

JJ was good enough to let Bea ride on the coupe. But Bea refuse to come out once she step in.


Dim Sum with the extended family. DH got to work, brought Bea to take bus to meet the relatives.

Our family photo.

Had farewell dinner with Brian's family as his sister & BIL are leaving the next day.


Fun time with Rae. We parents even try to get them to compete during their meal time cos its so difficult to get them to chew their food or even open their mouth when they are playing.

A picture of the 3 cousins.

Lao Yu Sheng... a tradition for most families. My brother bought the yu sheng dried stuff from the supermarket. My mum prepared fruits to be added. No raw fish. But it taste yummy.


Saw my cousin at the petrol station after the reunion dinner. He requested Bea to address him & he will buy the minnie mouse for her. So after much thoughts, Bea decided to call him & she got the minnie mouse.

It's M&M red man for us this year. Saw this at bossini during Christmas & decided to buy for CNY. DH told Bea... this is not M&M red man, this is $money man.

This year seem to be pack pack pack with vistation after vistation.

Photo with Raenen. We were pretty late this year to my grandma's place. Gabby got to rush off to Mike's parents place.

Brian wanted to spend some time with his sister & BIL so he brought us to Boat Quay. We walked & chatted from boat quay to clark quay. Had our dinner there and walked back again & happened to catch the fireworks.

Reunion Dinner - Brian's Family

Brian's sister & brother-in-law were back for the chinese new year this year. It's a super happy occasion for his family. We had our reunion dinner at prima tower revolving restaurant. Sorry to say it was a bad experience. Bea & I were perspiring non-stop just to wait for the table to be ready & to queue for the lift to get to the restaurant. Wow.. what will happen when there is a fire up there with the full house restaurant?

Already reserved the table with a high chair, they told us we didn't reserved. Nvm, ask your manager to come. And the waiter went looking for a high chair. The name of the manager is powerful indeed.

The food taste pretty ok. But my day was somehow spoilt by the waiting. I told Brian I rather eat at a cheaper restaurant, it cost $100 more compare to the one that we had last year.

Sidetrack - Don't you think Bea looks like my SIL? Surprisingly, she wanted my SIL to carry & she will specifically ask for 姑姑, considering she always say NO to my MIL & Brian's SIL.

Reunion Dinner - My family

Beatrice, can mummy take a pretty picture of you? ......

Few days back, my mum was asking why I didn't buy those chinese clothing for Bea. She will look cute with them etc etc. Went around shopping for one last few days. Those at chinatown, I don't like the material. Those at shopping mall, too expensive to wear only for CNY. Saw this in John Little Expo sales, haha.. cost me $9. DH says let her wear for all the reunion dinners and one of those days that we need to do visitation. :)

She saw a huge ball lying at a corner & decided to carry it. But it was too heavy, she could only row it around.

And since its so heavy, she thought she could sit on it.

Service @Expo

This was taken after the incident. I wanted her to stay with me at the front while I can watch over her & watch the service. Both of them were having fun kicking the ball around.

Bea Saw Her Friends

We went to compasspoint to pick up DH's jeans. She saw mickey & minnie on the glass door and walked forward to give them a kiss.


Beatrice bit Sophia at the nursery. It was a bad bite, she bleed. So sorry Sophia.

I was very disturbed by her, could not focus at all. I messaged DH to tell him & to discipline Bea when we get home. This thing does not happen for the first time, usually she miss it, managed to pull her off on time. And I had given her so many warnings.. biting, hitting, pulling is not a way for self-defence. So I decided to be the bad one. I beat her hard with "Mr Spoon" & I scolded her, telling her I dislike her way of treating other children but I told her I still love her. She didn't cry, only gave the sorry look.

Ya I understand that my girl is now a "danger" person in nursery. Contradicting now. On one hand, I want to bring her to church, my mum need her rest day. On the other hand, I do want to enjoy the service then to look after her and there seem to be shortage of nursery workers in JW. Seriously speaking, must well stay home if I need to look after her in nursery play area. Oh no.. backslide.. haha.

Beginning last week Bea hit Gabby with a toy, that evening "Mr Spoon" disciplined her. Next few days, my mum said she didn't hit anymore.